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"Hey, Bee, heads up!" A loud voice yelled from behind Bridget. She spun around to see a black and white soccer ball flying towards her. She expertly bounced it off her knee and than kicked it in a large arc back to the short red head who had called out to her.

"Nice reflexes, Bee," She called from the other side of the field. Bridget smiled to herself and swung her black sports bag over her shoulder and began to walk off the grassy field. This soccer practice had been a partially grueling one today, filled with endless sprinting and kicking drills. Bridget did not tire easily, in fact she almost never tired at all, but right now all she could think about was sitting down in her dorm room.

She took a detour through the dinning hall to grab a banana. She chewed on it as she headed towards her dorm room. Once inside she dropped her bag on her bed and went over to her computer. Her roommate, Madison, wasn't there. Bridget got along great with her roommate, but was glad that right now she could have her dorm room to herself. She opened her mail and found an email from Lena. She replied and tried to send as much of her love through her computer as she could to Lena. She hit send and looked at her empty inbox sadly. Bridget than wrote two more emails two Tibby and Carmen.

Bridget still felt sad after sending off her emails, she missed her friends so much. She opened her instant message program, even though her friends where almost always too busy used it any more. She looked at her buddy list and smiled sadly, she remembered when her friends instant messaged each other almost 24 hours a day.

LennyK162 Gah, Carma. I'm so excited!

Carmabelle i know! my dress doesn't look right though :-(

LennyK162 What are you talking about? It looks amazing on you

Carmabelle yeah, it did in the store, but i don't know, it looks weird now…

LennyK162 The dress did not change Carma, I bet it still looks amazing on you

LennyK162 Besides, We are all going to see it when we you guys come over to my house to get ready

Carmabelle ………

LennyK162 Hey! Bee signed on, I am going to invite her to our chat

Beezy13 has now joined this chat

Carmabelle Bee!!! How excited are you?!?!?

Beezy13 Completely excited!! *jumps up and down* This is going to be our best combined birthday party we have thrown yet!

Carmabelle i agree! I can't believe it is tonight!

LennyK162 So can you guys come over at like 5?

Beezy13 Yup :D

Carmabelle sure

Carmabelle Hold on, my phone is ringing

LennyK162 I don't know what shoes I should wear… None of mine look good. I can't borrow any shoes of yours, Carma's, or Tibby's. Do you remember when I tired to borrow Carmen's shoes for the winter formal? My feet were so swollen, the shoes were way too small

Beezy13 Haha, I remember that! How about you wear your white ones with the criss-cross straps and the little bow?

LennyK162 They broke when I wore them to my cousin's wedding

Beezy13 What?! Those shoes were so cute! What a shame…

Beezy13 How about the black ones with the thick heel?

LennyK162 I guess, but I have such a hard time walking in those… and they make my feet hurt

Beezy13 Pain is beauty my friend

LennyK162 *rolls eyes*

Carmabelle Hey guys, I'm back. That was Tibs, I told her to log on

Beezy13 Sweet! Four-way chats rock!

Carmabelle This party is going to be such a blow out!

Beezy13 I know!! We invited so many people!!

LennyK162 I looove it when we do combined birthday parties

Tibberon has now joined this chat

Beezy13 TIBBY!!!!

LennyK162 Hey Tibs

Carmabelle hey girl

Tibbleron Holas Senoritas

Beezy13 Yeah! I love four way chats!

Beezy13Even though we have to leave in like twenty minutes to go to Lena's house…

Tibbleron four way chats still rock

Carmabelle this party is the perfect way to start our sophomore year

Beezy13 totally! It is best to start a new school year with a BANG

LennyK162 It is to be a VERY sweet sixteen

Carmabelle totally!! It will be a party to remember

Beezy13 I can't believe we are 16!!

Tibbleron Me either! Well Carmen isn't 16 yet…

Carmabelle three more days!

LennyK162 And then we can go get our licenses!!

Beezy13 and that will be SO AWESOME!!!

Tibbleron omg, did you hear that Brooke cheated on her boyfriend?

LennyK162 No way! She cheated on Rob?

Beezy13 Aww, poor Rob. He is so sweet, I always thought he deserved better then Brooke

Carmabelle who's brooke?

LennyK162 You know, she is in our English class… Short, blonde, not very bright….

Tibbleron a total bitch

Beezy13 Hahaha

Carmabelle hmm… not sounding familiar

Beezy13 Remember, she was the on who was making out with Kay's boyfriend at the Holiday Dance last year

Carmabelle Oh my gosh, yes! I remember that. She wore that really slutty Santa dress

LennyK162 She's the one

Tibberon Yes her!

Carmabelle She is a bitch

Beezy13 yeah, totally. And she was going out with Rob, who is like, the sweetest guy ever

Carmabelle poor Rob. Why did he go out with her in the first place?

Tibbleron Um… Brooke wore a really tight low-cut dress when she asked him out?

Beezy13 Hahaha probably

Carmabelle Shoot! It is getting late. We better head over to Lenny's house asap

Beezy13 Ooh, you're right.

LennyK162 See you guys soon

Beezy13 it is time to PARTY!!

Tibbleron you can say that again

Tibbleron I'll be at your house in 5 lenny

Beezy13 it is time to PARTY!!

Carmabelle hahah ttyl

Carmabelle has left the chat

Tibbleron has left the chat

Beezy13 and then there was two…

LennyK162 soon to be one….

LennyK162 has left this chat

Beezy13 aw, man… I'm all ALONE!!! Shoot, I'm late….

Beezy13 has left this chat

Bridget closed her message program, wishing someone had been on for her to talk to. She decided she should start her homework, since it was already late, and her roommate was sure to return soon, and would want to go to bed. Bridget moved aside a stack of books on her desk, and a CD case fell to the floor. She picked it up and smiled. It was the DVD Tibby had made for Bridget, Carmen, and Lena at the end of the summer. Bridget had watched it a dozen times already, but she still loved it. She opened the case and popped it in her computer. She smiled as she watched her and her friends grow up. She missed them so much.

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