My first new story in something like 5 years. I have been inspired by all the great Criminal Minds/Higher Ground crossovers that have sprung up as of late. This story will be a combination of casefile and an exploration of JJ's past. I have the whole thing more or less plotted out so it should be finished (at some point).

Hope everyone likes it, please read & review.

The Attic Hydria

Her breathe came in short, erratic spurts as her pursuer closed in behind her. She had been running down the dark and industrial streets of the Santa Monica waterfront for what seemed like forever. At times she thought that she managed to lose her attacker but she just kept running.

This was supposed to be just like every other night, turn a trick, score an 8-ball, rinse and repeat. But from the moment she got into his dingy Honda she knew that something was terribly wrong.

He had turned to her, brushing hair from her face, and whispered some unintelligible word into her ear. Then swiftly grasping her head he thrust her forehead into the dashboard. Blood pounded in her ears and dripped down her forehead, but she still managed to open the door and run. That all she had been doing for the past 30 minutes was blindly run between alleyways and darkened storefronts trying to escape, but as she rounded the corner and stared into his cold, dead eyes and the knife clutched in his hand she knew it was over.

As he viciously stabbed her and her gaze shifted to something beyond his keen her assailant smiled and said;

"No more shall Elpinike have improper relations with Polygnotus the painter."

And with that he began to carve into her flesh the word that would become his calling card;


Jennifer Jareau knew the moment the fax machine in her office began to beep that her day was going to get infinitely longer. She had already waded through a stack of cases whose geography spanned from Rhode Island to New Mexico and had a small pile of possible cases for the team. The potentials ranged from a strip-strangler to one sick mind who cut out his victims livers and left them on glass serving dishes for the police to find. But nothing came close to the horror JJ experienced when she looked at the file coming through her fax line.

The girl could have been anyone, long peroxide blonde hair and too much make up, but it was the writing on her body that made JJ take a second glance. The characters were foreign; she hazarded a guess that they were Greek and chalked up that guess from watching too much discovery channel. The malice was evident by how deep the cuts were but it was the position of them on the abdomen of the corpse that made JJ reconsider what she originally thought to be a garden variety psycho who the local police could handle. That and the fact that there had already been 6 known victims all with the same markings carved into their skin.

She paused for a moment, wrinkling her brow and sweeping her long blonde hair into a ponytail, could she handle this case? It cut a little too close to home for her.

'My past is my past, no one has to know. Just because I could have ended up like one of these girls is no reason not to try and stop this psychopath.' She thought, repressing a shudder at what could have happened if Mount Horizon and Peter Scarborough hadn't entered her life.

But that was long ago and she had long since decided that she was no longer Shelby Merrick. Jennifer Jareau had never been molested or lived on the streets. JJ was calm, collected and carefree without the scarred past that would mark her as a victim to the world, and more importantly, to the team.

Taking a deep breath and collecting her thoughts JJ made a power point presentation of the files pictures, geographic location, and relevant details. Six victims, all between the ages of 15 and 18, runaways, drug addicts and prostituting themselves to feed their habits. All had turned up dead with little forensic evidence on them except for the inscription on their lower abdomens. The bodies had been turning up in desolate areas of an industrial wasteland in Los Angeles County in Southern California. The bodies had only been dead 10-12 hours before discovery but the killer had taken his time with his carvings, making each letter distinct.

The local police were in a quandary because only with the sixth victim had all the cases been put into a pattern. Before the latest girl the others had been found, autopsied and investigated by separate jurisdictions only the tenacity of a few detectives had linked the cases, despite the unusual mutilation of the bodies. Now it was up to JJ and the rest of the BAU team to solve these brutal homicides and bring the murderer to justice. Saving it to her laptop she walked into the bull pen announcing to the team that they had a new case.

Agents Hotchner, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss and Reid gathered around the table waiting for JJ to explain what monster they were going to catch this week. Turning the lights down she began her presentation not knowing the turmoil it would throw her life into, breaking down all the walls she had spent years building.

The quote is from an original source documents by Plutarch about Elpinike the sister of Cimon. Plutarch, Cim. 4.5