The very first line of this shot came to me out of the blue while I was at work today. And I just had to go with the inspiration it spurred within me. And voila, this was created. :]



Something Better

"I'll take an order of tall, dark, and handsome, please."

The sultry purr had his hands pause in the movements of cleaning an expensive glass mug and his broad shoulders tensing. The voice was all to familiar to him, even after five weeks of not hearing it – after all, hearing a particular voice every Friday night for five years tended to do that to you – and as always his groin tightened in response and a smirk flitted across a pair of lips while his heart thudded against his chest.

Throwing the dampened rag over his shoulder and setting the dried mug on the counter, Inuyasha turned around and the smirk was gone from his face, in its place carefully schooled features as he locked gazes with the woman before him leaning onto the bar counter. Eyes the color of mocha flashed appreciatively as she openly took him, eyeing the dark locks of hair that fell over his shoulders and the barely concealed muscles behind a white wife beater.

"Sorry, ma'am, I'm afraid we're fresh outta those tonight," he answered, not sounding sorry at all.

"Oh?" She put a manicured finger to her ruby lips, peeking up at him through thick, sooty lashes. "That's too bad."

He trailed his violet eyes over her lithe form, lingering on the generous cleavage and sinful curves. "But I have something much better." Inuyasha flicked his gaze back to hers. "If you're interested." The smirk returned and Kagome's insides melted.

Shivering in delight, Kagome licked her lips and offered a wicked smile in return, gracefully unfolding herself from the bar seat, her movements like wine pouring smoothly into a flute. "In that case," she purred, leaning forward as her mouth parted and didn't miss the way his eyes zeroed in on her tongue as she dragged it across her teeth. "I'm very much…interested."

Hard, hot, and undeniably captivated, Inuyasha squelched the needy groan that threatened to surface and darted his dark eyes back to hers. The promise in them was impossible to misread. "Ten minutes. Back room. Be there." With one last smoldering look, the tender turned his back and disappeared into the sea of people crowding his bar, his stride purposeful.

He'd waited way too long for this and he'd be damned if something as small as work was going to get in his way.

Cinnamon eyes watched him vanish into the throng of people before a languid, sultry little smile graced her features. Finally, tonight, after waiting for so long…

Tonight she'd finally have her piece of heaven.


The back room, also known as the employee break room, was dark when she entered and the soft click as the door closed behind her seemed to echo throughout the empty room. Walking across the floor, her pumps clicking against the tile, Kagome set her purse on the nearest table headed for the couch but didn't get very far.

A strong arm secured itself around her slim waist before she was roughly tugged back into a hard chest and a hot mouth was sucking at her neck. Kagome melted against him and closed her eyes, tilting her head back and pushing her ass into that hard length pressed insistently against her. God, but she wanted this…

Pent up want spurring him on, Inuyasha rocked his hips into her firm ass and groaned as her cheeks cradled him. Fuck, but he had to have her. Right now.

"Take it off," he ordered roughly, tugging at her blouse with a hand and slipping his other beneath her skirt to caress her thigh. "Now." His questing hand snagged her panties and pulled them down along with her skirt, his fingers instantly thrusting into her wet core. Her response was instantaneous and he smirked into her neck.

Gasping and rocking her hips into his hand, Kagome fumbled with the buttons to her blouse but when she was being too slow, her shirt came to an unfortunate demise by an eager hand and she vaguely registered the sound of tearing cloth before her bra quickly followed after it and the next thing she knew she was standing in naught but her black pumps, moaning as he continued to pump his fingers into her, his thumb toying with her snatch and teasing her lips.

It wasn't enough.

"Please," she begged and pushed her ass back into him, closing her eyes, the tension in her belly building.

Inuyasha growled and hastily unfastened his jeans, shoving them down and eagerly pressing his exposed cock against her bare ass, groaning as his thick rod slipped between her legs and rubbed against the hot wetness of her core. Shit, he was gonna come, and he wasn't even inside her yet.

With a harsh exhale of breath, Inuyasha grasped her hips and without a second thought savagely thrust into her, clenching his teeth as her tight muscles clamped around him, tugged him deeper inside her weeping body.

"Shit! You're so fucking…tight!" Withdrawing he slammed back into her again and Kagome cried out, tossing her head back darting her hands out to hang onto the nearest object which happened to be an old ratty recliner. Mercilessly, he pounded her again and again, his hands going back and forth between her bountiful breasts and sopping kitty, paying special attention to her clit thrusting with his fingers for added pleasure. Her muscles clenched around his cock and fingers and Inuyasha knew she was close.

Grasping her hips once more, Inuyasha quickened the pace and reveled in his lover's moans of ecstasy and wordless cries of bliss, her hands grip on the chair white-knuckled as she met him thrust for savage thrust, a light sheen of perspiration developing on both their bodies.

With a wordless shout of pleasure, his vision going white and his nails digging into the flesh at her hips, Inuyasha gave one last, hard thrust and released his seed deep inside her womb, shuddering violently. His climax triggered her own and Kagome screamed, her body convulsing and her legs clamping together to hold him in as she came hard, her knees buckling from the force.

Panting, sweaty, and fully sated, Inuyasha dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his nose in her neck and released a long, heavy sigh.

Gasping for breath and more than a little content, Kagome hummed and leaned back into him, mocha eyes fluttering close as contentment washed over her.

"Fuck, I missed you," Inuyasha suddenly muttered and Kagome smiled.

"I missed you too, husband." She kissed the corner of his mouth.

The angled his head to capture her lips with his own and they shared a long, slow, this-is-how-much-I've-missed-you kiss.

Inuyasha pulled back to stare into his wife's eyes and he smiled at her, reaching up to tuck a damp stand of hair behind her hear. "Five weeks…is way too long. I'm going with you next time." He kissed her forehead then hugged her to his chest, shifting positions so that he leaned against the chair. "Your business trips suck."

Kagome giggled. "Agreed." She rested her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck. "You were right."


"This is much, much better."


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