Ifve got some plans coming up for Out-Of-Universe Omakes/Outtakes/Short-Stories that Ifd rather not have mucking up the actual universe. Smut, excessive out of Character bits, and loads of violent bits that make absolutely no sense unless youfre one of the few people I talk to about the story about.

Oh well. Ill edit this when I can think about it to include Titles and authors if others gift them to me as they have before.

As Always; Many thanks to Jon and Nuhuh for the first two, and Shezza for so much inspiration! CHU! 3

Omake One; Welcome To The Hotel Never-Never (Surarrin/Jon/Ferrovax; Part One of the Maeve Arc)

Omake Two; The Winterfs Bloom (Nuhuh; Part two of the Maeve Arc)

Omake Three; Fear of the Wet T-Shirt (Jon; Part three of the Maeve Arc)