Title: The Bet

Disclaimer: I Don't own Fairy Tail

Theme: #68 Unsettling Revelations

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Rating: T

Natsu and Gray stiffly shifted in their seats across from one another at one of the wooden tables of the guild. Their eyes were narrowed, veins protruding on their foreheads and teeth grinding in annoyance.

On the table between them was a single sheet of paper.

Natsu lifted his nose in the air, bearing his fangs noticeably as he spoke. "So you think you're gonna take that mission, eh?"

Gray turned his head to the side, eyes narrowing even further. "Eeeh? You think you can handle it? Don't make me laugh you little firefly."

Natsu leaned a bit closer to the teen across from him, eyebrows knitting up in agitation. "Eeeeh? What makes you think you can handle it, frost-bite?"



The two were cut off from their bickering when each had the back of their heads smacked by their female partners. Unfortunately for Gray, he almost broke his nose against the impact of the table that came soon after.

Lucy put her hands on her hips, glaring down at Natsu, who didn't even bother to show if she had managed to hurt him in the slightest. Instead, he pointed while laughing maniacally at Gray's discomfort. "Hey!" She finally snapped, smacking the back of his head again.

Natsu turned to glare at the blonde. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?"

Lucy smacked him again. "Knock it off."

The fire mage snorted and reached out to snatch the mission slip on the table, his face falling back into its mobster-esque vision of annoyance when Gray grabbed the paper at the same time.

"So we meet again, eh? Sparky." Gray growled.

Natsu lifted his nose again. "It must be fate, eeh? Birthday-Suit-Boy."



Erza and Lucy rolled their eyes.

"What's so special about this mission anyways?" Erza asked, leaning over so she could read the details. Her face started to twitch more and more uncontrollably the more she read.

Lucy rose an eyebrow, leaning over Natsu's shoulder to read the details as well.

She paled, sweat falling off her face in small rivers.

"B-… Baby-sitting?!"

Happy chose that moment to fly up to Lucy's eye-level. "Look at the pay." He chirped.

She did.

Lucky for Lucy, Natsu was ignoring Gray just enough to catch her when she fainted. Erza blinked, leaning over to check the pay. She suddenly felt weak in the knees at the sight of all the zeros. "…Oh…my…"

Lucy suddenly jumped to her feet, the mission slip in her hands and jewel-signs in her eyes before anyone could even blink. "It's perfect!"

Erza and Gray gave twin expressions of unadulterated annoyance. "Wait just a minute!" They cried together. "Why should you--!"

Lucy held up a finger, grinning cutely at them. "I do believe its fair that I get to chose the first mission, since I was the one who lost her apartment and has to live with them." She said, face falling deadpan when she pointed to Natsu and Happy. "With. Them."

Gray and Erza grit their teeth, but nodded in defeat.

The smile Lucy shot them was just dazzling. "I knew you'd see it my way!"

Natsu crossed his arms over his chest, feeling insulted.

"It was grass, damnit."

Lucy all but skipped down the road, the mission slip in hand and bag stuffed to the brim on her back. Natsu walked next to her, happy napping on the top of his own overly packed bag. It was early morning, and the first day on their long journey to their first mission in the bet.

"I wonder why it's so far away?" Lucy wondered aloud, turning her head towards Natsu.

He shrugged through a yawn. "It can't be that far."

Lucy sweat-dropped. "Natsu…" She began.

The rose-haired fire mage turned to her, his face reflecting his curiosity.

"…It'll take three days just to get there."

Natsu turned his head to the side. "What's your point?" He asked.

The stellar-spirit mage deadpanned. "It'll take three days to get there… by train." It took all of three seconds before the gears turned in Natsu's head, and Lucy's words finally sunk in.

He fainted with foam at the mouth and his face contorted in pure horror.

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