So many people wanted me to have Naruto and Obito meet as well as Iruka go after Sasuke and bring him back (although Shinigami's Kakashi muse wants to kill me instead) I decided to write this.


Warnings: Same as last time (just replace 'seeing the panda cub' with 'watching a panda cub scare the shit out of it's mother by sneezing').



Kakashi's eyes widened in horror as he took in the sight before him. It was far too terrible to be possible and yet there it, or rather they, were.

Uchiha Obito and Uzumaki Naruto had met.

And they were now sporting identical grins. Oh damn, he was screwed. And so was the rest of the village if Obito managed to get Naruto's story out of the blonde. And he no doubt would.

But you know what was even worse? Naruto only had to get Obito on sugar high and the Uchiha would spill all the secrets about Kakashi that he shouldn't have known in the first place (damn the Uchiha for finding where he kept his diary).


Iruka was eating lunch at Ichiraku's like usual, when Naruto and Obito ran past laughing; Kakashi following them with a terrified look on his face. Teuchi sighed happily.

"It's good to see Naruto having fun again," he said to Iruka, "He was so depressed with Sasuke in Oto."

The current thoughts going through Iruka's head:

'Sasuke in Oto equals depressed Naruto. Depressed Naruto equals Iruka failing as big brother. Sasuke back in Konoha equals happy Naruto. Happy Naruto equals Iruka being good big brother.'

Iruka stood up suddenly, making both Teuchi and Ayame jump.

"Iruka-kun?" Ayame asked.

"I'm going to get Sasuke!" Iruka yelled, as he took off. Ayame turned to her father and smiled.

"See. I told you it would work."

"Yeah, yeah," he sighed, handing her a big wad of cash, "Damn brat."


"Icha Icha?" Obito asked, "Nah! Kakashi doesn't read that crap!"

"Then why does he giggle like a pervert when he reads that book?" Naruto asked him.

"I never said it wasn't porn. I just said it wasn't Icha Icha. That book is his diary, surrounded by an Icha Icha cover."

"His diary?" Naruto deadpanned, "Why would his diary have porn in it?"

"He records everything in that diary!" Obito exclaimed, "Down to the last minute detail. Why do you think so many of his ex-fangirls want to destroy it so badly?"

"Everything?" Naruto asked.

"Yep. How do you think I learned about the pink boxers with the fluffy bunnies on them?"

The two looked at each other and grinned.

"BLACKMAIL MATERIAL!" they yelled together. Kakashi, following from a safe distance, shuddered in horror. Well, shit. That didn't sound too good.


Iruka made good time to Rice Country – very good time. Then he heard a rumor. Now this rumor had come from Oto and it started off being that 'Orochimaru's new boy toy wanted to kill some Chuunin for taking his revenge from him on the behalf of a blonde haired, whiskered faced boy'. Sometime, before it got to Iruka's ears, several words had been 'misplaced' and it became the rumor Iruka heard: 'Orochimaru wanted to kill some blonde haired, whiskered faced boy'.

Iruka only knew of one blonde haired, whiskered faced boy – Naruto. Orochimaru was so going down.


Thanks to the following for giving me ideas for this: Shinigami (I offer the to pay for his next three Icha Icha books if your muse promises not to kill me for this story and the last one), Kaze, and Kirallie. I'll have chapter one up whenever I can think of it. Ideas would be helpful. Read and Review please. Smiles!