Kips of the Mud

By Noelia Lopez

You're number 258 in the Pokemon Handbook,

But you will always be number one in mine.

Your water based attacks are graceful and clean

And your helpful, docile nature warms me.

I met you back in Hoenn,

Where you were the best of three.

A creepy cross-eyed lizard stared

And a spicy chicken flapped its wings.

Then I laid my eyes on you,

A single azure fin atop your giant head,

Your black eyes looked up at me,

And I fell in love.

A gentle blue puppy born from mud

Left behind in Pewter City.

But if you were mine,

I would never ever leave you behind.

Ashes to Ashes to Ashes,

Mudkip to Marshtomp to Swampert.

Use your water gun!

Show the what you've got!

People from all over know of your prowess.

No matter race nor gender nor IP address,

As long as they are connected,

You send their hearts blasting off again and again.

"I hath heardeth thou liketh kips of the mud…"

Thou hath heardeth right.

I do indeed liketh mudkips.

Dost thou haveth a problem with that?

Yea, so uploading poems to these fiction sites is always a pain. Please note that these stanzas have 4 lines each and that I really hate submitting poems cuz formatting is always demented.

This was meant to be sort of a joke and was written to make some friends laugh so yea... so that's why it's not as amazing as other stuff you've probably read but yea, hope you enjoyed...