Chapter 25: breakfast with bella

I was so exhausted from last night, Jacob really wore me out. The sound of a vacuum disturbed my rest. Jacob was cleaning up the house after we trashed it last night. Thank god Billy wasn't home yet, he would probably run us over with his wheel chair at the mess we made.

Jacob smiled as I joined him in the living room only sporting his long black t shirt.

"My dad called earlier, he's with Charlie and your mom," Jacob said shutting down the vacuum.

I sat on the couch. "Awesome, how long do we have the house to ourselves?"

"A few more hours, why?" He looked at me curiously.

"Just curious,"

Jacob sat next to me, placing a kiss on my lips before laying down, using my breast as a pillow. We sat in silence for a while since there was nothing really to talk about.

I looked around the house and noticed it was spotless. Jacob did an excellent job of cleaning. It looks like a maid came in and cleaned the place! Now we have all day to hang out, but what is there to do on a Saturday morning?

"Baby?" I started. He sat up and looked me in the eyes. "What are we doing today?"

Jacob let out a sigh. "I don't know but Bella was texting your phone all morning so you should probably give her a call," Jacob replied pulling out my phone from his pocket.

"I wonder what she wanted,"

I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. We talked for a long time. Jacob took a nap as we talked for about a half hour. Bella was so talkative and that wasn't even the last of it. We agreed to go out to breakfast for girl time to talk about last night and what's going to happen in the future.

Jacob drove me home right away. I kissed him goodbye and headed inside to the empty house. My mom, Charlie and Billy weren't at my house which was a relief.

After my shower I changed into hot pink skinny jeans and a tight black baby T. I left my hair down and decided not to put any makeup on today. It was just going to be me and Bella anyways. I slipped on my black converses, pink winter jacket and headed out to my car.

Bella met me at Applebees just outside of town. She was sitting in a corner booth when I arrived. We hugged each other and started to look over the menus, placing in our orders as soon as the waitress helped us.

"So has Jacob said anything about last night yet?" Bella asked right away. Man she knew how to get right to the point.

"No, he actually hasn't said anything. Maybe he's given up,"

Bella laughed. "Yeah right, after that last fight word traveled about what happened. Many vampires all around are starting to come over to see what will happen next. I wouldn't be surprised if more wolves start popping up,"

I rolled my eyes. Why would something this ridiculous go out that far. "How does everyone know? I thought the fight was going to be kept silent?"

"No, Emmet spilled the beans when he was talking to an old friend and word traveled fast,"

"Great, the two will go at it again. Can't they agree that this is worthless?"

Bella shook her head. "No, you know how they both are. This is going to go on forever,"

I slumped back into my seat as our food was delivered. Bella and I chowed down on our chicken strips and fries. We were so hungry we didn't even feel like talking. Breakfast chicken is the best.

"What are the chances of a war breaking out?" I asked.

"What?" Bella looked so confused.

"Let's say the next fight doesn't go the way they intended and soon everyone is fighting and wolves are dying along with vampires. Do you know this is sorta all my fault?"

Bella dropped her food. "Avril shut up! This is not your fault. Edward and Jacob have been going at it since I've moved to Forks. Its no where near your fault,"

I looked down at my food. "I don't know Bella. I feel like I'm the reason,"

She chucked her fork at me. "Don't make me slap you because I will,"

"I surrender!" I put my hands up.

We shared a laugh. Only Bella could make me smile at a time like this. She knew exactly what to say; probably why she's my best friend.

"So don't even worry about it okay. This isn't your fault; its just Jacob and Edward being stupid and it will all be over soon I hope." Bella said popping the last french fry in her mouth.

I pushed the rest of my food away. "Yeah lets hope,"

Our conversation ended there and strayed to other topics to talk about that were more cheery than our last topic. It was nice to catch up with Bella. Ever since I started dating Jacob we barely hung out anymore or when we did one of the boys was with us. Girl time was very much needed and it needs to happen weekly now.

We paid for our meals and left Applebees. Bella gave me a gigantic hug before going to her truck.

"Remember every Saturday's and Wednesday's we are hanging out!" Bella called from her window.

"I won't!" I yelled back and drove back home.

The ride home was rather difficult. I couldn't stop thinking that this fight was caused by me. If I didn't say anything to Jacob about whatever Edward said we wouldn't be in this situation right now. Or if I never moved to Forks then none of this would have happened. Jacob and I would have never met and there would be no outrageous fighting. But then again I would have never met Jacob, the love of my life, and there's no other man out there like him so then I would be missing out the best thing in the world. Fuck, I need to lie down and stop thinking so much.

My mother was home when I arrived back, she was looking through a magazine when I opened the front door. She knew something was wrong by the expression on my face and watched curiously as I walked into my room.

A few seconds later she came slowly into my room, peaking around the door. I laid on my bed, pulling the covers over my head.

"Avril sweetie, what's wrong?" Kelsey asked, sitting on the corner of my bed.

"Nothing," I mumbled into my pillow.

She started rubbing my back. "The only time you ever do this is if something is going on. You can tell me,"

Jacob is a werewolf, Edward is a vampire, and I may have started the next vampire/werewolf war. Can you tell me how to stop it? I wanted to say that to her so bad but I knew I couldn't tell my mother because it was not my secret to say.

"I can't tell you," I said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, but I'm going to take a nap and clear my head,"

She kissed my covered head. "Okay, I love you sweetie,"

"Love you to mom,"

All I remember was the soft click my door made as it closed before drifting into a deep sleep.