Title: Routine

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Warnings: Slash!

A/N: Written for impromptu50. I know it doesn't explicitly state that it's Perry he's with, but if you're wondering, that's who I was thinking of as I wrote this.

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Summary: JD spends a typical night at a local bar.

The bar is crowded. Loud music plays in the background. Shouts erupt near the door as a teen's fake id is discovered and quickly disposed of.

JD feels the pressure of someone's steady gaze from across the room. Standing, he excuses himself from the young blond he arrived with. She catches his hand, then catches his eye as she inquires to his reason for leaving her alone. JD motions to the bathroom near the back. She tells him to hurry.

The door has barely closed behind him when a pair of hands grab his shoulders and shove him roughly against the wall. A mouth is on his, tongue demanding entrance, and JD gives it willingly. They moan together, bodies crushing against one another in the tiny room. JD slides his hands beneath the other's t-shirt, pressing fingers to skin hard enough to bruise.

Hips grind together in a quick, steady rhythm that has become routine.

JD bangs his head back against the wall. The mouth follows, pressing against JD's, lips parting under the pressure. JD bites down. There is blood, but no one notices. It's a battle and neither has the upper hand. They fight each other the whole way, teeth breaking skin, nails leaving red trails in their wake.

A frenzy of movement, a violent thrust, bodies arching into each other and its over.

They pause to catch their breath, hands gentling over tender skin. They smooth each other's clothing and run fingers through disheveled hair. A last kiss is shared to lick away any coppery traces left behind before they separate.

They never linger. They never talk. They never cuddle. There's no time. JD has to return to the blond.

He lets the older man go first. JD stays behind for a moment, catching his reflection in the dirty mirror. He imagines briefly that there is a camera behind the glass. That someone is recording these encounters, cataloguing them with long serial numbers and filing them away. He wonders if he can get a copy.

Running his hands across his face, he opens the door and steps back into the crowd. The blond pouts when he returns. Long line, JD explains.

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