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Logan stood staring at Max, shock evident on his face. "You mean" he started almost stuttered, "We can touch again? We can be together?" A week ago Max had mysterious left him a message on his answering machine. In it she said 'Don't worry, I'll be careful and I'll be back.' He hadn't heard from her till today.

"Yeah, Joshua and I, we found Father." Max said moving a step closer to Logan.

"So he cured you?" Logan took a step forward as he talked.

"Not exactly" Max said standing in spot. "Father is dead, his biological son though, is not."

"His son cured you?"

"Yes. He spent his life studying his father research and he was overjoyed to test his knowledge." Max said stepping close enough to Logan they were only a foot apart.

"Are you sure?" Logan asked, worried.

"If I wasn't sure, would I do this?" Max said grabbing Logan by the back of the neck and kissing him with the pent up passion of the time they were separated, not only by the virus but by there own hang ups. When they separated they were greeted by each others smile's.

"This is real?" Logan asked.

"It's real." Max reassured him. Logan paused for a second and then with whopping laughter picked her up and swung her around. When Logan finally put her down she looked in his eyes and was greeted by love. He didn't need to say it and neither did she, he saw the same love shining in her eyes.

"I love you Logan Cale, your passion about life, your need to save the world even your workaholic tendencies." Max said crying with happiness.

"I love you too Max Guevara. Your strength, your devotion to your family, your beauty, your heart your soul everything about you." Logan paused and then continued. "Marry Me Max. Today!"

"How Logan? On such short notice?"

"Is that a yes?" Logan asked, hope now present with the love in his eyes.

"Yes it is Logan, I'd love to become Mrs. Logan Cale."

"Let's go then. There's a twenty-four hour wedding chapel in sector three."

"Let's go then." Max said echoing him.