I OWN NOTHING OF FFX! NO CHARACTERS NO PLACES NO NOTHING! This story takes place 1 year after FFX2 and 3 years after FFX . It's supposed to be funny and dramatic. Romantic, too. In this story, Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj dont exist, okay? AuRikku Tuna Luakka Rated T just to be safe.

Yuna is cooking at the Crusaders Lodge.

Yuna: (humming) This is fun! Oh crap!

A fire started on the stove.

Yuna: AHH!! What am I going to do?!

Tidus suddenly enters the lodge.

Tidus: Whoa. What happened here?

Yuna: Just shut up and help meeeeeeeeee!!

Tidus, although shocked by her sudden attitude, helps Yuna put the fire out.

Yuna, who was a lot calmer now, breathed a sigh of relief.

Yuna: Thank you for helping me. Sorry I got an attitude, but I was panicky.

Tidus simply laughed.

Tidus: It's okay. I can understand why you were so panicked.

Yuna and Tidus laugh so hard their stomachs almost hurt.

Wakka: Hey, what's going on, ya?

Tidus Oh twitch nothing….

Tidus bursts back into laughter. Wakka gives Yuna a confused look.

Yuna: Don't worry, Wakka. It can't be helped if he goes insane.

Wakka(exasperated): I'll go find Lu.

Wakka leaves to get his wife. If anyone could snap Tidus out of his current laughing state, it would be Lulu.

Rikku: Hey, Yunie, where's-

Rikku stopped because she saw Tidus laughing on the floor.

Rikku: Err, never mind.

Rikku tiptoes off.

Yuna: Now look what you've done. Everyone thinks you're crazy.

Tidus: I ha-ha can't help it!