Decisions Decisions!

Bella POV

I told Alice and Rosalie to get me dressed and then they got me into a beautiful black dress with palm leaves, it was beautiful. Then they got me into these high heel black 'tango' shoes. Meanwhile, Alice got me into the clothes, Rosalie did my hair. She straightened my hair. We took about an hour or an hour and a half. Good thing we started around three.

"Alice can I ask you something?" I questioned her

"Sure, what?" She replied

"How did you get Edward and I to get each other in spin the bottle?"

"That's for me to know and you to never find out." She answered devilishly


"She took a bottle from my room right?" She answered

"Right?" I continued

"Rose don't!" Alice told her

"So anyway… Alice and I put a magnet in it, it was a very tiny magnet. And we were going to use it on you and Jake… but Edward found out… oh and by the way he was furious about it… and took the magnet and used it so he could kiss you." She answered

"Okay… but how did he get me?" I wondered

"He kind of hide a magnet in the hook of your jeans and that one was controlled by a switch that he turned on when it was his turn…" Rose whispered

"Oh… I am going to kill him now!" I shouted.

Then I finally was ready and so, Alice went downstairs first and said…

"Presenting…" "Bella!"

Then that was my cure to go downstairs.

Author Note: I am going to make a very small part from Edward's POV… It's funny don't worry…:D

Edward POV

Bella was walking down the stairs slowly. She looked beautiful. She had a black dress with white palm leaves on the black dress, and black 'tango' shoes. Everyone (by everyone I mean Emmett, Jasper, and I) including me had their mouths open. He smiled and came down the stairs and for some reason everyone ran to the couch and sat down staring at Bella and I.

"Hello… Edward." She answered seductively.

"Hello…" I answered in the same seductive tone.

Then she put her arm around my neck, and whispered in my ear, "Did your parents ever teach you cheater never prosper?" I was confused by the question. Then she pulled her hand high and slapped me again on my cheek. I couldn't help but wimpier, "Ow… come on again it hurts like hell already."

"That's what you get for cheating you way in 'spin the freaking bottle'" She shouted

Oh gosh! Alice and Rose told her… wait I can get myself out of it, for once telling the truth. "Did they also tell you that they gave that magnet to me?" I questioned her.

"No…" she whispered.

"But you still deserve it!" She continued.

And again everyone started laughing… at me. I sighed and went again to the kitchen for my ice bag and went upstairs.

Author Note: Didn't I tell you it was funny? Or what?

Bella POV

Everyone was laughing because I hit Edward twice today, and really I didn't care. I told them by good byes and left. I got in my truck and drove to the address Dr. Cullen gave me. It was four fifty eight when I got there. I rang the door bell and it must have been his wife who opened the door.

"Hello, you must be Bella. My name is Esme Cullen; it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen." I responded polity

"Call me Esme." She told me

"Okay Esme."

"Oh, please do come in."

"Thank you." I answered as I walked in. She showed me to the dining room, and told me sit on the right of the main chair. Then she went into the kitchen and brought in some food. Then Carlisle came into the dining room and greeted me.

"Hello Bella, what a pleasure to see you again." He responded.

"Thank you sir." I grinned. He sat down in the main chair, as Esme came in with a plate of food. It was weird, that was only enough for one person. Then she placed the plate in front of me.

"Here you go dear." She answered

"Thank you." I acknowledge. Then I wait for her to go into the kitchen for the rest of the plates but instead she sat down on Carlisle left.

"If you don't mind me asking where is your food?" I questioned them

"Oh… well" She looked at Carlisle, "I think you better tell her now…" She continued

"Tell me what?" I wondered

"Well… you see Bella." Carlisle started "We aren't kind of… we sort of aren't… we aren't human Bella."

"Huh?" I questioned

"You see we are vampires Bella." Esme answered

"Wait, are you joking? Vampires can't go into the sun."

"That's a Myth."


"Sleeping in Coffins?"





"And your serious about being a vampire?"

"Absolutely." Carlisle answered.

"Wow! And the funny thing is I believe you… hum…. Well what can I say?"

"Yes?" Esme cheeped in.

"Sure why not!"

"But Bella I want you to think about this… once you are a vampire you can't ever go back and we live forever."

"I know what I want Carlisle, I don't have anything to miss. I father is dead now as well as my mother. And well my friends…"

"See everyone has something worth living for."

"But who says that I can't see them anymore?"

"Well, Bella the thing is when you become a vampire you are attached to human blood. A newborn which is a new vampire, has to be very controlled around people. Most newborns leave and come back after at least three years of experience."

"Three years! Experience! Well I may not be the most graceful swan but I am a fast learner." Bella continued

"I have made my decision Carlisle. Change me."