Hi guys! This story was inspired by a review that EliH2 left for my story January 12th. In that story, everyone finds out that Booth and Brennan are a couple because Hodgins catches them kissing. When they talk about it later, Booth says to Brennan that he's glad Hodgins caught them instead of Zack. In the review, this reader said that they thought the possibility of Zack catching them sounded really funny. Inspiration hit and this was the result! I hope you all enjoy it!

This story is supposed to be talking place a year after Angela and Hodgins got together, so I guess that would make it a bit after the Halloween episode of season 3.

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Doctor Zack Addy slowly wound his way up the stairs to the lounge of the Jeffersonian Institute Medico-Legal Lab. It was nearing nine o'clock on a Friday night, and he knew he had the place to himself. Hodgins had taken off early to celebrate his one-year anniversary with Angela. He had offered Zack a ride home if he wanted, but Zack hadn't been ready to stop working yet. You can't win the title of King of the Lab for leaving work early, after all. He told Hodgins he'd take a cab home when he was finished. Angela had, of course, left shortly after Hodgins did.

Zack had stopped working on the bones themselves when Cam and then Dr. Brennan left, and he wouldn't dare do an experiment without Hodgins. Being King of the Lab wasn't as exciting without the competition. Zack had plenty of other work to do, however. He had spent the last two hours behind a microscope in the lab/office he shared with Hodgins, carefully examining a piece of evidence found at the crime scene. Now that his observation and analysis was complete, he had come to the lounge to finalize all of the required paperwork.

Zack laid his files and pens onto the table, along with a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and took a seat that enabled him to easily look out onto the lab if he wanted to. He loved the Jeffersonian at night. He didn't stay this late often and nearly always had Dr. Brennan for company when he did, but tonight, the lab was his.

He liked staying here late. There was no chaos, no explosions, no fighting with someone over who got to analyze the victim's bones first, no endless flirting between Hodgins and Angela, no bickering matches between a certain forensic anthropologist and her FBI partner, and no bosses pressing him for hurried results. He had space to take his time and think things through. Just as Zack thought about how peaceful and quiet it was, he heard a mischievous female laugh coming from downstairs.

Zack's head snapped up from his file. That almost sounded like Dr. Brennan's voice, but that couldn't be. Booth had picked her up to go to the diner hours ago. He had heard their plans quite clearly as they left. Dinner at the diner, followed by case paperwork over coffee at her apartment. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Bones…" he heard Booth say. The tone of his voice was almost as mischievous as the laugh Brennan had let out just a few moments ago.

Zack was confused. What was going on? How did he not notice their presence? He looked downstairs and into Brennan's office. She was sitting on her desk, one leg crossed over the other. Booth was on her couch, finishing the paperwork. Her door and blinds were open, making it easy for Zack to see right in.

He had retreated to his lab and his microscope when they had left for the diner, but he had gone right past her office when he walked upstairs not ten minutes ago. He didn't notice anyone. Zack frowned. He must have been really into that piece of evidence.

"You done yet?" he heard Brennan say.

No…strike that. She didn't say it. She purred it. Zack's confusion grew as he discovered that Dr. Brennan had changed her clothes. Earlier that day, dark denim jeans and brown suede boots had been visible under her lab coat. Now, she still wore her blue lab coat, but nothing but sheer black pantyhose and high, black stilettos could be seen. What was going on?

Zack watched as Booth looked her over from head to toe carefully from his place on her couch. Zack wondered if they knew he was here. He hadn't noticed them, but surely, one of them had heard him moving around in the main part of the lab. He also wondered if they realized that sound carrier rather easily throughout the Jeffersonian when nothing but paperwork was going on. He then wondered why Dr. Brennan seemed to be wearing such an unusual outfit.

"Bones, why are you wearing," Booth started.

"What?" she asked innocently, cutting off his sentence. A mischievous smile graced her face.

"Why are you wearing fuck-me heels?" he questioned.

"Because maybe I want you to put that pen down and come fuck me," she said seductively.

To Zack's ears, their voices were faint, but he had definitely heard that. He quickly ascertained that they probably didn't know he was still there. They probably would've closed her blinds if they thought they weren't alone.

But…wait…she wants him to have sexual intercourse with her? No. That couldn't be right. Booth and Brennan are just partners…friends, at most. He must have heard wrong.

Zack continued to watch as Brennan let out another laugh at the sight of Booth's puzzled and surprised expression. Booth stood and walked over to her as she remained sitting on her desk.

"What did you just say?" he asked. He placed his hands on her desk, one on each side of her hips, leaning into her body.

"I want you to put away the paperwork and fuck me," she said slowly, repeating what she had just told him.

Zack heard it again! He must be dreaming. He had to be. There was no rational explanation for what he was witnessing. Zack slapped himself across the face. He needed to wake up before Dream Booth and Dream Brennan went any further. He pulled his hand away from his face, his cheek stinging from the self-inflicted assault. Zack couldn't believe it. He wasn't dreaming. This was really happening!

"Temperance Brennan wants me to stop working in favor of personal pleasure?" Booth asked, grinning. She nodded, keeping her eyes locked with his. Booth titled his head, never breaking their eye contact. His eyes traveled over her face a few times before asking, "Who are you, and what did you do with Bones?"

She gripped Booth's face in between her cheeks. "She's beginning to believe her partner's right when he tells her there's more to life than corpses and case files."

Booth whispered something to her that Zack couldn't make out before dropping his lips to hers. Brennan responded eagerly, gripping his shoulders. After a few minutes of frenzied kissing, Booth reached between their bodies and uncrossed her legs, stepping in between them and wrapping his arms around her.

Zack finally understood what was going on. If he wasn't dreaming, he must be hallucinating! He had to be under the influence of some kind of chemical. Or they were. He wasn't sure, but there was no way that the two people who spend so much time insisting that they're not a couple and have no romantic feelings for the other were currently kissing like that downstairs. Zack knew he should look away, but he had to keep watching. He, as a scientist, needed to observe and collect more data so he could understand what was going on.

As they continued to kiss, Booth's hands moved from her back to between their bodies once again to unbutton her lab coat. She slapped his hands away and broke their kiss, pushing him back and standing in front of him. She smiled seductively and slowly undid each button from top to bottom. She pulled the coat off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

Both Booth's and Zack's jaws hit the ground.

Brennan stood in her office wearing nothing but lacy black lingerie. The sheer black beneath her killer heels were thigh-highs attached to her barely-there panties with little black straps. She wore a matching black lace bra, and the tops of her pale breasts practically spilled out over the small cups. Her auburn hair fell loosely around her shoulders, and she looked at Booth with that same mischievous smile from before.

Zack had always known she was well-structured and physically fit, but he had no idea how beautiful she really was. Booth seemed to think she was beautiful, too. He hadn't moved since the coat hit the floor. Unfortunately, Zack couldn't see Booth's facial expression from their current positions.

"You like?" Brennan asked.

Booth chuckled. "Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look right now?" Booth asked.

"Hmm…why don't you come show me?" she said.

Booth walked forward and grabbed her hips, sitting her back down on the top of her desk. He kissed her lips a few times before pulling away to hold her face and tilt her head back so he could kiss her neck and throat. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back further as his lips traveled down her throat. He kissed down the middle of her chest before using his nose and lips to momentarily nudge the black lace aside and take one of her nipples into his mouth. She moaned and buried her fingers in his hair as his mouth sucked on her sensitive skin. His hands traveled over the exposed skin of her stomach and lower back, and she hitched her legs up around his hips as he carefully pleasured her breasts.

Okay, that did it. Zack knew that there was absolutely no way they knew he was still at the Jeffersonian. He was also pretty convinced that none of them were dreaming, hallucinating, or under the influence of an unknown chemical. What was he supposed to do now? He couldn't just keep watching this. He looked away as he quickly crafted different ideas of how to get out of this incredibly uncomfortable and unexpected situation.

He knew that the answer was often the easiest and most simple solution. So what was the easiest thing to do in this case? The solution came to him quickly. He could go downstairs and let them know they weren't alone. No. No, he definitely couldn't do that. Booth would shoot him. Dr. Brennan would shoot him. Angela would buy a gun and learn how to use it just so she could shoot him for interrupting them. No, that option wouldn't do.

Wait a minute…Angela! That's it! He needed to call Angela! She always knew what to do with stuff like this. But…he couldn't do that to Hodgins. He couldn't interrupt their first anniversary, not after Hodgins had so carefully planned it. They were probably on his boat right about now, dancing under the stars or eating the candlelight dinner he had scheduled. He definitely couldn't interrupt that.

He should just leave, pack up his files and finish the paperwork at home. Cam wouldn't mind if he took the evidence with him. He had done it before, and Cam knew he was responsible. But…that plan wouldn't work, either. He couldn't get out of the Jeffersonian; he couldn't even get downstairs, without going right by Dr. Brennan's office. They hadn't noticed him when he went up, but they could notice him this time.

Zack began to panic. Why in the world had they left the door open and the blinds up? This must be one of those heat-of-the-moment types of situations that he had once overheard Dr. Saroyan talking about when discussing a rather explicit novel with Angela. Yes, that must be it. There was no other logical explanation. Although, Dr. Brennan's seduction seemed to have some thought behind it, or so it seemed to Zack. She was smart and rational. He would've expected her to make sure they were alone before leaving her office wide open like this.

A moan, of the male sort this time, snapped Zack's attention back to the show downstairs. Booth's t-shirt had been removed and Brennan appeared to be tugging the zipper of his jeans down. Once his jeans were undone, she pushed them slightly down his hips, but before she could finish, he picked her up and carried her to the couch.

When he picked her up, Zack noticed that Booth had removed her sheer stockings but had placed the high heels back on her feet. That didn't make any sense to Zack. Why would he put her shoes back on if they were getting ready to have sex?

Booth laid her down on the couch, and she leaned into the pillow that rested on the arm of the couch, stretching her body out across the cushions, the back of the couch shielding her skin from Zack's view. Booth removed his jeans, his shoes, and his socks, and threw all three articles of clothing over the back of the couch. He then lay down on top of Brennan and began kissing her again. Zack saw her black bra being tossed aside as Booth's mouth once again descended on her chest as his hand reached down even lower. Brennan closed her eyes and leaned her head over the arm of the couch, smiling and whimpering in pleasure.

Booth looked up at her, and their eyes met. He shot her a grin, she matched his smile, and Booth leaned his head up to share another deep kiss with Brennan. It wasn't long before Zack saw Brennan's panties being tossed over the back of the couch as well. Zack couldn't completely see what was going on anymore, but he noticed that Booth was kissing down her body, and Brennan was breathing heavily. The pair shared another smile as Booth gently rested one of her legs over the back of the couch. She smiled in anticipation and gasped slightly as Booth's lips descended on her lower body.

Zack knew he should look away, run away, do anything but watch them have sex. He found, however, that he just couldn't take his eyes off of them. Even if he could, the heightened intensity of Brennan's satisfied moans would serve as a reminder of exactly what was occurring one floor below him. He was pretty sure this was the most uncomfortable situation he had ever been in, though on the bright side, Zack was pretty sure he finally understood why Hodgins had once told him that a particular adult movie was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. That was before he had gotten together with Angela, of course.

As Booth and Brennan's foreplay continued, and his boxers joined the pile of clothes behind the couch, another realization hit Zack like a ton of sticks. No, wait, that wasn't right. It hit him like a ton of bricks. Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan seemed to know exactly how to stimulate the other to make their partner achieve release and moan or scream with pleasure. He was experienced, and so was she, but Zack knew it was more than that. They seemed to have previous intimate knowledge of the other's body. They had done this before!

That shocking revelation, combined with the fact that Agent Booth's bare ass came into view above the couch as he began to thrust inside Dr. Brennan, was enough to get Zack to finally stop watching. He moved to the floor of the lounge and leaned against the couch as thoughts began to race through his head.

They had had sex before. He was sure of it. When did it start? Have they been lovers this whole time? Did they always do it late at night in the lab?

Zack heard a simultaneous moan from both of them and peered over the edge of the railing again. Brennan screamed out Booth's name, and Zack noticed that she was clawing at his back, her eyes closed. He also noticed that she was still wearing the black stilettos, the heels of which were currently being pressed into Booth's lower back as she wrapped her legs around him. He quickly turned away again.

Zack just didn't get it. Did she always wear those heels? What was the appeal of having heels dug into your back during sex? And why in the world were they called fuck-me heels? Was that their actual name? Who would name a shoe that?

Part of him still couldn't believe this was happening. Did Angela know? Did Hodgins? Did Cam? Is this why Booth and Brennan had to attend therapy with that young FBI psychologist every week? It was couple's therapy, after all, though they didn't appear to have any relationship problems.

Zack tried to block out the noise and focus on his paperwork as the moaning and panting continued from both of them for a good ten more minutes. He wasn't a religious man, but in that moment, he prayed for the couple to cut it out quickly so he could get out of here and go home. Once they were through, Zack then sat through a few minutes of the sounds of deep kissing and quiet giggles before silence once again filled the Jeffersonian lab.

He didn't know what was going on down there now that the noise had stopped, and to be perfectly honest, part of him was afraid to look. Zack also made a vow to never tell anyone what he had witnessed this evening. That seemed like a decision that would best guarantee his safety. They obviously didn't want people to know they were or had been together tonight, and who was he to ruin their secret relationship? Zack finally heard Booth and Brennan leaving her office, so Zack moved closer to the railing to get a better view.

Brennan was dressed in her day clothes once again, carrying her suede boots in her hands. Booth held the files in one hand and rested the other on the small of her back. They looked normal, as if nothing but case paperwork had just happened between them. Zack shifted slightly and then quickly ducked behind an end table as he saw Brennan turn her head and look directly towards the lounge.

"What?" Booth asked after he noticed she had stopped.

"I thought I heard something," Brennan said.

"Something like what?" he asked, his voice rising. Zack could tell he was a little panicked at the thought of Brennan potentially hearing another person in the lab. "I thought you said we were alone!"

"We are! It was probably nothing," Brennan assured him. "Let's go."

"Yeah, okay, let's go give those heels of yours another workout," he said, slapping her ass gently.

She squeaked in surprise and smiled at him before wrapping her arm around his shoulder and pulling him in for a kiss.

"If you wish," she said playfully, looking directly into his eyes.

"I wish, but do you think we could stop for some pie first?" he asked.

The couple shared a laugh, and Booth wrapped his arm around her waist as she nodded. Zack remained safely hidden behind the table and thoroughly shocked at the events of the evening until he could no longer hear the click of Dr. Brennan's heels on the linoleum floor.

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