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(Two weeks after)

(5:15 PM Amazon)

Falcon crashed straight through a temple pillar.

"Is that all you got asswipe?" Kurogane taunted.

"Damn it." he muttered.

He, Ryoma, and Wang Tang were currently facing Sakura's brother, Chung' Yan, and Kurogane for the green power stone.

When Kurogane was going to deliver the final blow to Falcon, he jumped. He was confused to say the least. "Why the hell did he jump for?" he wondered. Little did he know Wang Tang transformed and was behind him charging a dragon bomb.

When he suddenly saw him smirk and heard a small crackle of electricity behind him. "Kurogane!"Look Out!" Chung 'Yan yelled out the warning to Kurogane- but it was still too late. He turned around quickly and cursed, "Oh shit…………"


Kurogane flew thirty feat into the air K.O'd. Toya cursed "Damnit at this rate we're going to lose the stone!" He slashes in many directions only to have them all dodged by Ryoma then cut on his back.

He let out a frustrated yell "White Dragon Torrent!" A White dragon of heavenly aura covered his whole body and blade, and then he charged. Ryoma had barely any time to react but he nearly escaped, only to be cut on his arm 3 times and 2nd degree burns on his torso.

It damaged him so much that he had to use his sword as a cane to walk. "Impressive but,…"he said "Let me show you what real power is!"

KATON: Flaming Serpent Claw

Suddenly his sword burst into a Flaming demon-like claw surrounding both of his arms. "Take this you bitch!" as he said this he slashed him 5 times on the arms and torso.

"That's what you get if you mess with me." he said while cleaning his swords with paper. Suddenly he heard a Shrill scream.

"YOU KILLED HIM!! YOU KILLED KUROGANE!!" She yelled. "But he's not…." "STFU YOU MAN HORE!" she yelled this time crying. She looks up at him "I'm going to KICK YOUR ASS,TEAR OF YOUR DICK, AND MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE BORN YOU BITCH!!" She said and a cold voice.

She pulls out a .44 magnum and a .30 Caliber gun out of nowhere and locks on him. Then……. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM DIE DIE DIE MWAHAHA I WILL EVENGE HIM MWAHAHAHAHHAHA!! He saw a cut up, bruised and torn body of his friend Wang Tang running toward him.

"HELP ME RYOMA!!"He yelled in horror. He ran and hid behind his back. Then Chung' Yan came towards him too. "Give him to me and ill spare your life" She said coldly while showing her guns and swords.

"Ok here you go."Handing out Wang Tang by the collar of his shirt. "HEY WAIT I THOUGHT YOU'RE MY FRIEND!" He yelled. "I am your friend, and I care about you…" He said in a calm voice "But this is pay back for what you did last week my friend" he added.


Ryoma was currently walking into his room but he was 8 minutes late for the meeting. "He probably we get you for this Wang Tang." Falcon whispered. "No he won't , besides it's just a little fun!" he replied cheerfully.

"Yea…… fun….." Falcon said while looking at the deathtrap. When Ryoma walked through the door he god hit by an anvil, then kicked into the air by a boot in the balls, he landed on a catapult with hot coals, shot out of it and hit the wall, he got striped of his clothing put into a bra and had make up on, then the last piece was he got his picture taken like that.

(end of flashback)

"Good bye Wang Tang…" he called out cheerfully. " NUUUUUUUUUUUU!!" Wang Tang yelled out in fear while trying to get free of Chung' Yan's Death grip.

Falcon approaches Ryoma. "Shouldn't we help him?" he said while trying not to laugh. "Nah..." they both replied. After hours of torturing Wang Tang she was satisfied.

She looked at the power stones alter to only see that it was gone. She looked back to where Wang Tang was sprawled on the floor but he was gone too.

She then looked out and saw Ryoma's and Falcon retreating backs as they ran away with the power stone and Wang Tang.

"DAMN I FAILED!" she cursed. "I promise I won't fail again" promising to herself.

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