8.22 "We Only Part to Meet Again"

Previously on the Gilmore girls...

RORY: (Shrugs) I feel like I'm neglecting everyone back home…

NATE: (Nods in agreement) I understand…

RORY: You do?

NATE: You and me… we're going to spend all that time in Africa this summer.


RORY: I'm falling fast, Nate... I've been falling... for you...

Nate's expression is subtle, but it's clear the revelation isn't a complete surprise.

RORY: (Earnestly) ...I know I may be ahead in that regard, and don't want to overwhelm you. But the unknown, in this case being you... you're feelings... it scares me a bit.

Nate looks at the woman in front of him for a few moments, prompting Rory to be a bit uncomfortable. His eyes seem to pierce hers, which makes Rory look down at the sheets.

NATE: (Follows her gaze and takes her hand and pulls her closer to him) I think the "unknown" is worth waiting for... don't you?


Scene opens on Rory wearing a pair of shorts and a big black t-shirt with an obscure reference on it. She ties her hair back in a ponytail as she walks barefoot into the kitchen. Nate's a few feet away putting on a t-shirt as he follows his girl.

RORY: (Tying her hair up) Hey, don't forget the paper.

NATE: Let's get some coffee first.

Rory walks a few steps into the kitchen and suddenly freezes as she sees Rose and Tony DiLuca standing behind the kitchen island making some coffee... Rose and Tony themselves look like they have frozen at the sight of Rory walking into their kitchen... in shorts and a t-shirt (which they presume is their son's).

RORY: Umm.


(From 7.22)

RORY: Mom.


RORY: I don't get it.


RORY: How can you be so okay with everything? Ever since I've told you that I'm leaving, you're just all busy with shopping and packing, and you seem fine with it.

LORELAI: Sighs It's too soon.

RORY: What?

LORELAI: If I stop to think about you leaving now, I'm gonna fall apart.

Scene fades.



Scene opens on a baby monitor on the night table. Lorelai can be heard on it with Nicholas. Luke wakes up to the mumbling sounds of mother and son in the next room. As he stretches his arms and turns around, Lorelai (holding Nicholas) enters the bedroom.

LORELAI: (As she securely holds the baby) All changed...

LUKE: (Squints a bit, and pulls himself up and leans against the bedpost) You're up.

LORELAI: (Places Nicholas in the middle of the bed next to Luke) Our son here is an early bird. (Looks at the little guy) Aren't you?

Lorelai gets on the bed and sits up - leaning against the bedpost as well. Nicholas lies on his back - facing his parents. Luke and Lorelai watch him silently for a few moments. As Lorelai holds his tiny hand, an expression of sadness wipes across her face.

LUKE: (Smiles down at his son, then looks to his side at Lorelai and notices her mood) Hey.

LORELAI: (Takes a deep breath, and looks to her side at Luke) Yeah?

LUKE: (Turns a bit with a look of concern) Hey, hey... what's wrong?

LORELAI: (Looks down at the baby again) Our Rory's leaving a week from Sunday.

LUKE: (Realizes the cause for her mood) Ah. But she will be back before you know it.

LORELAI: I know. (After another pause) But I have this fear...

LUKE: (Curiously) Fear?

LORELAI: (Turns her head to face Luke) I have this fear that I'll get comfortable with it, that Rory's going to be back in September. And if she doesn't return, I don't know how to deal with it, Luke. In the past, she has always returned to Stars Hollow. (Explains) College... Logan... (after a pause)... Iowa...

LUKE: (Adds as he looks down at Nicholas) Africa...


LUKE: (Suddenly looks up) You think...?

LORELAI: (Nods subtly) I think it's serious... or could be.

LUKE: (Sighs, and then he stretches his arm and rubs Lorelai's shoulder) Rory will be back before you know it.

LORELAI: I guess. But it's always tough, you know?

LUKE: (Nods, and ponders as he thinks of his own daughter) I know.

Noticing his tone, Lorelai looks at him. Realizing that they have just started the day with a downer, she takes a deep breath and looks down at Nicholas..

LORELAI: (With a slight chuckle, she pats Nicholas' chest) At least we'll have this guy for another 18 years at least. (Luke smiles) Or more.

LUKE: More?

LORELAI: Maybe we can convince him to stay home longer. (Adds) Ooh, maybe he can live with us until he's 40 years old.

LUKE: (Takes a deep breath and smirks) Let's get through the first year, huh? (Gives his wife a kiss on the cheek and pushes himself off the bed) I'm gonna get ready and fix breakfast.

As Luke walks away, Lorelai smiles to herself and looks down at her son.

Scene fades on Lorelai and Nicholas.


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