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Chapter 1

Lucy was, to plainly put it, freaking cold.

The mission had gone horribly wrong, something unexpected--a gargantuan avalanche--had occurred and instead of being warm and toasty in the village below, she and Natsu were stranded somewhere on the side of the frozen mountain. They were able to divert the avalanche away from the village but they had ended up far from the path, with a limited amount of provisions.

Thankfully, Natsu had found a small cave of sorts, and was busy clearing it out while Lucy gathered as much firewood as she could find. Happy had flown back to the village to make sure the inhabitants were safe. 'They'd probably keep him there overnight,' she thought, 'It would be too dangerous for him to fly at night with no lights.'

'How did I end up in this situation?!' she grumbled to herself, shivering in her boots and clutching the twigs she'd found. 'And how could we end up AWAY from the forest? There's hardly any firewood...'

She sighed and looked towards the horizon. They were totally isolated and it was nearly dusk. Daylight was fading fast and unless she and Natsu had some shelter soon, they'd both freeze to death in the unforgiving frozen expanse of Blanche Peaks.

"Damn rent," she muttered, hurrying back to the makeshift shelter, while in her mind she replayed the reasons for which she might not last the night.

"I...need...a job," moaned Lucy, papers fluttering as she frantically sorted through the job notices.

"How about this one?" she questioned, holding up a flyer, advertising a 100,000 Jewel reward. M'aybe I can earn rent and have some extra left for that cute dress! ' she thought with a grin, her eyes widening, until the words, 'Be my escort for a week! Must have at least a 34DD to apply,' rose up from the page, accompanied with a picture of a creepy looking, bald old man holding a riding crop.

...Ugh, never mind.

With a sigh, she dejectedly sank onto a barstool, her head hitting the counter with a thud.

Rent. Rent. Rent. In life, there was always something to worry about, and in Lucy's life, Rent was the number one problem. Food, not so much. She could always find something at the Guild headquarters. Keys? Not really, it's not like Golden Keys were common enough that every Department Store in Fiore carried them, so she didn't have to worry about buying those. But It would be so easy to just dip into the Heartphilia fortune and...

'No,' Lucy thought, her lips set in a determined grimace, 'I won't rely on my family to live my life. That's why I need a job...'

"Aww, what's wrong?"

Lucy looked up to see Mirajane, a concerned look on her face as she dried off plates.

"Oh Mira, my rent is due next week! I need a job!" Lucy wailed, "And there's nothing on the board but requests for call girls!"

"Hmm, that must be because of the Master. I told him to stop accepting those," said Mira, pouring a glass of iced tea for Lucy, "But a job you say? Let me think."

She slid the glass towards Lucy, who took a thankful gulp. "You know, I might have something in mind!" Mira said, clapping her hands together.

"Really? I'll take it! Anything!" Lucy said excitedly.

Mira smiled and brought forth a flyer from behind the bar. "I guess it's kinda like a job," she explained, sliding the paper towards Lucy, "We're hiring you to help someone complete their job, but you have your own objective."

Lucy quickly scanned the paper. 'Hmm,' she thought, 'Let's see. Objective is to make sure the assigned Guild member does not cause excessive damage to the surroundings and environment of the assignment.' It seemed easy enough. It didn't seem too bad to work with someone from the Guild, she got along with most of Fairy Tail.

Assigned Guild member? Lucy couldn't find any name on the job flyer. "Um, Mira, who am I assigned to? There doesn't seem to be a name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Mira apologetically laughed, "My mistake. Let's see, for this job, we'd like you to accompany Natsu on his mission to Blanche Peak."

"Natsu?" asked Lucy, confused, "I usually go with Natsu, Gray, and Erza. You don't need to pay me to go with him."

Mira smiled. "We would have liked Gray to go on this job, but Gray and Erza are already booked for a mission in Saffron Ridge later today. So specifically, we're asking you to make sure Natsu doesn't unintentionally melt a glacier, cause an avalanche, or endanger the community of Blanche."

"Oh I see, like damage control."

'...control Natsu? All by myself?' thought Lucy, picturing herself screaming as an imaginary, crazed Natsu cackled and caused all sorts of destruction onto a defenseless village.

"Don't worry," consoled Mirajane, sensing the doubt growing in Stellar Spirit mage. "I'm sure you can do it, and he seems quite responsive to you."

"Oh? Are you talking about a dog?" asked Happy, fluttering down to the counter. "Sorry, I'm not really a dog person. They don't listen to me at all."

"Dogs? Of course not, silly," laughed Mira, "Lucy will accompany you and Natsu on your mission to Blanche Peak."

Happy wore a puzzled expression on his face. "A mission! What does that have to do with dogs? And Natsu? Where is Natsu, by the way?"

Mirajane leaned onto the counter, resting her face on her hand. "I'm not sure, it's been pretty quiet around lately."

Lucy sat up straight, lifting her arms up to stretch her back. "Maybe he's at the mark--" she said, just as a tangle of limbs and fists flying exploded into the hall with a loud BANG.

"Enough!" Mira cried, throwing her towel at the fighting duo, "Don't you have jobs to go on? Some of them are quite urgent!"

Lucy sighed again. She seemed to be doing a lot of sighing lately. She absentmindedly tapped her fingers on her glass as she waited until a dragon scaled scarf emerged from the tumble, followed by a Fairy Tail stamped shoulder, then finally a fiery head of red hair.

She got off her seat and opened her mouth to say something to that head of red hair, but it suddenly thrust itself back into the mix. She sighed one more time and turned back to her drink. Mirajane smiled apologetically, gave her an understanding pat on the head, and returned to other patrons of the bar.

"Oi, Natsu!" cried Happy, "Lucy's gonna come with us to the mountain!"

"Really? You're coming, Lucy?" said Natsu turning to grin at her as he pulled the tangle of limbs, which was Gray, into an armbar, knocking over the recently vacant chairs to his left. "It'll be more fun now!"

"Why you little--," Gray yelled, twisting out of Natsu's hold to smack the Salamander with his right shoe.

Natsu glared at Gray incredulously, and jumped back into the fray, shouting, "You hit me with a shoe!"

Happy turned to Lucy. "You know, we should leave soon, right? It would be best to get there before nightfall. I heard it gets so cold over there, and I don't want to get lost."

"You're right, Happy," Lucy said, glancing at her watch. It would take half a day to get to Blanche on the train and it was almost 10 in the morning. They'd have to leave soon to make it in time.

"Ohhhhhh Happy?," Lucy suddenly exclaimed in a loud voice, playfully rolling her eyes.

"Yesssss Lucy?" Happy replied.

"Is that ERZA I see over there?"

"Why yes, Lucy, I do believe I see ERZA and she looks very angry. Oh my, how ERZA'S sword looks mighty pointy today!"

"Maybe you, me, and Natsu should go pack, before ERZA comes?" Lucy said, as she and Happy strolled out the door, giggling. She didn't have to look to know that Gray had hightailed it and Natsu had followed them out.

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