Hey everyone! This is my first fanfic, woohoo!! I'm very excited about it. I love the sisterhood books and the characters. This fanfic takes place between the 3rd and 4th books, it is sort of like 3 ½. It is the school year before the summer of the 4th book. It is going to be four chapters, and I will update as quickly as I can. Oh, and Flashbacks are italicized. Please please please review, if you like it or hate it, I need feed back. Enjoy!

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Lena groaned and flopped on her bed in the dark, still dressed in her clothes from the day. She was so exhausted, the day had seemed like it would never end. Thursdays were her least favorite days. She had the most classes that day, and no break period. She kicked off her shoes and rolled over onto her stomach. Her cell phone was glowing on her nightstand. She picked it up and saw she has a missed call from Tibby. Her and Tibby had been playing phone tag all week, they were just so busy it was hard to catch each other. Lena listened to Tibby's message and stared at the ceiling sadly. It was the usual, "Hey Lenny, I can't seem to get a hold of you, call me back." Lena sighed and closed her phone. Not only had she not talked to Tibby in awhile, it had been almost three weeks since she has talked to Carmen. Carmen had been so distant lately, not really talking to any of her friends. Lena hoped she was ok. She wished she could go visit her. She wished she could visit all her friends. Maybe over spring break, she thought, but she knew the chances of all four of them getting together were slim. Tibby would want to visit Bryan, and Bridget had been talking about going to Alabama to visit Greta. Lena sighed, she missed them all so much. As much as Lena loved being at college, and able to but all her energy into her art, right now she missed being little. When her only worries were not missing her favorite TV show, and she saw her friends everyday.

Lena pulled hard on the thick laces of her old ice skates. They were worn and dirty, but Lena loved them. She carefully stood up and balanced on the thin blades. She looked up and saw Bridget was already on the ice, making a few warm up rounds on the large pond.

"Bee! I suck at ice-skating! You know that. Why are we here?" Carmen whined from the bench where she and Tibby were sitting. Tibby was pulling angrily at a large knot in her laces.

"Because Carmabelle, it is a tradition. We always skate on the Chanler Pond when it freezes over, plus this is the most beautiful place to skate in the whole world!" Bridget called out to sky. She expertly raced across the ice and skidded to a halt at the edge of the pond spraying snow at Carmen and Tibby. Lena laughed and joined Bridget on the smooth hard ice.

Tibby brushed the snow off of herself and pushed her feet into her skates. "Ok, let's go." She wobbled a little trying to stand up but soon pushed herself off and began to make large circles around the make-shift ice rink. Lena felt bad that Carmen looked so sour. She stepped off the slippery surface and carefully walked up to Carmen. "Come on, you can't miss this. Like Bee said, it is a tradition," Lena held out her hand to help Carmen up.

"Yeah yeah" Carmen mumbled. She took Lena's hand and stood up. They took little steps onto the ice, and Carmen quickly grabbed Lena's whole arm and leaned on her to stop from slipping. Lena wobbled too and almost fell, but Bridget rushed up and grabbed Carmen's other arm.

"Wow, you almost fall on your first step on the ice. That takes some skill," Tibby joked as she stopped beside her friends.

Carmen glared and replied, "Very funny, I am not THAT bad" She retorted as her foot slipped and she fell backwards pulling Lena down with her. Tibby broke into a fit of laughter as Bridget helped them up.

"Ah don't listen to Tibby, you just need some practice" Bridget encouraged, even though she too was laughing.

Lena brushed the snow off her butt and held Carmen's arm. "Ok, ready?" Carmen nodded and she pushed off while clinging to Bridget and Lena. Most they pulled her and she struggled to keep her feet under her.

"So Carmen, tell us more about your new boyfriend," Bridget prodded in a sing-song voice.

"He isn't my boyfriend" Carmen protested. "I don't even know if he likes me."

"What? Are you kidding? Roger asked you out! I would know, I saw" Lena argued pulling Carmen along.

"Yes, and then told me and Bee all about it" Tibby replied with an evil grin.

"Yeah, but what if he just asked me out to be nice, what if he found out I liked him, and he doesn't really like me?" Carmen asked sadly.

"Carma, guys aren't like that. They wouldn't ask a girl out to be nice, if he didn't like you and he knew you liked him, he would be avoiding you right now. Not coming up and telling you look cute in your red top or stare at you in class," Lena teased.

"What! He so doesn't stare at me in class!" Carmen protested.

"He does too, I sit behind you in bio, I see all," Lena replied.

"Carmen, Roger likes you! Accept it, and of course he does looks at you! You're a babe!" Bridget exclaimed.

Carmen smiled at that, "Ok, so maybe he likes me, but I can't be sure until after our date," Carmen protested, but she could not stop grinning.

"Oh gosh Carma, you are such a drama queen" Tibby snorted. Lena untwined her arm from Carmen's and held her hand. Carmen stumbled a little but than regained her balance and skated a little more on her own.

"What about you Bee? Got your eye on any of the guys at your school?" Tibby asked as she skated up next to Bridge and linked arms with her so the four of them made a chain.

"Well, I kind of like this guy named Conner Ross" Bridget admitted with a grin "He is so cute."

"Conner Ross? Who is he?" Lena asked as she ducked to avoid a long branch that stretched out to the pond.

"He is in 8th grade, and he plays water polo so he has these amazing swimmer's abs," Bridget gushed with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Bee! An 8th grader? Can't you ever fall for a guy your age?" Lena asked with a sigh.

"Hey I dated John Cooper, he was in my grade, and besides, Conner is only one year older than me," Bridget argued.

Tibby laughed and replied, "I guess Bee will always be Bee." All four of them laughed together and held on to each other's arms.

"Even though I suck at skating, this place is beautiful" Carmen replied.

"It really is" Lena agreed as the four of them skated off slowly, their arms linked together and smiles on all of their faces.

Lena sighed sadly as she though of all the wonderful winter days her friends had spent skating on that pond. She looked up at the framed picture on her wall of the four of them as babies, them at graduation and the famous picture of their moms, Carmen's gift from last summer. All four of them squashed next to each other with their arms over each other's shoulders with their caps and gowns made Lena smile. She laid down to get some much needed sleep.