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My Facade

She carefully slipped on her burgundy robe and black slippers. She grabbed her brush from the vanity and slowly began to brush her hair, not out of care but of habit. She picked up her two hairpins and expertly twisted two small parts of her hair into two buns, the rest of her hair tumbling carelessly onto her back. She grabbed two hair-bands from a, one of the many, vanity drawer and tied them into her hair, letting it fall loosely across her shoulders.

She slid open a different drawer and cautiously took out a dark cloth. She unwrapped the cloth and gazed at the various weapons. She slipped three shuriken in each of her small holsters hidden inside her long sleeves. She stuck ten needles into the sole of each slipper. She placed two knives against her sides, making sure that they were mostly hidden by her dark sash. And, feeling like today would be particularly annoying, she stuck another two needles into both buns of her hair, making sure that they were well concealed.

She glanced at herself in the mirror. On the outside she seemed to be the perfect daughter, well-behaved, polite- well sure she didn't talk much, but who would really care what she had to say anyways-, not bad to look at- well everyone knew that she was no Ty Lee but she fared well-, and a skilled fighter. But only those who were close to her knew the real her.

Early in life she had started to build a wall, a wall separating herself from the rest of the world. She had spent years perfecting this wall. She had isolated herself from her family, only having contact with them at the rare 'family dinners' where everyone would eat in silence, the only time that someone even rustled was when her mother would seethe at her to 'keep her posture' or some other imperfection that she had accidentally let slip.

She then began to build a wall against her friends. She had long given up on the concepts of 'friendship' and 'trust' but replaced them with 'alliances' and 'conviction'. She was almost done with that wall when he just had to send it tumbling down. He had no right to do such a thing and she was furious at him for that, he had no right to mess up her perfectly thought out plan. But then they all had gone to Ember Island where all the sudden that wall had been completely destroyed; and suddenly she realized that she didn't care that it had fallen, because she never really wanted it there in the first place.

Then he just had to leave. She was furious, upset, and confused. But mostly furious. So she built that wall again, only this time faster and harder. And then she found the letter, tucked behind the pillow that she never really sleeps on anymore and for some reason, her wall started to crumble again. This time she knew better though, she stopped the crumbling and started to rebuild the wall yet again. And here she is, waiting to see if someone will be willing to break down that wall again.

A/N- Okay, so I know that this was pretty like either depressing or angsty or whatever you want to call it. So, this is basically before Zuko comes back and she saves his butt, when she's all sad and stuff cuz he left. I also know that I didn't use the word 'facade' once in the story, I had planned it to go differently and by the time this was out I couldn't think of another title. I also probably didn't get Mai's outfit right but whatever.