AUTHOR'S NOTE: What had originally been planned to be a one shot has now branched out into a few chapter story. This is my first Twilight fan fiction, so hopefully I've been true to their characterizations. I'm really a huge fan of Bella and Edward, but Jacob really has tugged at my heart since the middle of New Moon, so here's his due. I think this piece could be from New Moon, somewhere in between the published pages, if you look really hard. Please READ and REVIEW so that I can improve on the story.


And then before I knew it, I was kissing Jacob Black.


It had started out like any other Saturday morning.

I woke up around midmorning, showered, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. I even bothered to make Charlie and myself some pancakes from scratch; I couldn't remember the last time I had made him breakfast.

I was pouring the batter into the pan as Charlie came down the steps.

"Pancakes?" he asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

I nodded. He then arched one eyebrow at me as he passed by me to sit at the table, and pulled the newspaper I had retrieved from the front porch towards him. He said nothing more for the moment, but he continued to glance at me too often.

As the batter started to cook, and the pancakes took some definite shape, he audibly sniffed the air. "Are they…cinnamon?"

"Yeah. Is that okay, dad?"

"Well, of course. They're my favorite…" he spoke quickly, that confused look stained on his face.

I nodded once more. I knew that, of course, and had decided to make those specific pancakes to make up a little for my months of catatonic slash zombie behavior.

After I served him his four large cakes, and myself two, I took out the orange juice from the fridge and poured him a large glass. As I sat down at the table, he broke the awkward silence, "So, what's the occasion?"

Hmm…well, I've been on automatic pilot for four and a half months and suddenly I've been startled awake into manual. I was thrown back into the active world unwillingly, only to be seemingly saved by the happiest being I've ever known, my own personal sunshine, with which I don't have the need nor want to be phony around. He brought out my smile; the honest smile that I was one hundred percent sure would never surface again.

But I only waited half a second before I replied, "Occasion? No occasion. I just haven't made breakfast for you in long time. I woke up early, and had the time today." I gave him a small, not entirely honest smile.

He accepted it, not knowing or caring for the difference. "Well, thanks Bells," and he started to dig in a bit more eagerly. "These are delicious."

I shrugged, and then nodded for the hundredth time that morning.

"What are you plans for today?"

Before I had the chance to reply, he answered his own question. "La Push."

I stopped eating and glanced up at him from under my eyelashes, and while he was chewing, he smiled a knowing smile.

I might have blushed. I refused to acknowledge it or his smile, starting to eat again at a faster pace. "He's just very pleasant to be around. He's a very happy kid," I said, my mouth full.

Charlie raised an eyebrow, "He's hardly a kid anymore. He's nearly two heads taller than you now."

I had just realized that without thinking to speak his name, Charlie still knew about whom I was referring to. "Jacob is a very tall kid," I nearly snapped.

He chuckled, raising his palms in surrender, and I gave an aggravated sigh, picking up the dishes from the table quickly to wash them and get out of the house.

Charlie laughed quietly, probably so that I wouldn't hear, and scraped his chair back as he stood. "Well, I'm off to go fishing. Try not to have too much fun."

I didn't look at him as he left, but I could almost feel the smirk he had on his face.

I scowled as the door shut behind him and allowed myself to wash the plates a bit slower so that I could think.

Jacob Black was no longer a kid, and I knew I could barely pretend that he was any longer. True, he was in fact two heads taller than I was, and his voice much deeper than it had been originally when we first met. His face no longer held that rounded quality, and he muscles were more refined and thicker, rather than merely lanky.

Then there was the fact that he seemed to have aged years since he became a werewolf. Forget the growth spurt and puberty; Jacob fully transformed into a man before my eyes. My own sunshine had become cloudy with this change, but on the rare occasions where my Jacob would resurface, his large grin mixed with these new upgrades weren't all that bad combined.

I had probably been scrubbing the same plate sparkling clean for several minutes before I had realized it. I pressed pause on my pensive thinking for now; these dishes needed to get done, and I wanted to see this kid before night time.

How had it taken me almost forty-five minutes to wash only two plates, a pan, a spatula, and utensils?

I grabbed the water-proof jacket by the door that I always brought with me because it was Forks, and locked the front door behind me as I hopped down the porch steps and into my truck. It roared to life happily, and I backed out of the driveway, towards the familiar drive to La Push.

As usual, before I even turned off the ignition in front of the house, Jacob was at my window, smiling. My smile. He opened my door for me, and held out for my hand, helping me out of the car. "Hello Bella. What would you like to do today?"

"Hmm…," I faked a thoughtful look. "How about we ride the motorcycles?" It was the only thing we had been doing for the past week I had come to visit.

"Motorcycles," he nodded, and we jumped right back in my truck and made the way to our motorcycling spot.

While I drove, I looked back to my first day riding, and compared it to how I had been riding since. I would have to admit that I had improved. I pointed this out to Jacob, and he agreed enthusiastically.

"Oh, definitely, Bella! Remember the first day, when you got that big gash on your forehead? Now you know how to go straight, turn, curve, and brake!"

I grinned.

"Now your only problem is that you're slow."

The grin slid off my face. "I'm slow?" I asked dramatically with raised eyebrows.

His turn to smile widely; "Of course. But what did you expect? That we were at the same speed? I just kept pace with you to keep you company; so I wouldn't leave you in the dust."

"Hah," I scoffed. "What makes you think that I wasn't just keeping pace with you?"

He just looked at me incredulously. "You were keeping pace with me?"

I smiled playfully. "Well, if you don't believe me, how about a race?" I had no idea where this new sudden wish to ride a motorcycle I was just beginning to get a handle of at full speed was coming from.

"What? You want to race?" he was smirking now.

"Aren't werewolves supposed to have excellent hearing?" Jacob laughed. "Am I going to prove you wrong, or not?"

"I think not, but let's race to find out."

We parked along the well worn tracks we had made ourselves, and though I would have horrible trouble trying to haul the bikes from the bed of the truck, he grabbed them with one hand each as if they were body-length pillows. He set them down side by side on the ground, and I pulled on my water-proof jacket to protect my shirt from getting dirty.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he eyed me warily, though a crooked smile played on his lips.

I looked away from him then, the smile immediately reminding me of his crooked smile. Perhaps that was why I was suddenly full of the reckless desire to ride a motorcycle at its full potential. Adrenaline plus danger plus stupidity. Adrenaline pumping through my veins as I was about to race Jacob, like I had brilliantly suggested; danger of riding on a motorcycle, without a helmet, at its fastest speed; and my stupidity at shamelessly flirting with Jacob Black, fully aware of his strong feelings for me, and how I encouraged him anyway.

Somehow, even without me consciously realizing it, I wanted to hear his voice loud and clear in my head once more.

"Bella?" I turned to see Jacob no longer smiling and his features chancing into a look of concern instead.

"Come on, slowpoke. I can't wait to see the look on your face when I win." Whether I unconsciously wanted to hear that voice in my head, or I wanted to keep this new and undefined relationship with Jacob, I was not going to back out of a race that I challenged. No matter how stupid it may have been. He could not get away with calling me slow.

My sunshine shown through just then, and Jacob chuckled as he shook his head. "Alright, just don't complain when you're coughing up dirt later."

Luckily, I had enough practice with the bike to be able to finally kick-start it myself; it still took a couple of tries, but at least I didn't fall over.

On my left, Jacob, of course, was able to slam onto the pedal just once before his motorcycle would jump to life underneath him. He joked around and pretended to be impatient while he waited for my five tries to get mine started; as soon as my red bike roared, he rolled his eyes and shouted, "Finally!"

I revved the throttle, and glared at Jacob teasingly. "Ready?" he yelled. I gave a curt nod. He turned his head forward, and so did I. "Set…GO!"

Preparing myself beforehand, I allowed my hand to fully release the clutch and I lurched forward, flying down the dirt road, Jacob right beside me, only inches past me. That was not okay. I changed gears, and sped up so that I was level with him. He slowly turned his head to face me, and I saw his cheeks comically pressed up and back by the force of the wind and acceleration as he smiled.

I could only see him through my peripheral vision, because although I pretended to be fearless enough, I actually was quite afraid to take my eyes off of the road in front of me.

But the ride wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought it might be; it was exhilarating, amazing to be going this fast riding a mechanic machine and not a v…well, not a motorcycle. The wind whipped my hair around behind me, and only a few strands momentarily flew in front of my face as we curved around the turns, this way and that, reaching points in our dirt road in half the time I had come to them on the bike in the past.

However, there was a part in our path that was coming up quickly, and the fear returned desperately; the end of our wide road, a cul-de-sac surrounded by a thick forest of trees. We would both need to make a u-turn, at our ridiculously high speeds, to double back on the road to end where we started, and cross our finish line. Naturally, I could slow down significantly to safely make the turn, but Jacob probably wouldn't; he'd make that turn as if it was nothing and win the race.

So I couldn't slow down.

All too soon, the impenetrable forest was in front of us, and Jacob had somehow reclaimed the lead; no, if I wanted to win this genius race, I could not slow down. Too much.

My fingers curled around the clutch and steadily squeezed it so I could slow down just enough so I wouldn't spin out into the trunks of the trees, and would still make the turn to keep going. I slowed by seconds, and I leaned to the side to make the u-turn, but as I did I realized that if I didn't slow down a lot more, I was going to crash headlong into the trees; regrettably, I squeezed the clutch further, and I heard the crunch of the gravel beneath the wheels as the brakes gripped the tires. I slowed, made the u-turn, and let go of the clutch as fast I could, zipping forward once again.

Quickly, I glanced now to my right to see if Jacob was still right beside me, and was startled to find no one next to me. Thrilled, I cheered silently in my head, and urged my bike to move even faster. I was so excited; for the moment, it seemed I was finally ahead of Jacob. No more than a minute later, though, Jacob was right behind me, edging up further to pass me. Not wanting him to actually beat me when I felt so close to victory, I changed gears again to speed up some more. I found myself leaving Jacob father behind, and a trill of giddiness bubbled up inside of me.

There, fifty feet away, was my parked truck and our starting line twenty feet closer than that. As I reached the line, I pulled tightly on the clutch to screech to a stop, and I glanced around looking for Jacob. He crossed the line seconds after, and I grinned broadly.

"Jake! I did it!" I screamed over the motorcycle, and he too was smiling. He turned off his motorcycle and climbed off, ambling towards me. I also turned off my bike, and the comparing quiet was deafening. "Hah! And you said I was sl—Aauugh!" before I could finished my haughty sentence, I had crumpled to the ground in my attempt to climb off my bike, and then it fell over on top of me.

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