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A moth fluttered around the bright burning flame of a candle as the stars flickered outside the window, reflecting off of black glassy water. One candle, with one flame, floating in the air above some odd silver trinkets. The flame reflected by three colors – twinkling blue, emerald green, and a deep chocolate brown. How a portrait can reflect flame, we may never know. Perhaps it was the magic in the room. Or perhaps, merely a figment of the imagination.

Two colors melted into the others, but they were alone. Completely alone, in an empty, drafty castle, these two people. There should have been hundreds, but there were two people, and one portrait. Luckily for the two people, they were in the company of the most brilliant portrait in Britain.

The portrait of one Albus Dumbledore.

That fact however, is not extremely important at this moment.

The love that the two people held for each other was greater than any seen in their life. A love so wholesome and untainted, that it would last eternities and outlive empires. A love so amazingly clear that it would put a certain locked room in the Department of Mysteries to shame. A love that had not been seen in fact, for many life times. Such love had not been seen for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. A love worthy of the couple it pertained to.

This love, would explain the golden glow that surrounded the couple at that moment in time. A gold that put the sun to shame, and made phoenixes around the world tremble, and worth more than any in Gringotts.

The gold flashed for but a moment, but that moment would last for eternity.

The portrait at this point, had tears crinkling out of bright, piercing blue eyes, and onto wrinkled cheeks. A smile then creased the cheeks, and softly, so as not to interrupt the moment too terribly, chuckled.

"Well, that certainly solves most of our problems, does it not?"

A calloused hand caressed a soft cheek.

"Indeed it does, Sir." The raven haired, green eyed man replied. He sighed. "Indeed it does."

Harry and Ginny Potter had lost everyone. Every family member or friend imagined had been wiped out of existence. Sometimes via a sickly green light, others by veil. The world unfortunately kept turning, forcing those left behind to carry on and pick up the broken pieces of their lives.

But what if, perhaps, just maybe, the broken pieces could be, reformed? That those lost could return? Every scholarly work has pushed the idea aside. The thought that someone would alter an entire timeline, putting time and space into a precarious position, merely to save a life? Merely to save an existence? No one could be so reckless, so foolish, so bold.

Obviously, the said scholars had never met Harry and Ginny Potter.

Harry Potter, almost twenty eight, had seen more death and destruction than probably even Nicolas Flamel in his lifetime. He never knew his parents, and steadily had everyone he loved ripped away from him, slowly and methodically. Everyone, except for Ginny Potter.

Ginny Potter (formerly Weasley), nearly twenty seven, had been beaten in the "death and destruction department "only by her husband, mentioned above. Tricked into opening the Chamber of Secrets at age eleven, and like her husband, had all of her loved ones, slowly and methodically ripped away from her.

They grew weary of missing a red head, or being reminded of a Marauder, or feeling the gaping hole ripped open at the thought of a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or even a Slytherin. And the reckless, foolish, bold people that they were, they decided to do something about it.

Voldemort had been defeated, but only just. The cost was much too high.

Ginny was the only one left of the nine Weasleys that Harry had come to love as family (although Percy had worked to earn that love back). The only one! No more pranks by Fred and George. No more undefeatable chess matches against Ron. No more lectures from Mrs. Weasley about his weight, and no more questions about Muggles from Mr. Weasley.

Ron and Hermione Weasley perished in the collapse of the Death Chamber in the Department of Mysteries, falling through the Veil of Death after an admirable battle.

The Marauders were long gone, with Remus Lupin, the last of the three Marauders demise had occured in very same room of his long time friend, a Mr. Padfoot, and his wife, Nymphadora (though woe to you if you call her that.) Tonks Lupin.

Rubeus Hagrid was trampled by raging hippogriffs and acromantulas in the Last Battle of Hogwarts. How one tramples a half giant is beyond me, but that is neither here nor there.

Minerva McGonagall, was finished, battling Bellatrix Lestrange had been too much for the old cat.

Severus Snape died at the hands of the one he once called master, with less than a handful of people and a portrait aware of his true loyalty.

The Potters could no longer tolerate this! This longing, this missing, this pain of the soul. Though, they at least they had each other. And that fact alone would change reality.

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