Albus Severus Potter got his first kiss when he was seven years old. His cousin Rose chased him around the garden on day until she caught him and planted a little kid kiss right on his lips.

"Ugh! Gross!" he cried, wiping his mouth with his hand. He knew the significance of a first kiss even then and declared loudly. "That doesn't count!"

Rose had giggled and replied, "Does too!" Then they spent the rest of the day bickering about frog warts. They were only seven after all.

Albus Potter got his second kiss in his second year in Hogwarts. Laura Goyle, the Captain of the Quidditch team and a fifth year, had grabbed him as soon as he landed after catching the Snitch and wrapped him up in a hug. As she pulled away she pressed a quick peck on his lips.

"You were amazing, Al!" Then she proceeded to kiss every other member of the team. Al tried to wipe her spit away without anyone noticing, but he saw his Slytherin dorm mate Scorpius Malfoy grin and wink at him from the stands. Al frowned and glared at him and then proceeded to wipe his mouth some more. Girl kisses were so wet.

When Scorpius met him outside of the changing rooms later he had a broad smirk on his face. "First kiss, Potter?"

Albus sneered at him-"It didn't count!"-and stomped away.

Albus got his third, fourth, and fifth kisses in his fifth year at Hogwarts. A new muggle game called Spin the Bottle had become very popular in the Slytherin dungeons, of all places, and one day Albus found himself roped into a game.

The first kiss went to Laura Flint. He kissed her quickly, moving away from her as fast as he could. The lip gloss she had been wearing felt gloopy on his lips. He barely kept himself from rubbing his mouth.

He had to give Jessica Nott a kiss next. She tried to deepen the kiss and accidentally bit his lip. He snarled and pulled away, not feeling badly when tears sparked in her eyes. She bit him! He rubbed his bottom lip to get rid of the pain and her spit.

When the final spin informed him he was to kiss Madison Finch-Fletchley-Parkinson Albus almost refused. She had the face of a pug and the body of a twig and no self-respecting boy would actually want to kiss her. He saw Scorpius's eyebrow quirk across the room where he sat observing the game. Albus could almost hear what he would say later, a whispered taunt of "Coward!" So he launched himself at Madison and kissed her breathless until he saw Scorpius sneer weakly and leave. He pulled away from Madison so fast she overbalanced and toppled to the floor. He followed Scorpius to their dorm room, anxious to know why he had left.

Scorpius smiled enigmatically and asked Albus, "First kiss, Albus?"

Albus didn't know why that made him laugh, but it did. "No. It doesn't count."

Al wasn't laughing two years later when he was kissed passionately by the person he loved. He ran his fingers through soft, fine hair and felt soft skin rub against his own. The lips touching his weren't wet and they didn't bite. Scorpius was also far more attractive than Madison could ever hope to be.

When Scorpius pulled away and pressed his forehead against Al's, there was no urge to immediately wipe his mouth.

"First kiss, Al?" Scorpius's question brought a smile to Al's lips.

Al pressed his lips gently against his best friend's. He murmured against Scorpius's mouth, "It's the only one that's ever counted."

Scorpius was seventeen when he got his first kiss. It was everything he ever dreamed of since the day he first laid eyes on Albus Severus Potter. He had gotten to know Al well since that day on the platform.

Now Al was more than a mate, and Scorpius couldn't be happier. So when Al asked him, "First kiss, Scorpius?" Scorpius couldn't help but tell the truth.

"My first, yes, but not our last."