Darkness. Endless, soul consuming darkness. Angel could feel it pull at him even as he went about switching on every last light in his apartment for no other reason than to not be in the dark for once.

It spoke volumes to him. He had finally decided to take Cordelia's advice and to brighten the place up a bit and all the light seemed able to do was dampen his mood that little bit more than usual. Ironic. He sighed and returned to his office, slumping down in his seat.

"What's wrong, oh dark one?" Cordelia asked him from across the room.

He flinched slightly at the sound of her voice. "Cordelia," he replied. "You're still here."

A nod and a sardonic smile. "Yeah, here I am."

"Why?" Angel.

Cordelia shrugged and slumped down into the chair opposite his with a loud sigh. "I have no life," she stated simply. "No offence, but sitting around on a Friday night when I could be out someplace else is, I don't know, something only people with no lives do. I'm pathetic!"

Raising an eyebrow, Angel placed a hand on the desk in front of him. He drummed his fingers thoughtfully for a moment in contemplation of what to say back, stopping the movement abruptly when he was ready.

"Cordy. You're more full of it than anyone I know," he started awkwardly. "Full of life, I mean. And that's good. You brighten things up around here and…" He waved his hands around them pointedly, "…it would be dead without you. What I'm trying to say is…"

"I know," Cordelia interrupted. "You just can't live without me." She smiled. "In a vampire who's already dead kind of way."

Angel shrugged helplessly. "Well, I wouldn't go that far, but yes, you're a great friend and my undead life would not be so uplifting if it weren't for you." The moment the words left his lips, it hit him how true they were. In a matter of moments, she had brightened his mood considerably so and the effort he'd put into turning all of his lights on seemed useless.

He stood and patted her on the back. "Thanks, Cordy," he smiled. He left her standing in the doorway and began the journey back around his apartment to turn all of the lights off once again. He didn't need physical light to brighten his day. He had Cordy.