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#52-Keeping A Secret

"Hey, Dr. Bones?" Brennan looked up from her paperwork to see Parker standing in front of her desk, a very serious look on his face. "I have something to tell you."

"You...do?" Brennan asked cautiously. Though she had definitely become more comfortable interacting with Booth's son, she was still nervous about saying or doing the wrong thing, especially when Booth wasn't there to warn or correct her.

Parker nodded. "It's about my daddy."

"Oh?" Brennan questioned, now even more curious.

"It's supposed to be a secret."

Brennan frowned. "Maybe you shouldn't tell me then. Often when one specifies that something is a secret, they don't want it to be repeated to a third party..."

"I think you should know, though," Parker explained, his voice becoming slightly whiny, "Just don't tell daddy that I told you."

"I don't feel comfortable hiding things from your father..." Brennan replied slowly, completely confused as to what she should do in this situation.

Parker rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. "But, this is important, Bones!"

Brennan bit her lip. "If you feel that strongly about it..."

"Okay," Parker whispered in a conspirational tone, "Last night, me and daddy-"

"You mean, daddy and I," Brennan corrected.

Parker frowned. "No...You weren't there, Bones."

"Of course I wasn't. I was most likely here at the lab. I was simply correcting your grammar."

Parker gave Brennan a 'you're crazy, lady' look that she assumed he had learned from Booth. "Anyway, we were talking and I asked him why you weren't his girlfriend."

"Because we work together, Parker. We've told you this before."

"But that's stupid." Parker stated bluntly. Brennan opened her mouth to respond, but he quickly continued before she could speak. "And then I asked him if he thought you were pretty and he said 'yes'."

Brennan couldn't help a smile. "He did?"

"Uh-huh. And then I asked him if he liked you or like-liked you and-"

"Like-liked?" Brennan repeated in confusion, "I'm unfamiliar with that term."

"Boooooooooones," Parker said in a tone that perfectly matched the one his father used when Brennan didn't understand his pop-culture references or use of colloquial phrases. "You don't know what like-like means?"


Parker sighed. "It means you like someone in a girlfriend/boyfriend way."

"Ohhh. You mean in a se-" Brennan stopped mid-sentence, realizing that Booth would probably not like her using the word 'sexual' when talking to his child. "What did he say?"

"He wouldn't answer me and then he made me go to bed," Parker answered, clearly annoyed by this. "But I think he like-likes you and he was just too scared to say it."

"Parker, I'm sure-"

"Do you like-like my daddy?" Parker interrupted.

Brennan's eyes widened. "Uh...I..." She was saved from babbling an answer by Booth, who chose that moment to walk into her office.

"Parker!" he said with a huge smile, "There you are, buddy."

Parker smiled back at Booth. "Hi, daddy. I was talking to Dr. Bones."

"You were, huh?" Booth asked, obviously amused. "What did you talk about?"

"Soccer." Parker answered quickly.

Brennan nodded. "Yes. Soccer. He explained how he is very skilled at making homeruns."

Booth looked back and forth between his partner and his son suspiciously, but chose not to comment on their strange behavior.

"I'm ready to get ice cream now!" Parker said, grinning adorably at Booth.

Booth chuckled. "Okay, we'll go get your ice cream. Say goodbye to Dr. Bones."

"Bye, Bones!" Parker said sweetly.

Brennan watched in confusion as the two Booths left her office, not completely sure why she suddenly felt so much happier.

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