Marissa didn't say anything as the rain started to come down harder. Both of them reminded of how they used to sneak outside and go swimming in the rain even when their parents told them not too. A shot of lightning lit up the sky and Marisssa knew she had to make a decision even if it was just in the moment. How could she say no to a girl who jumped into the pool after her in the pouring rain. Leaning forward Marissa kissed Alex softly as their legs intertwined under the water. The brunette pushed the other girl back towards the edge of the pool moving her body into her.

"Take that as your giving me a chance?" Alex mumbled.

Marissa grinned and backed away a little before pulling herself out of the pool going back into the house. "Don't screw it up Kelly." With that Alex was left alone in the pool smiling to herself as she got out and headed across the yard to her own house.

The whole time being watched by Jodie who was beyond herself with anger. Not that the girls had kissed but that everything she knew about Alex was wrong, she wasn't some girl from the wrong side of the tracks, she was a Newport Princess just like Summer and Marissa. Things were all starting to make sense, its not like the girl had ever lied to her she just wasn't completely honest, however that still didn't mean that she was going to give up.

The next day Alex woke up with a bit of a headache. Although she wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or the sun shinning in her window. As she went into her bathroom that was connected to her room she heard the door bell ring. Thinking it was a delivery guy she finished brushing her teeth quickly but heard her mom get the door before she did could get downstairs. Going back upstairs she got dressed and fixed her hair when she heard her mom call for her. She ran down the stairs hoping that chef had made something good for lunch.

As she entered the kitchen however she found her mom talking to Jodie. "Um hi."

They turned around and Alex knew she was in for a heated battle with Jodie. "Alex why have you never brought Jodie home before she says you two go to school together."

Alex nodded in response. "She's just normally not in the area, we're gonna head down to the beach." She motioned her head to the doors as Jodie stood up.

"Okay you two have fun, say hi to Luke for me I seen him headed that way this morning."

"Jojo this way." Alex went into the living room and opened the back door and lead Jodie outside.

"Nice house Alex."

"Thanks." She ran a hand through her hair. "How'd you know where I lived?"

Jodie put a hand on her hip. "Seen you walk in here last night after the party thought I'd at least see if it was really yours."

"This is my house, my neighbourhood, just another Newport Princess even though I seriously hate that title."

Nodding the latina still wasn't impressed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything about me, it's just when Marissa left this part of me left with her. I didn't want to be that girl from Newport without I might have only been a kid and hell I still am but even then I knew what I wanted. I never thought I'd see her again and I do love you it's just as a friend and that's all it ever will be no matter. That girl has had my heart since we first became friend so long ago I don't even remember, at times when I'm with her I'm not sure I know where I finish and she starts."

Not knowing what else to do but knowing that she had to be a good friend among all else because Alex had always been there for her she wrapped her arms around the girl and gave her a hug. "This means my the parentals are getting on my case I can drive up here and crash in one of the rooms right?"

The blonde chuckled. "Of course, or you know since I have an in with Summer I could hook you two up and you can work out all that built up tension."

Jodie's face dropped to the ground. "Eww, please god know I couldn't stand being around that girl."

"Mhmm sure, Jojo."

Two Weeks Later

"Hey Sum have you seen Marissa I can't find her anywhere, I lost track of time with Jodie last night and didn't want to her call her really late and wake her up. You know the kind of bitchy mood she gets in and I wanted to keep my head."

Summer huffed. "She's going to dump you, kill you then dump your body in the bottom of the ocean and I'm going to help her. Her big game is today you moron, I know you're a blonde but can you please use a few of those brain cells?"

Her face went pale as she hung up the phone and ran through the house out to her car. There was no one she could miss another one of Marissa's games especially on account of Jodie, friends or not, Alex would be dead. She hoped into her car and sped off towards the game, hoping she'd get there before it finished.

An hour later Marissa was down against the same opponet she had lost too the first time Alex hadn't showed and yet again as the brunette looked around the stadium and at her little section Alex was no where to be found. Thoughts of what happened last time rushed back to her and she missed her first serve, taking a deep breathe she tried again. "Double fault!" She heard the ref say through the microphone in his chair; this was not going to go well at all.

A half hour later Marissa was still struggling, frustrated and over all just pissed off. She knew she had to calm down, she wanted that championship, she worked hard for it and there was no reason to blow it over some stupid girl. The ball was served and Marissa slid to get it but couldn't reach it, the girls serve was no short of amazing.

"You can do this Marissa, she ain't got nothing on you!" The brunette looked up and still only seen Summer, Luke and her parents sitting in her box. Scanning the crowd she seen a blonde running down the stairs. "Show her who's boss Cooper, no fear." She smiled as Alex sat down next to Summer.

With the extra boost of confidence Marissa came back to win, but was there any thought that she wouldn't. As her family and friends came down to celebrate with her and she shook her opponets hand she felt Alex lift her up as she held the trophy over her head. "It's about time that girl got her ass kicked."

"More like it's about time you showed up to one of my games."

Summer rolled her eyes as the two girls stood looking at each other. "It's about time you two kiss already." She said poking her head into their conversation.

Smiling at each other they kissed slowly like in the end of a movie and neither of them would have changed anything that happened but it was about time they were finally allowed to be together completely and neither of them was ready to let go anytime soon.

The End