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Harry and Ginny took a moment to blink as their eyes adjusted to the obnoxious colour of the youngest Weasley brother's room while they took in the scene before them…and stood silently in shock.

In front of them lay the prone, weeping, eight year old form of one Ronald Weasley, known only to sniffle in the most horrid of occasions, crying profusely for no apparent reason.

Ginny, dear? I believe it's your turn…?

Yes, yes, I've got it. You stay Disillusioned for now, alright?


"Ron? Ronnie? Whatsa matter? Did George and Freddy let a bludger loose…?" Ginny trailed off at the look of utter shock on her elder brother's face.

GIN! Ginny! Hang on! Look at the thread of magic coming from Ron's mouth.

No way. No way in hell is that a DA connector. Just what in the name of Godric's left-

I'm coming out now dear. Something is not quite right.

At this point, Harry Disillusioned himself with a sweeping gesture, further depleting his magical reserves. It was this, or perhaps the disconcerting feeling of Disillusionment, that allowed Ron to glimpse and register his face.

In that moment, Ronald Bilius Weasley connected what little distance was left between himself and his flooring, and slumped completely to the ground in a dead faint, with a single word on his lips.


At this point, Ginny's vision became blurred as the golden strand of the DA connector, invisible to most, started wavering and vibrating madly.

Ginny frowned slightly as she examined the thread.

"Harry. Who fell through the Veil with Ron two years ago?"

"Hermione" he replied, with a large swallow as he too examined the, at this point, near blinding strand of magic emanating from a corner of Ron's now closed mouth.

"No effing way. No way in Merlin's bloody-"

Ginny cut into his spiel of shock, and with the arch of an eyebrow, suggested, "One way to find out. Narro Phoenix Hotel Golf Duo." As she connected herself and her husband to a strand of magic that shouldn't have existed for another decade and a half.

Harry spoke for the both of them with a half whisper-half sob of a friend long dead to him, "'Mione?"

And in response, he got a thump from the other end of the connector, indicating that Hermione Weasley, had joined her future, and apparently present, husband into the land of blissful oblivion.

Moody would be rolling in his currently non-existent grave if he heard this, but there's absolutely no way either of these people are Polyjuiced impostors, is there? All of the Death Eaters have been completely inactive for nearly a decade…

I hate to admit it…and Mad-Eye will have our heads if he hears of this…but I really think we should just revive them. Not with a DA connector, and not in this year and climate. It's almost irrational to even imagine they could be. Though I have to wonder if they're "our" Ron and Hermione…'Mione was looking into the theory of a parallel universe… before… wasn't she?

Hmm. I think she looked into time travel as well though. Don't forget that we're here partially thanks to her brilliantly meticulous note-keeping. She was just ruddy brilliant in general.

You're telling me.

True. Although I still wonder occasionally about her choice in spouse… Ginny gave a slight eye roll at this.

This can be debated at a later point though, I believe, no? We're going to have four royally hacked off adults and two very confused apparent time travelers in a couple minutes. Can you grab 'Mione?

Naturally. Security question?

Won't hurt. You can figure something out, I'm sure. I'll revive this dunderhead, and if he doesn't respond well, I'll Blivy him. Harry responded, using the term the DA coined for the act of Obliviating someone. Obliviation had become an unfortunate but necessary consequence of war. It often reminded Harry of the muggle movie involving men in suits and aliens, though the title was beyond him at the moment.

Sounds like a plan. I'll put a mild sleeping spell on her parents, just in case.

Good call. See you shortly.

I prefer the term 'petite.' She replied with a hint of a smirk.

Yes, dear. Was his dry retort as she Swung to revive her longtime friend and confidante.

Harry stared at his first friend of his age with a sigh, and attempted in vain to repress the swelling hope in his heart.

Just to please Alastor Moody, wherever he was, Harry put his hand, as he had not yet acquired his wand, to his friend's throat, knowing if it was indeed just an innocent child he could just be Obliviated.

As he was about to restore Ron's consciousness, he took a moment to wonder if he and Ginny had not recently time-traveled, if that would have been the immediate conclusion to jump to from their friend and brother's recent outburst. With a shrug of general indifference, he kept his hand where it was and muttered "Ennervate," followed by a Silencing Charm and Body-Bind, for good measure.

Ron awoke immediately, and by the look In his eyes was slightly panicked. He laid eyes on Harry and his confusion was palpable.

"One wrong move and you will be transported directly to Azkaban, and assumed a Death Eater. Is that clear?" Harry said, forced, if menacingly. He just couldn't shake Moody's constant badgering, despite his suppressed hate of the morally questionable Obliviation tactics necessary to survive in a war climate.

Ron's assent to his requests was obvious, and though he doubted his friend's acquiescence, he released him nonetheless, his security question in mind.

"Wormtail is…?" Harry asked, knowing his friend's typical response to his former pet, and gauging this Ron's reaction.

"A traitorous rat bastard who deserved to die that night in third year. Still don't know what possessed you to do that, mate." Ron snarled.

With this confirmation of his friend's identity, he wrapped him in a brotherly hug that looked exceedingly out of place at their current ages.

"Mione did it, didn't she? She got the time travel all figured?"

Ron beamed with just enough pride to look out of place on his youthful face – a somewhat comical sight indeed – providing Harry with his answer.

"Blimey, mate. So…that makes you…what, 26, yeah?" Harry inquired, curious as to just how large this game of catch up was going to have to be played.

"Right. And yourself? Who's left up there? Please tell me you aren't old enough to have gone 'round the twist…I can only deal with so many lemon-drop bearing old blokes…"

My brother dearest still isn't right in the head it seems…of course you're round the twist. Age was never a factor in that matter…

Love you too, darling.

Oh, I know.

Harry sighed.

You and your cheek. Now. Let me get back to your brother before he thinks I've truly gone 'round. More so than normal, if you must insist.

Have fun, dear.

Will do.

"…Harry? What's the muggle phrase? Houston to Harry? Hello?" Ron was clearly confused.

"Sorry mate. Zoned out there for a bit, I suppose." Harry said, shaking himself out of his reverie, and choosing to delay the news of his and Ginny's connection until Hermione could join her husband. It was moments such as this that Harry occasionally questioned the hat's decision to put him in Gryffindor.

"Not a problem mate. Fairly understandable. Needless to say, didn't think I'd be seeing you here anytime soon…and was that, ah, our Ginny then?" the redhead queried, still in the dark.

"The one and only, mate. The one and only. Speaking of which, she should be returning any moment with your one and only…" Harry trailed off as he checked in with his wife, who had already begun to fill their dearest bookworm in, having gone through a similar process as her husband.

Yes, yes, we're coming. Give a witch a break, it's been two years!

No rush, darling. I was just checking in. Although, there is the slight matter of the body-bound people in your living room. Not that it's suspicious or anything. So…the sooner the better?

Oh Merlin…Mum is going to kill us. Not only did we leave her in the dark…she just lost another of her children to the future.

Ginny, dear? I think she'll eventually be quite pleased.

How so…?

Because, darling…it just means she gets to plan another Weasley wedding.

And so it was with a hearty laugh that Ginny Potter Swung Hermione Weasley into the Burrow of her youth.

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