"Uryu, you wanna come out yet

Fanfiction of July, twenty-two! Origonally, I wanted to do something with Kuukaku Shiba, but I didn't, so she'll come in the future. This is probably more of "older teen", but, because there is no "older teen" rating on this website, it's just teen. Enjoy!


"Uryu, you wanna come out yet?"

"No way, I feel dumb, not to mention look it…"

"Oh, I'm sure you look adorable, as always…"

"No, I don't…
"Uryuu, it's my birthday, you asked me what I wanted, I told you what I wanted, and now I want what I wanted. Come out of that bathroom now," Ichigo said sternly.

"No. What if someone sees?"

"Then they'll just have to keep their overflowing joy to themselves. Come out."


"Do I have to come in and get you?"

"…No. J-just give me a minute…" Uryuu said. About three minutes passed before the bathroom door creaked open. "Okay, I-I'm ready…" said Uryuu to Ichigo, blushing.

"Took you long enough…" said Ichigo, swerving around in his chair. He fixed his eyes on the door and Uryuu stepped out, fully garbed in a French maid's outfit. Ichigo whistled, causing Uryuu to blush again.

"What's with the blushing? You look so cute…" Ichigo cooed, wrapping his arms around Uryuu's waist. "It's the best gift you could've given me…"

"Yeah, well, happy birthday…" said Uryuu, smiling up at his boyfriend.

"It's even more exciting to think about what stores you went to to get this outfit…" said Ichigo, turning around and hugging Uryuu from behind.

"I didn't buy it; I bought the material and sewed it myself," Uryuu said.

"Ooh," Ichigo cooed, "No wonder it fits so well…" He squeezed Uryuu's butt in a sexual manner.

"Hey, watch it…" Uryuu scolded.

"Yeah, wouldn't want to bruise you. Well, maybe not now, maybe tonight."

"You dog."

"Thank you!" Ichigo beamed, "And now for the second half of my birthday; be a good little maid and run to the store and pick up some milk for me."

"No way am I going out in public to pick you up milk!"

"Good, I didn't want milk, I wanted condoms. Now run along."

"No! Come on, Ichigo I put on the outfit, I shouldn't have to go out in public with it."

"Fine, fine, I'll go pick them up later. But only if you make me cookies in that outfit…"

"Deal. Chocolate Chip?"

"Sounds good…" said Ichigo, leaning down and kissing his lover. "But you'll have to pick up the milk for it."


Came up with when my friend was over, it was meant to be much more intense, so there may be a different version in the future (a longer, chapter story). Teehee!