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It was a Sunday afternoon. The day that Sonic used to relax; he instead was speeding off to G.U.N.'s main base. When he arrived he was greeted by all his friends. Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream, Amy, and Shadow (if he considered him as a friend). Sonic was shock to see them, but happy too, he went straight over to Tails, his best friend.

"Hey Tails! What are you guys doing here?" Sonic said giving his buddy his signature handshake while he looked around at everybody.

"I don't know, no one knows. We were just called down here by the General." Tails said looking as confused as everybody else. They all started to talk a bit when a tan cat walked in the room wearing a button-up white blouse, a black pencil skirt, and glasses with her hair pulled back into a bun.

"Excuse me, but the General will now see you." She said in a quiet, professional voice before she walked out the door with everyone following. They looked around as they followed the cat wondering what the General could possibly want. They finally entered the General's office where they could see the General sitting in a big chair with his arms crossed and a serious a look on his face.

"Good afternoon all, I'm expecting some more guests to stop by soon." The General said, but before anyone could ask who, a small portal opened up at the side of the room. The gang got ready to fight the sudden intruders, but the General simply signaled them to relax. Two figures then jumped out and landed on their feet gracefully. The gang knew who they were, but couldn't believe it.

"Silver? Blaze?" Amy asked shocked as the two made their way to the group. They were no longer out to fight them anymore, instead they worked as G.U.N. special agents.

"What are you guys doing here?" Knuckles asked crossing his arms.

"Our boss sent us down here because he said that the General of your time needed us." Blaze stated simply while the General cleared his throat making everybody turn to look at him.

"Why did you call us down here?" Shadow asked his voice void of emotion like usual.

"I called all of you here because I have a special mission for you. I'm sure you have heard of Mobius High School in California, the school that is only filled with Mobians like you." The General said pointing to a screen that had a picture of the school on it.

"Yeah...what about it?" Rouge asked while looking at the high school. Mobius High was known all across America and in Mobius, it was the only school that had Mobian students and was very hard to get into to.

"Well, I'm sure you're also familiar with Dr. Robotnik and his evil ways. He recently took the position of vice principal in this school and we're afraid he may be up to no good. This is where you come in. I'm sending all of you undercover to find out what he is up to. You wil—" The General was cut off by Sonic who knew what was coming next.

"You want us to become high school students?" Sonic asked skeptically. Everybody else raised an eyebrow and looked at the General.

"Well, yes." The General said. Everybody let out an annoyed sigh or grunt. High school wasn't their thing and they didn't want to be dealing with all the stupid drama. "But don't worry we have you covered. No one at this school knows who you guys are and we'll provide you with the necessary things you'll need. You will be provided with a back story, homes in the suburbs, driver licenses, student ID cards, books, cars, cell phones, clothe—"The General was once again cut off by Sonic.

"We're going to have to wear clothes?" Sonic said and the General nodded. All the guys let out another annoyed grunt while all the girls just laughed.

"Moving on, I'm asking you not to use your powers unless it is against Robotnik. So, Sonic, Shadow I need your shoes." The General said putting his hand out. Sonic and Shadow looked at the General like he was crazy.

"Why do you need our shoes?" Shadow asked as he pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on.

"I can't have you two running at high speed around the school. Don't worry you'll be provided with regular shoes." The General said with his hand still out waiting to collect the shoes. Shadow and Sonic let out another annoyed grunt as they took their shoes off and were given temporary shoes by the cat they met earlier. "Amy I need your hammer." The General said putting his focus on Amy now. Amy let out a little sigh and pulled out her hammer and gave it to him. "Knuckles I need your digging gloves." Knuckles glared at the General while he pulled his digging gloves out and gave it to him. "Tails I need the keys to your plane." Tails pulled out a pair of keys and gave it to the General looking down. "and the other ones." Tails pulled out another pair of keys and gave it to him. "and the other ones." Tails pulled out the last pair of keys and gave it to him with his head lower than ever. "Rouge I need all your spy gear." Rouge let out a sigh and gave him everything which was more than he expected. "Cream I know this is hard, but you have to keep your chao here in the chao daycare." Cream let a tear fall as she gave Cheese to a daycare worker and watched him leave with Cheese. "Shadow I need your chaos emerald." The General said.

"I don't trust you with its power!" Shadow said as the rest of the group just stared. The general let out a sigh and looked back to Shadow.

"We'll keep it with the other six, safe and locked away where no one could get it." The General said. Shadow just glared at him and gave the emerald reluctantly and let out a huff while doing so. "Silver and Blaze you must wear these bracelets that will prevent you from using your fire and mind powers." Silver and Blaze grabbed the bracelets and put them on. They were a lot more professional than rest of the group. The bracelets looked like regular bracelets that would blend right in with their clothing. "Now my assistant Ginger will explain the rest to you." The General said as he leaned back into his chair. The cat from earlier walked in front of him with a smile.

"Well, we're very happy that you decided to help us in this mission. Now you will be provided with a wardrobe of the latest style for teens. Next, there are two homes at the following addresses; the girls will be in one house while the guys will be in the other. Also there will be five cars, two for the girls and three for the boy—"Ginger was cut off by Knuckles who shot his arm into the air.

"I call a car!" Knuckles called out.

"No way! I get a car." Silver said glaring at Knuckles.

"Excuse me, but I think I should have the car." Shadow said butting in between them.

"Hell no, he took my shoes away I should get the car." Sonic shouted. All four guys started to argue about who was going to get a car. Tails didn't bother because he knew whoever did would give him a ride. He finally broke up the fight by standing in the middle of them all.

"Guys, we're obviously not going to settle this by fighting! Just do 'rock, paper, scissors' to get this over with!" Tails said as he finally pushed them away from each other. In the first round Shadow and Sonic both won and got the right to drive a car, and then Knuckles beat Silver to get the last car.

"Yes!" Knuckles said high fiving Sonic.

"Anyways! Please continue Ginger." Rouge said glaring at the guys who all shut their mouths and went back to where they were.

"Thank you, before you attend the school we will give you a briefing about high school and the things you should expect. Now if you will follow me I'll show you to your cars." Ginger said as she made her way to the garage. The guys were on their toes waiting to see what cars they'd get. The girls sorted out that Rouge and Amy got the cars since Cream didn't like to drive and Blaze didn't know how cars in the past worked. It wasn't long until Ginger stopped at a silver door and opened it. The gang walked through various tanks and planes, but didn't see any normal cars. Ginger stopped and turned around to give the drivers directions to the house and walked away pointing behind her. They all waved goodbye and turned around and all the guys' (except Shadow's) mouths dropped.

"Oh my God!" Amy said as she and the rest of the gang began making their way to the cars. Amy took the silver Slug Bug convertible while Rouge took the black Range Rover. The guys were going crazy for the cars. Sonic obviously took the black Cadillac Escalade, Knuckles took the red Mustang GT, and Shadow took the black Ducati 848 motorcycle. Everybody quickly hopped into their cars (Tails went in Sonic's, Silver went in Knuckles', Cream went in Amy's, and Blaze went in Rouge's) and headed towards their new homes. The girls' house was a nice two story house with pool in the backyard; it looked like a fairly normal house. They guys' house was down the street from the girls' and was similar, but had a big front yard and no pool. The girls ran into the house and found a note on the table.

Hi Girls!

Hope you enjoy your new home! Your new wardrobes are in your rooms; your room has your name on the door. Also here is a map to Mobius High School. Also, there are files in your rooms to give you the ins and outs of high school. Remember to have fun at school!


She sounded like the girls' mom, but they quickly put the note down and ran upstairs. Amy busted into her room and gasped. It was decorated very nicely with light blue walls and white furniture. It had all of her things in boxes in the center of the room and the window overlooked the pool. She stopped caring about the room when she saw the closet. Amy quickly opened it and her mouth dropped. It was filled with different jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, and blouses. Amy jumped for joy and quickly started unpacking her things. She was actually starting to get excited for school.

In Rouge's room it was decorated with light purple walls and magenta furniture. Her window viewed the front yard, but she never really noticed her room because she went straight to the closet and saw the same thing Amy saw. Her clothes were a little more form-fitting and she had a lot more accessories. Cream's room was yellow and had sweet girl clothes, while Blaze's room was light green and she had pretty much the same style as Amy. The girls all met in the hallway and jumped for joy and wondered what the boys would think of them in their new clothes.

At the boys home they spent a little more time outside admiring their cars, eventually they all went in and found the same note from Ginger. The guys didn't really rush to their rooms like the girls, but they eventually got there. Their rooms' walls matched the color of the owner's fur and were simply decorated. They all hesitated to go to their closets but when they did they were pleasantly surprised. Sonic's closet had mostly t-shirts and jeans with some polo shirts, his shirts were mostly red, blue, and green. In Tails' closet was a lot of button down collared shirts and jeans and khakis. Knuckles' closet had a lot of jeans and t-shirts like Sonic's except most of his were white, dark green, and grey. Shadow actually liked the style of clothing he had it had plenty of leather jackets and white and black shirts with jeans. Silver had many jeans, flannels, and t-shirts and they were various colors. The guys were actually kind of excited.

The next morning everybody was woken up by an annoying alarm clock. The girls woke up at 6:30 and all went downstairs to eat breakfast, they all chatted among themselves before they went upstairs to change. The guys however were suppose to wake up at 7:00, but kept hitting the snooze button. Except Tails, he got up and headed down for breakfast, Silver woke up next and then Shadow, then at 7:30 Sonic woke up and walked over to wake up Knuckles. They didn't take long to get ready. They just brushed their teeth and Sonic, Shadow, and Silver put some gel in their quills and before all of them walked out to their cars at 7:57 and went to school. The girls were already there and the all giggled at the guys running into the school hoping they won't be late. They all turned around to see who was giggling and their mouths dropped at the sight of the girls.

Amy was wearing light jean shorts with a white tank-top and a red cardigan over it. She pushed the sleeves of her cardigan up to her elbows and wore white Converse. Amy's quills were a little longer now and she kept her usual red headband in her quills. Amy was actually impressed to see that the guys' had put clothes on. Sonic was wearing dark rinse jeans with a green v-neck and red Vans. Sonic kept his style simple, but cool.

"Lookn' good, Ames." Sonic complimented as Amy laughed.

"You do too; I thought you would have never put clothes on." Amy said laughing as Sonic shrugged. Shadow kept his style simple as well. He wore a simple white t-shirt with black jeans and red Converse with black laces. It was too warm for Shadow to put any of the leather jackets he received on so he stuck to his t-shirts for now. Amy had to admit, Shadow did look good. Knuckles was wearing a white, Nike t-shirt with green writing on it that read, "I'm that dude." Knuckles paired it with dark jeans and green, yellow, and white Nike's. Rouge was wearing a purple tank-top with a fitted black blazer that had the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She was also wearing dark skinny jeans and black, gladiator sandals. She had a gold, clock pendant hanging around her neck and a matching chain bracelet.

"Well Knuckle-head, are you going to compliment me on how I look?" Rouge said as she did a slight pose.

"You? Be realistic, Bat-Girl. I'm the one who should be receiving compliments." Knuckles said as brushed his shoulders off making Rouge roll her eyes.

Tails was wearing a light blue, yellow, and white flannel with the last three buttons unbutton so you could see his white undershirt. The sleeves were rolled up and he paired it with light blue jeans. Tails finished off his outfit with white Vans. Cream was wearing an orange, chiffon blouse that had a gold detail on the collar. Cream had a white undershirt underneath and white shorts. She had tan sandals on and her bright smile as always.

"You look very pretty Cream." Tails said rubbing the back of his head nervously.

"You look good too Tails!" Cream said as she looked at his outfit. Tails blushed as Cream just smiled at him.

Silver was wearing a turquoise polo shirt with dark jeans. Silver's power-inhibiting bracelet was white and looked more like a wristband. Silver was actually really into the shoes they had given him and decided to wear his all-white Nike's. Blaze was wearing a lavender tank-top with a red and purple flannel over it. She left the flannel unbuttoned and rolled the sleeves up to her elbow. Blaze was wearing black shorts and high-top purple, red, and white Nike's. Blaze's power-inhibiting bracelet looked like a simple red, leather band.

"Is that the bracelet that...you know" Silver asked as he held Blaze's hand to look at it. Blaze nodded as she looked at Silver's. Soon they both noticed they were holding hands and quickly let go.

The gang continue to talk before the bell rang signaling them to head to their first class. They all had different classes and went their separate ways. Amy made her way to World Literature and when she entered the room she sat next to a white fox that had all her attention on a book. Amy turned to her and gave her, her best smile without looking creepy. The brief said that high school was a time to make friends. That's exactly what Amy was going to do!

"Hi I'm Amy. What's your name?" Amy asked as the white fox looked up from her book. Amy thought she was gorgeous! The fox had long wavy hair and stunning ice blue eyes that stood out against her fur. She was wearing a flannel with different shades of blue and dark jeans. The flannel was buttoned up to her collarbone and she left the top button unbuttoned. She had the sleeves rolled up and was wearing navy flats.

"Uh...My name is Luna." Luna said while turning to face Amy and closing her book. Luna wasn't excited for her last year here. The only two friends Luna had moved away and now she had no friends left. Amy noticed that she was shy, so she decided to try and make more conversation with her.

"I like your name! It sounds so beautiful; well I guess it should since you are." Amy said as Luna looked at her confused.

"You…think I'm pretty?" Luna asked looking at herself. Luna never really considered herself pretty. She didn't think she was ugly, just plain looking.

"Of course I do! Hey, do you want to eat lunch with me and my friends?" Amy asked returning her attention back to Luna. Luna smiled and agreed to eat lunch with Amy. Amy was so excited she already had a new friend!

'High school isn't so bad.' Amy thought to herself as the teacher began her lesson.

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