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Summary: Three best friends, torn apart and separated when one moves away. The question is what will happen when that one comes back into their lives suddenly.

A/N: I'm not a huge fan of this one but some other people seem to like so let me know what you all think and if you think i should keep it going.

It's about time

"How is it you get off with her being nice to you when she's such a bitch to the rest of us less popular kids."

"We've been over this before, we have history. Besides she's had her days with me, not like her and I are best friends and have lunch together. She just doesn't say anything to me."

"Yeah that's her being nice." Alex laughed at her friends comments.

It was the first day of their senior year at Orange County Pacific, a boarding school for the rich and Orange County's elite. Alex and Jodie walked down the long hallway to the lounge on their floor when Summer and the rest of her friends walked by them in a rush. As they continued walking they heard girls and guys whispering. "Marissa Cooper is back?... Here?... Really?"

"Who the hell is Marissa Cooper and what do you mean back I've never heard of this girl. Guess that's why Summer was in such a rush wanted to pick on the new girl. I wonder what she's going to do to her; will it be like the last with total public humiliation or will it be more subtle and just make her run out of that room crying."

As they got closer to the room Alex was still quite, not believing the whispers she had been hearing. "Alex, earth to Alex."

"Huh? Oh yeah what?" Her heart started to race, getting closer to the room.

Stopping at the door they seen Summer hugging some blonde girl. But when they broke apart and the girl turned around Alex seen that it was just a girl named Anna.

"That's Marissa Cooper, what's the big deal with her. She's not even that pretty, mind you she's not ugly. Ha here I thought you had some long lost crush on this Cooper girl or something." Jodie stated with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"That's not Marissa that's Anna Stern but we better get to first though before Pate has a bird." Nodded and the girls headed off to their first class of the day, sitting in the back corner. When they got in Alex did her usual and laid her head on the desk and rested her eyes before class started as Jodie took out paper and started doodling.

As the teacher sat at the front of the classroom asking the class questions, Jodie tried to answer it but came up short earning a disapproved look from the teacher. Which only made her almost laugh and cause Alex to do the same, instead the other girl just sat there and shook her and gave a small chuckle. A girl in the back of the class where Summer Roberts little group of friends sat put her hand up and when the teacher acknowledged her shocked the whole rest of the class and got it right. Turning around Jodie was shocked but Alex wasn't as stunned as everyone else knowing Anna had always been smart and unlike the others had applied herself.

A knock was heard on the door and the Dean came in and whispered for the other student to sit where ever there was a seat. No one else in the class seemed to care of acknowledge the girl but found it odd that Summer didn't put up a fuss when the girl took the seat next to hers. The Dean then went and talked to the teacher and there were some nods and okay's before the bell finally went and everyone left before homework could be assigned.

"I gotta go talk to the Dean and figure some stuff out with my schedule so I'll catch you after gym?" Alex asked as her and Jodie headed in the same direction for the time being.

"Sounds good we can go and get some cheese fries or something."

"Deal, don't hurt to many people in gym class play nice in the sand box with the other little children."

The two girls went their separate ways with Jodie walking into the girls change room and coming face to face with Summer Roberts. "Jodie." She spitted out.

"Summer, thought daddy was finally going to get you that nose job this summer what a shame." She brushed by her and headed to change. Accidentally knocking into a girl when she came out of the change. Looking up, even she had to admit the girl was beautiful but was certainly going to be friends with Summer. Almost as soon as the thought entered her head Summer came up and ushered the off.

After class Jodie was as annoyed as ever at Summer and her new perfectly perfect new best friends. "Hey Jojo whats with the attitude?" Alex asked pushing the chili cheese fries over to her best friend.

"Our gym class is going to be just peachy Summer has another new clone this year. Except she's smart and unlike the rest pretty decent in gym class so take away our one advantage."

"Lay off on Summer and her friends they aren't that bad."

"You always say that and yet they always seem to get worse not better. Oh look here come the little debutants now."

On the other side of the diner Summer sat down with Anna and the rest of her friends and earned a glare from Jodie. All she wanted was some alone time with Alex but that didn't seem possible with Summer around. It always seemed that when Jodie wanted to make her move Summer showed up and for whatever reason Alex pulled away from Jodie a little.

After ignoring the little group on the other side of the diner and finally loosening up a little Jodie finally decided to make her move and kissed Alex who was a little taken back at first. Leaning back in her seat she looked at the blonde. "Will you go on a date with me?"

"I don't know Jo you're my best friend." Alex looked down biting her lip a little. "I guess a date would be cool though." She looked up smiling. Then she heard a laugh and closed her eyes, why was it whenever something good was going to happen did that laugh and that smile always pop back into her head even though they were long gone.