Best damn thing

Summary- Avril is new to Forks. She only knew three things. 1. Jake has imprinted on her. 2. Bella is her best friend. 3. She may have started a vampire/werewolf war.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides Avril. Everyone else goes to Stephanie Meyer.

Chapter one: car troubles

I was excited to move to Forks, Washington. It gave me a chance to start a new life, and not make the same mistakes I have before.

My mother was recently divorced, the reason why we moved, and figured Forks was just the right distance away from her ex husband. I dealt with the divorce easier than my mother did. She would always worry that I was depressed but I couldn't be happier.

All my mother and father did was fight. As the only child, I had no one to talk to most of the time. I had a few friends back in Maine, but they weren't that good of friends. They liked to do illegal activites, I joined in once in awhile, earning myself punishment and everything taken away from me. Forks was turning out to be my escape from the world.

Forks, Washington was a very rainy city. Moss even grew on the trees! It was so beautiful. I loved the rain, and couldn't be more excited as soon as we arrived.

All we could afford to live in was a little one-level white house. Two windows covered the right and left front side of the house, a brown wooden door in between. The yard was very green, a single tree covered in moss stood tall and beautiful in the front yard, white flowers growing on the branches.

We started decorating the house as soon as everything was inside.

My mother went straight to work on the kitchen and living room as I started in my room. A few cans of paint and a clear plastic cover strayed across my room. I went to work painting my room with many colors, making a Tye dyed background. Peace signs, hearts, and flowers were mixed with the colors.

I was able to put up my queen size bed frame all by myself. The sheets and comforter was black with many different colored peace signs decorated all over it. My bookshelf was packed full with many different kinds of books, the matching wooden desk next to it. The curtains around my window were of course more peace signs. I was into the whole "peace on earth", "save the animals", and "conserve energy" type of thing.

After completing my room I decided to help my mother out. The living room was finished. She was able to get the light blue furniture to match the white walls, clear coffee table, and 12 inch TV in front of it all. The kitchen still needed some work.

"It only took you three hours to finish your room." My mother said glancing at the clock.

I shrugged. "Yeah, I had everything planned out before so it didn't take that long. Do you need any help?"

She was placing all the silverware, dishes, pots, pans, and cups in the right cupboards. I watched closely, trying to remember the exact location. My mother closed the last cabinet and started on another box.

Kelsey Love is my mothers name. She had medium blond hair which she always kept in a pony tail. Wrinkles were forming around her crystal blue eyes as age caught up with her. Her waist has always been thin, even after pregnancy. Age lines formed around her think lips which were always in a smile no matter what the situation was. My mother was pretty for a forty nine year old woman.

I took after her with the blond hair, blue eyes, and heart shaped face. When she was younger she looked exactly like me. Just looking at her made me think if I as going to look like that when I was older. It sometimes gave me the shivers.

"I'm going into town to see what's around. I'll see you later," I grabbed my keys off the counter.

"Don't be alarmed when you see the sherifs car in the drive way. I asked for some help with moving," Kelsey informed me. Of course my mother had to ask for help. She was just looking for a man to love her.


I smiled at my beautiful car. It was a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 engine and a black and lime green racing striped paint job. The condition of the car wasn't very good, but it still looked amazing to me. Every so often the engine would die on me, but I always put my trust in the old thing.

My car slowly started towards Forks. It was around sixish and I knew something intresting had to happen in this town. Usually small towns have all the fun at night

One mile into down town Forks, I started to feel my car vibrate and make a very horrible noise. I immediately pulled over and cut the engine. Waiting a minute I tried to start it up again but it wouldn't budge.

I popped the hood and took a look inside. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. I didn't know much about cars, but what I did know didn't seem wrong.

A shiny silver car rushed past me. I tried waving my arms like an idiot for help but it didn't seem to work. Just as I gave up all hope, the silver car was parked right behind me.

A short girl and an incredible handsome man came to my aid. I couldn't be happier for the help.

"Need any help?" the girl asked.

Her brunette hair was pulled into a pony tail. Her thin frame was wrapped in a light blue sweater and jeans. The man looked like her boyfriend, he was handsome. I couldn't stop staring until my mind came back to reality.

"Yes, my car just died on me and I can't find anything wrong with it. I think I may have to jump it," I said eyeing the engine one more time. I prayed the engine wasn't shot.

"Do you got cables?" the man asked. His voice sounded like a melody.

"Mhmm," I quickly grabbed them from the trunk.

He went straight to work on jumping my car with his. The girl next to me smiled, she looked around my age.

"My names Bella," she stuck her hand out.

"Avril," I shook her hand.

"You just move into town?"

I nodded. It didn't take a genius t know I didn't belong. Compared to what they wore, I looked like a freak.

My thin body frame was donned with a black skirt with matching fishnets, a black lace tank top, fingerless lace gloves, black hooker heels, and if that wasn't enough I had a single thick pink streak on the front left side of my blond hair.

Bella's boyfriend finished jumping my car and it started smoothly. I slammed the hood shut, thanking him.

"You just saved my life. Thank you so much," I said shaking his hand. His hand was freezing cold and I wondered if he was suffering from a weird disease.

"Your welcome," a crooked smile crossed his lips. I wondered why he looked at me so strangely.

Did I have something on my self? I quickly looked down on my appearance, noting was wrong. My surroundings were the same. Bella didn't seem to do anything funny. Was he laughing at me? Did I look so hideous to him?

Even if he looked like a god he had no right judging my appearance. Bella was very beautiful in my eyes and I could see why he was dating her. But did he really think I was so funny looking he had to laugh to himself?

Bella distracted me from my thoughts. "Have you met any one in town yet?" She asked curiously.

"No, I just arrived for the first time around three hours ago," I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Cool! I know what its like to be new here," Bella had the sweetest smile I have ever seen. She made me want to smile. "Will you be going to school tomorrow?"

"Yeah, unfortunately. I graduated early over at my other place but that wasn't enough for this school,"

"Hopefully we will have the same classes. I can show you around," Bella offered. She was such a sweetheart.


They headed back to the silver Volvo which I had a better glimpse at. I drove back home just in case my car would have died again.

My mother didn't get that much done when I was gone for the short ten minutes. I mean who could?

The rest of the evening I helped her around the house. We tried to get the whole house done but was not successful.