Naruto, Son of Naraku



"Demon Speaking"

'Demon thoughts'

(Author's Note)

"Putting emphasis on a word"

We see our 5 year old blond demon container walking down the street & he bumps into a man on accident.

"Sorry sir" apologized Naruto.

"YOU-THE DEMON ATTACKED ME" shouted a villager when he saw who bumped into him.

A mob started to form & Naruto ran for his life. He finally came to an alley & ducked into a garbage can. He heard the villagers footsteps move away from him. So, when there was silence, he got pout of the trash can & started to make his way out of the alley when someone ambushed him form behind.

"I FOUND THE DEMON" yelled the man that pinned him down.

The mob came back & started making their way to Naruto. They started beating him real badly. However, they didn't notice a demonic-looking bee-like creature that was watching them.

Meanwhile, at Naraku's miasma castle, he saw the beating that was going on through Kanna's mirror.

"I can't stand this anymore, I have to help him" Naraku said as he got his baboon pelt & exited the castle. (I bet you all are surprised why Naraku cares about a human life. I will explain later why he is concerned about Naruto)

Naruto was close to death when the mob felt a surge of killing intent mixed with demonic chakra. They turned around & saw a man in a baboon suit.

"Get your hands off him cretins" Naraku snarled.

"What are you going to do demon lover?" asked a very stupid villager.

Naraku shot one of his tentacles at the villager & stabbed it through his stomach.

"That is what I'll do" said Naraku.

The villagers were so scared that most of them fainted or pissed on themselves.

"Leave now" hissed Naraku.

The villagers, the ones that were conscious of course, picked up the villagers that were unconscious & ran like they're life depended on it. Which, it did depend on their lives.

Naraku went up to Naruto & held him protectively, like a parent would do for their child.

"It is alright Naruto. I will protect you" Naraku said as he watched Naruto's wounds heal.

At the Hokage Tower, Sarutobi was doing paperwork when he felt the massive killing intent & demonic chakra. He used his crystal ball to see a man in a baboon suit crouched over Naruto, holding like he would break.

"Who is this man?" Sarutobi wondered.

Sarutobi used Body Flicker jutsu to get to Naraku & Naruto's location.

Back at the seen of Naruto's beating, ninjas gathered around Naraku with weapons of all sorts drawn & ready for action.

The Sandaime appeared & said to the ninja "Stand down. You may return to your posts."

The ninjas nodded & disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Who are you?" Sarutobi asked Naraku.

Naraku got up, while still holding Naruto in his arms & said "I am Naraku. Naruto is my son." (Wow, shocker isn't it?)

The Professor, Sarutobi, was for the second time in his life, was shocked.

"I see" was all Sandaime said.

"Can we discuss this in your office Lord Hokage?" asked Naraku.

"Fine" was all Sarutobi said as they made their way to the Hokage Tower.

Back at the Hokage office, Sarutobi was staring at Naraku intently.

"Please explain how Naruto is your son" said Sarutobi.

"I was in this village for a number of years. I laid my eyes on a certain woman that was a goddess in all forms in my eyes. Her name was Anko Mitarashi. She is Naruto's mother" said Naraku, who still had the baboon suit on. (I bet you all are like O.O when you read this)

Sasuke Sarutobi, the Sandaime, was for the third time in his life, shocked again.

"This is most distressing news" said Sarutobi.

Now, can you please take your baboon pelt off?" asked Sarutobi.

"Fine" said Naraku as he took off the baboon pelt.

Sarutobi saw a man in a violet colored kimono. He had red eyes, long, black hair that went down to the shoulder blades & a very pale complexion.

It was then Naruto woke up.

"Where am I?" asked Naruto.

"We are in my office Naruto" Sarutobi said, who was not gonna call Naruto by his real name until he was told by Naraku.

"Who is he Old Man?" asked Naruto.

"I am your father Naruto. Or in this case, Naraku Jr." said Naraku.

"What? I am your son?" asked Junior. (I am gonna call Naruto Jr. However, I will call him Naraku Jr. in some cases)

"Yes I am" said Naraku.

"Then why the hell didn't you claim me all these years?" asked Jr, getting mad.

"I didn't know you were alive until last year. I couldn't find you until today" said Naraku.

"Oh. I am sorry I got mad father" apologized Naraku Jr.

"It is alright" said Naraku.

"There is a genjutsu placed on you Naruto, would you like me to remove it?" asked Sarutobi.

"Yes Old Man" said Naruto.

Sarutobi did the tiger hand seal & said "Cancel."

Naruto's blond hair, blue eyes & tanned complexion was changed. He now had black hair as long as his fathers', a very pale complexion & the same red eyes that could pierce into your soul like his father.

"Kiyaka, bring Anko in here please" said Sarutobi as he spoke into the speaker on his desk.

"Yes Lord Hokage" said the receptionist.

After a few minutes in silence, Anko, our favorite sadistic Special Jounnin, appeared through the doorway.

"What did you need me for Lord Hokage?" asked Anko.

"It concerns them" said Sarutobi as he pointed to Naraku & Jr.

Anko turned to them & recognized Naraku instantly.

"Naraku, it is you" Anko said as she ran to Naraku & kissed him deeply.

"Yes & our son is with us as well" said Naraku as he pointed to Jr.

Anko turned to Jr & saw him for the first time.

"My baby boy. I can't believe it is you" Anko said softly as she hugged Naruto tightly.

"Mother…can't…breath" Jr said, struggling to breath

"Sorry" Anko said as she let him go.

"Let us go home". Naraku said as he grabbed them & in a swirl of miasma gas, they were all gone & back at the miasma castle.

Sarutobi sat there, all the while thinking 'This has been in interesting day. The only bad part is telling the council of this development.'

(That is the end of chapter one folks)