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The Fox and The Vampire

by The Orion Pendant-Masta

It was the start of her third year at Youkai Academy, yet Akashiya Moka felt no relief most thought about for their last year. In fact, she was downright depressed. Why, you might ask, could someone gifted with such gorgeous looks, an intelligent mind, and a side of her that could kick so much ass, it wasn't funny, be so glum? Well, it's simple: her long-time friend/love interest Aono Tsukune was not attending this year. She could understand why he had to leave.


"What?! B-B-But how?! What happen-... Yeah, I... Oh, Mom... A-Alright, I'll be ready then... See you then, Dad... Ok, bye.", Tsukune said, hanging up the phone.

"What's the matter, Tsukune-kun?" the succubus, Kurono Kurumu, asked the human. She, along with the others, were worried. Tsukune looked so depressed.

"I-... I don't know how to say this, but I-... I can't come back to Youkai Academy this year...", the boy responded, earning a gasp from all six girls standing in front of him. Kurumu and the young witch, Sendo Yukari, immediately burst into tears. The Ice Maiden, Shirayuki Mizore, turned away, hiding the tears that started to slide down her face, before freezing instantly when they fell from her cheeks. The older witch, Toujyou Ruby, looked like when her master had died, as her eyes started to get watery. The younger vampire, Shuzen Kokoa, just looked to the floor, being the only one in the group to have no romantic interest in the human, only a deeper sense of respect. Why? Hell if she knew, but her unlocked sister inner Moka for anyone did, so she would too. But, the one most impacted by this was Moka. She looked shellshocked, as she collapsed to the ground, starting to sob.

Kurumu, even while crying, threw herself onto Tsukune, latching onto his chest. "It can't be true, this is some cruel joke, right Tsukune? Right?!", she cried, while looking him in the eye. He looked away. "My mother... she was diagnosed with a disease... the doctors say they've never seen it before, but they say...", here, Tsukune started to tear up, "They said she had a year at best, before she... you know... passes away.", he finished. At this, all the girls, minus Kokoa, let out a wail, and got into a group hug, while Kokoa herself just patted Tsukune on his back.

FLASHBACK!! End... Go, read the story now...

So, the next day, Tsukune got on the departing bus, with the creepy bus driver, and left back to the human world. That was a week ago, and classes hadn't fully started, just new people here and there, going to sign up for the semester. So, here she was, riding her bike, unconciously going down the same path she met Tsukune on. She was going to the Newspaper Club, which had its first meeting of the yet-to-start semester today, during which, they're perverted senpai, and class werewolf, Morioka Ginei, would announce who would take over as president of the club. She was just riding up to the spot to park her bike, when she noticed someone walking up the steps, looking at her. He had sunny blonde hair, covered with a red bandana, and the most orange stuff she had ever seen. Right when she looked at him, he looked away. Strange.

Uzumaki Naruto was kinda pissed. Why, you might ask? Well, first, he finished his sage training, which effectively quadrupled his abilities' strength. He finally achieved his goal of convincing Uchiha Sasuke to come back to Konohagakure. Those were NOT the problems. In all perspectives, he should have been the happiest man alive. Yes, he did have to shove a few elemental Rasengans right into the teme's shoulders and back to help convince him, and he did have to take two full-powered Chidori's into the thigh and gut, but he would have happily given his life to get him back. And he didn't have to. Which made him happy. Not only that, he made not just Chunin, but Jonin. No, what pissed him off, was that Tsunade, in her all-knowing wisdom as Hokage, told him to go to this weird-ass school noone had ever heard of, to protect him from Pein and Konan. He had Sasuke, and a crapload of other strong shinobi that could have fought with himself, and they would have sent Pein to the fuckin' moon. But noooooooo! It always had to be her way, because she would always pull that 'I'm-Hokage-and-your-a-konoha-shinobi' rank shit on him. So, here he was, in an unknown school, with noone that he knew of around for hundreds of miles. THAT was what he was pissed off with.

He now wore black, baggy cargo pants, which held a few shinobi tools he snuck with him. He would be damned if Baa-chan would stop him from bringing his scrolls and weapons. He had on a bright orange tank top, with an equally bright orange hoodie. Because of the danger of the unknown, he was not allowed to wear his headband, so he opted for a bandana. They didn't have orange, which pissed him off, so he got a red one, which he tied to cover the front of his head, but let the back of his hair stand out. All in all, he looked pretty civilian-ish, and he blended in pretty well... well, if you don't count the horrendous amount of orange on him, or the orange backpack, or the big, orange suitcase, most likely filled with more orange-ladden accessories.

As he walked up the steps, he noticed an absolutely stunning girl parking her bike. She had long, pink hair (as he thinks, 'Why do I notice the pink-haired ones?), a great figure, and curves in all the right places. She looked right at him, showing him that she had emerald eyes. He started blushing, and looked to his right, embarassed that he had been caught. He then hurried up the steps, flooring it down the deserted hallway. He looked back, and saw the girl walk up to a room, and knocked on the door. A man, probably a year or two older than him, poked his head out. He had what looked like a red headband on. He looked excited, and grabbed her and yanked her in, then slammed the door. '...That was weird. Though, something tells me this whole experience will be weird.'

As he arrived at the school's headmaster's office, he set his bags on a chair. Then, he sat in the adjacent chair, and waited...

And waited...

And waited...

And wai- 'OH COME ON, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY DOIN'!?', Naruto thought. As if his thoughts were heard, the doors were swung open, scaring the shinobi. "HOLY SHIT!!", he screamed, as he fell backwards in his chair. As he poked his head over the seat, he saw a person that looked like a priest. 'He's got the same creepy eyes as Bus Driver-san...', Naruto said, shuddering. "...Um, ... Headmaster-san?", the shinobi asked. The man looked at him. 'Man, that is creepy!!'.

"Ah, I see your here, Uzumaki-san. Please, follow me.", the man said, turning around, walking into his office. Naruto finally got up off the floor. Grabbing his bags, he walked into the office. It was almost completely dark, with a few candles that made the room look even spookier.

"Please, Uzumaki-san, have a seat.", the man said, while taking his place behind his desk. Naruto fidgetted as he sat down.

"First off, are you sure you want to stay at this school? Things can get dangerous, so I just needed to warn you.", the man said. Naruto looked at the man. "Sir, quite honestly, I have no choice in the matter. I'm pretty tough anyways, so... yeah, I'm sure about this.", Naruto said, scratching the back of his head.

"Ok, just sign this, and I'll give you the keys to your dorm room.", the man said, sliding a paper towards the boy, who signed it. The man then gave Naruto a set of keys and room number. "Alright, if you have trouble finding the dorms, just ask another student. They will show you where to go.", the man said, pushing the blonde out the door. The door slammed right behind him. Naruto looked straight, then at the keys and paper in his hand, then back to straight again. He then shrugged and walked out, to where he hoped the exit was.

It was nighttime of the first day, and Naruto had found the dorms with minimal trouble (After searching and asking people where it was, he ended up begging a girl where it was, and she showed him out of pity.). He was now unpacked. He found out that the dorm he stayed at only had 5 other people there, out of 150 rooms. It was isolated from the rest of the dorms he passed by, making it very private. But it was much farther from the school then the rest, so he'd have to make sure not to be late.

The next day, he then found a spot outside and started making a makeshift training ground from stuff he brought and the area around the dorm. 'It looks pretty crappy,' he thought, 'But it will do... for now.'. The place had a few targets, both human sized, and bullseye targets in the trees.

He ran to the dorm to change. When he got to his door, the one next door opened, and the same girl from the day before walked out. She noticed him, gaining a surprised look. "Um, excuse me, but this dorm is a private area. If you need help finding the other dorms, I can show you where they are.", she said.

Naruto looked very confused. "Um, I didn't know that, but the headmaster guy gave me the keys and directions, and it said it was here.", he said, unlocking his door. "I mean, if it's a problem for you, I guess I could ask for a transfer or something...", he said to her. 'Although, it would be hell trying to train in the more populated part without getting found out.'.

"Oh, no no, its fine!", she said, bowing a couple of times. "I just thought you were someone who was spying on this dorm.", she said. Naruto raised an eyebrow. He motioned to his door. "Um, would you like to come inside? I was just going to make lunch...", he said, but she started to shake her head. "Sorry, but I was just going out. Maybe next time, though.", she said, as she locked her door. As she walked away, Naruto thought of something. He ran down the hallway to catch up to her. "Um, miss. What's your name?", he asked, catching her going down the stairs. "Oh, I'm sorry. It's Akashiya Moka. And you are?", she replied. He used his patented foxy-grin. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet yah, Moka-chan!", he said, giving the Nice-Guy pose. She blushed at the nickname. "Well, see you later, Naruto-kun.", she said, as she left. He started walking back to his room. 'Well, I think I made my first friend.'

Over the next few days, Naruto and Moka started to become friends. It started when Moka needed to get food, and Naruto volunteered to help her carry the bags. Then, Naruto tried making lunch after they got home. Keyword: Tried. He burnt the grilled cheese into little black squares, and nearly burned down Moka's apartment. It was then decided by the two, Naruto was never to approach a stove again. Slowly, but surely, Naruto started to pull Moka out of the depression she was feeling since Tsukune left. And then it happened.

Moka was walking home from meeting with Gin-senpai, when she saw a flash of orange. She walked towards it, and saw, 'Naruto-kun's ... Fighting himself?! Wh-What's going on here?!', she thought, brain spinning.

Naruto had started a light workout, that turned into an all-out brawl, when one of his bunshin insulted his mother. Despite the flawed points of 1. He didn't even know his mother, and 2. He just made fun of his own mother, a giant brawl started. At first, it was just fist-fighting, but it evolved into pure chaos, and currently, there were jutsu, explosive tags (made personally by Naruto himself), and Rasengan's of all different elements being thrown around. Naruto had just pulled out an explosive tag, when he heard a voice. "N-Naruto-kun?! What's going on?!", Moka said, as she walked out from behind the trees. Naruto looked flabbergasted, nearly dropping the kunai with the explosive tag. "M-Moka-chan!? What are yo-", he was cut off, as a flaming Rasengan burned into the spot right next to him.

Getting pissed, he started flowing chakra into his tag. "OI! I'M TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION HERE!", he yelled to the dozen-or-so bunshin on the field. But, complications arose. The explosive tag he used, which created by him, had a defect in its sealing. So it did the most basic thing for defective explosives: it prematurely detonated. So, when Naruto looked down, he saw the tag almost burned out. "OH, SHI-", he cried out, as he flung it as fast as he could. It detonated right when it left his hand.

The explosion was enormous. The scattered bunshin on the field 'poofed' out of existence, hit by the blast. Moka was knocked down, but was otherwise unharmed. The real Naruto, on the other hand, got hit point-blank by the discharge. He was flown right over Moka, flying through four trees, before cracking the fifth in half, as it fell next to him. He knew already he broke a couple of ribs, and was pretty sure his arm was busted. There was a wound to his temple, which, while bleeding, was already clotting, due to the Kyuubi.

As Moka got up, she saw the smoke clear, and didn't see her new friend. "Naruto!? Where are you?!", she cried out. She heard coughing from behind her, and she rushed towards it, as she heard him, "I'm right here!", in a raspy voice.

He saw Moka come running up. He felt his ribs already snapping back into place. His arm was probably shattered, but it was fixable. Moka started panicking. "Oh my god! Are you ok!? You flew through four trees, and your bleeding, an-... and...", she said, starting to look strange. Naruto was confused at her change. She seemed like she was blushing, and distracted. "Moka? You're not hurt, are you?", he asked. "N-no, I'm fine. I-I think... but... that smell...", she mumbled, as she started to lean closer to him. Naruto started to crawl backwards, but got about five inches before his arm hurt, and propped himself up against the fallen tree. His ribs were fine now, and his arm was starting to feel workable now, but he was more worried about Moka.

She continued to get closer to him, her face about a foot away from his. Her eyes looked glazed over, and he thought he saw hunger in her eyes. But there was no way... Right? Now she sat on his stomach, stradelling his waist, her face about six inches from his, which started to heat up. She was getting closer and closer. He spoke up, his voice cracking, "M-Moka?! Wha-Wh-What're you doin'?", he barely got out. Her body was now pressed against his, one of her hands were on the ground, the other on his shoulder. Her face was only an inch or two away from his. 'Wh-What the?! Is she gonna kiss me!?', the blonde thought, as he shut his eyes and waited. He waited and felt... something painful. He looked and she was...

Biting his neck...

'... Wuh?', was all he could think of.

Finally, after about a minute, she pulled away from his neck. Two small holes were in the spot where she was at. 'D-D-DID S-SHE JUST SUCK MY BLOOD!?', he thought. She started to get off of him. He saw that she looked back to normal. So he asked what happened. In his own way.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? DID YOU JUST SUCK MY BLOOD!?", he screamed at her. She looked down shyly at the ground. "I'm sorry, it's just, I haven't had any for a week, and it just called to me... I hope your ok.", she said. He looked at her, dumbfounded. "Why do you need blood?", he asked, completely in the dark. "Well, you see, I'm a vampire.", she said.

"... Say what now?", he asked. She nodded. He nodded. Then, everything went black.

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