Summary: Things for Mitchie Torres and Shane Gray may not work out very well while they are campers

Summary: Things for Mitchie Torres and Shane Gray may not work out very well while they are campers. Now Alex Gray, Daughter of Shane Gray and Tess Tyler, is a secret agent and is solving the case of the mysterious death of different people. She goes to camp rock with her best friend, Ashley Dickherber. There she met Joe Jonas, the son of Mitchie Torres. There in Camp Rock, She found out more about herself and her origin. Will she realize she fell in love ? Will she solve the case ? Find Out !

Characters :

Name: Alexandria Demetria Mikayla Gray
Father: Shane Gray
Mother: Tess Tyler
Partners: Ashley Stacey Jessica Patience Dickherber and James Peter Pevensie
Features :Long Straight Black Hair, black eyes, tall and slim (Looks a little like Selena Gomez and Ellen Page mix)
Disguise: She wear a blonde wig and blue contacts whenever she is on disguise. She would wear a brown jacket with a baggy jeans. And an ordinary t-shirt. She will be known as Demi.
More about her: She is a bubbly and fun-loving girl. When it come to work she is serious. She is a little playful and funny. She is said to resemble her father. She is smart and quick in solving mysteries. She is good with her computer and intellectual. She have an amazing voice and likes singing. She can play a guitar. She had a crush on Joe later in the story. She learn all kinds of martial arts ever.

Name: Ashley Stacey Jessica Patience Dickherber
Father: Nate Dickherber
Mother: Caitlyn Geller
Partners: Alexandria Demetria Mikayla Gray and James Peter Pevensie
Features: Long curly light brown hair with chocolate brown eyes, Petite
Disguise: She wear a auburn wig and hazel contacts whenever she is on disguise. She would wear a white shirt and a pants. She will be known as Jessica.
More about her: She is a serious but fun girl. She is like her mother, Caitlyn Geller. Her parents don't know she is into the whole spy thing. All spy information she get is from her Uncle Shane or Alex. She dream of being a chorographer and loves dancing. She learn all kind of dance from Ballet to Hip hop to Jazz. Her best friend is Alex and have known her since birth. She is smart and swift.

Name: Joseph Adam Jonas
Father: Nick Jonas
Mother: Mitchie Torres
Features: Joe Jonas D
More about him: He is an arrogant pop star who met Alex while sharing the same room as her. He has another girlfriend named, Tavia who is his manager's daughter. He have a major crush on Alex when he first met her. He learnt to soften up. He like to comfort Alex when she become sad. James, Alex friend is jealous on him as he likes Alex.

Name: James Peter Pevensie
Father: Not mention
Mother: Not mention
Partners: Alexandria Demetria Mikayla Gray and Ashley Stacey Jessica Patience Dickherber
Features: Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes.
More about Him: He helps Alex and Ashley in their spy work behind the scenes while experimenting on the evidence and clues. He attend Camp rock together with Ashley and Alex. He known them since middle school.

Shane Gray: Pop Star
Tess Tyler: Pop Star
Nate Dickherber: Pop Star
Caitlyn Geller: Music Producer
Mitchie Torres: Music director
Nick Jonas: composer
Jason Black: Pop Star
Ella Black: Housewife

Other characters:

Elaine Jette Black & Eleanor Jen Black
Jason and Ella Black's 13 year old twin daughter.

Tavia Melissa Frost
Joe Jonas' girlfriend and daughter of his manager.


A Production by 'a girl who make a difference'

She is the daughter of the famous Shane Gray and Tess Tyler

Showing Alex

She may rock and roll

Showing Alex strumming her electric guitar

But she have a deep secret

Showing her in her disguise with Ashley

She is a spy

Showing her spying with Ashley

But when going on a mission

Showing her on mission

She learnt more about herself

Showing Alex eavesdropping Nate and Shane talking

A mystery of love

Showing Joe and Alex kissing on an ice skating ring


Showing Tess and Shane hugging


Showing Alex , Shane and Tess hug


Showing Alex ice-skating with Joe


Showing Alex singing


Showing Mitchie and Shane meeting


Joe Jonas

Meaghan Jette Martin

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

Nick Jonas

Kevin Jonas

Alyson Stoner

Now in another generation of Camp Rock

The Mystery of love: Camp Rock