As continued…

Billy Black wheeled in the door. "Jake? Oh…hello Bella."

Immediately I felt my face flood red despite the throbbing pain the back of my head. I sank lower into the couch and huddled closer to Jacob. "…Hi Billy." It was all I could say without giving away how uncomfortable I was at the moment.

"What's up, dad?" Jacob piped up, his usual cheery self, as if we hadn't just been having a heated make-out session. The ease with how he spoke made me jealous.

Billy wheeled in slowly down the hall towards his bedroom. "Harry brought me back so that I could pick something up I forgot. Aren't you two supposed to be headed over to the barbecue?"

Jacob jumped up, pulling me with him. "Yep. Just about to leave, dad." He tucked me against him and pushed me ahead of him out the door.

"Have fun," he yelled from the back of the house.

Jacob led me to my truck, all but carrying me. Harry was waiting in his car and waved. I grimaced and waved half-heartedly back. Even though I knew that Billy and Harry didn't have werewolf qualities like Jacob, I felt so paranoid that they knew exactly what we were doing in the house before they arrived. Jacob opened my door for me and I climbed in quickly, eager to get out of there.

I pulled away from the curb and went almost as fast as my truck could go. Jacob laughed grandly and moved over, putting his arm around my shoulders.

5. Epilogue

"Harder," I groaned, head rolling back. He complied, his hot lips sucking at my neck, his arms around my back, and he pulled me even closer to him. He moved his lips down from my neck, to the base of my throat, then down the middle of my chest. I clenched my legs that were wrapped around his waist, "More…I need more."

He moved his hand to the last piece of clothing that remained on my body. He tugged and pulled me free from the garment in one movement; it was so fast I was surprised my legs didn't get tangled in it. I lifted my head to his lips eagerly, wrapping my arms around his head. One arm wound around my back as the other held our weight off the mattress.

I ran my fingers over his bare back down to his shorts, placing my thumb just inside the top, dragging them down and off his beautiful form. I felt his lips widen into a smile over mine, so I moved from him mouth to his chin and kissed quickly along his jaw line. I made my way to his ears and murmured, "I love you." And I did. I had for a while.

"And you know I love you more, Bells," he replied in his deliciously husky voice. It sent shivers through me. He found my lips and kissed me fiercely as he quickly filled me up. I groaned in relief of this familiar sensation. It had been a while since we last had this and it was sorely missed.

All too soon we started a fast-paced rhythm; usually I wouldn't want things to move so quickly, but we seemed to be more desperate than anything at the moment. Desperate to touch, to move, to lick, to bite

I dragged my nails against his back, urging him, as I knew he liked. "C'mon," I moaned. "Come on," I insisted. His labored breathing was focused on my neck, eliminated as he crushed his lips there, groaning with me. "Yes," I breathed. I allowed a small, higher pitched sound to escape in my enthusiasm and I felt new vigor surge through his muscles as he accommodated to the sound.

I bent my legs and pulled them up, hugging them along his hips as I felt the virtual click when I got to the point of being so close. My breath hitched and I automatically started to pant rapidly, shutting my eyes tightly, my head moving back and forth. A delectable sensation took over my body as I came.

I exhaled slowly as I came down from the high, barely registering the quivering arms clenching even tighter as he felt my center contract around him. Exhausted, he gently collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and breathing hard. I lifted my hand to comb through his shaggy hair, patting it down and out of his face.

"Thank you," I said, kissing his forehead.

"You're…welcome," he replied, puffed. "I love you so much, Bella Swan. We can't allow ourselves to go so long without this ever again."

I laughed wearily. "What ever you say, Jacob Black. I really love you, too. I'm not one to argue with such reasoning."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Aww…short and sweet lemony ending! I really meant this to be much longer, considering this is practically what the entire story was leading up to, with the M rating…but I finally got around to writing this and I really liked out it came out. I can't find it in me to add any more to this particular arc. Can you believe it? I actually finished a chapter by chapter story! CRAZYNESS! Don't worry, I'll be sure to put more Twilight fanfiction up – AND finish my other HP story! I haven't forgotten! It's just a ridiculous writer's block. Let me know what you think by REVIEWING and such! Thank you SO MUCH for reading! It's REALLY appreciated! Love you all! - Tina