"You don't have to deal with this by yourself, Bones. There are people you can talk to if you need it. I'm here."

She glanced up from the dirty blood stain on the carpet to meet Booth's concerned gaze. The intensity of the look overwhelmed her and she turned away.

"I'm fine," she told him.

She wasn't fine.

"Bones? Are you sure you're okay?" He dropped the question casually, while they finished off their lunch. His tone indicated that he knew she wasn't fine.

"Yes, I'm sure!" She brushed away the question a little too fiercely and was immediately flood with guild. "Sorry, Booth. But I am okay."

She would not break. She wouldn't!

"Booth," she cautiously said. "I'm ready to talk now."

Turning from the file he'd been perusing, he nodded slowly. Once. Twice. He slid the file shut and laid his full attention on her. The corners of his mouth twitched up into a careful smile. He'd been waiting for her to fall and was more than prepared to catch her. He wanted to catch her.

"I'm all yours."