They both remembered the day they were sorted as if it were yesterday. They remembered the letters that came shortly after owling home to their parents with the news. Albus had been scared witless that he would be placed in Slytherin; Rose was certain she would be a Ravenclaw.

Albus' fears came true and Rose's dreams of being in the cleverest house in Hogwarts were dashed.

But that was seven years ago. Seven years ago a Potter and a Weasley, for the first time in both families' histories, were sorted into the one House neither could stand: Slytherin.

Al could remember the look on James' face when the Sorting Hat called out Slytherin after a minute or two. He was ashamed to admit that he was happy Rose was dealt the same fate; he didn't know if he would have survived without her. He had taken a seat next to Scorpius Malfoy and, much to the surprise of everyone, became fast friends.

Rose, after the Hat shouted out "Slytherin!" quickly, looked to Victoire, who was sitting at the Ravenclaw table, Dom, beside her, and Louise with Fred and Roxie at the Gryffindor table. They were all scowling. And James looked worse than the others combined. She just knew Teddy would have this information before the week was out. She may have been anxious at the thought of being a Slytherin (and slightly surprised that the Hat didn't hesitate in its decision as it had for Scorpius Malfoy, someone she had figured would be a Slytherin through and through), but she was grateful for Al being there with her. She knew as long as she had him that things would be okay. And she soon discovered she felt the same comfort in being around the young Malfoy.

But now, as Rose, Al, and their very good friend Scorpius Malfoy boarded the Hogwarts Express, they couldn't help but think back on the times that brought them here.

They were what legends were made of. All of the other students both looked up to them and shied away from them (not including family members, obviously). They were quidditch stars (Rose and Scorpius chasers and Al, of course, seeker), powerful wizards (and witch), and Rose and Scorpius had been prefects. Now they were Head Boy and Girl, leaving the prefect spot open for Al.

Rose's mother said she didn't believe there was ever a time in Hogwarts' history that Slytherin had both Head Boy and Head Girl as well as the Quidditch and House Cups.

Needless to say, this trio had almost as much fame as The Golden Trio of their parents' day. Only this time the publicity and attention were more positive than negative.

"Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter," Professor (and Deputy Headmaster) Neville Longbottom greeted them as he helped younger students load their baggage. "Headmaster Flitwick asked that I ride the train coming in. With June starting this year, he must've known I was a little nervous. And Hannah had to keep the pub running."

"Of course, Professor," Rose said with a smile as she ushered Lily Potter into a compartment. "It's nice to see you again. Which House do you think June will be in?"

"Hufflepuff," he responded instantly. "Like her mother."

"Reckon she'd make a good Gryffindor, sir," Albus put in. "She's been standing up to the Scamander boys more and more."

"That's because those prats are like their father and not their mother. Always messing about," he scowled. "Well, on you go. Mr. Malfoy, Miss Weasley, please remember to conduct a timely prefect meeting to schedule rounds for the train and for this week. And remind the prefects that a new schedule will be made after your first meeting on Saturday night."

"Yes, sir," Scorpius said as Neville gave them one last nod and turned to head to the staff compartment. There would be a new Potions professor this year and Neville had also, coincidentally, been assigned to show him (or her) the ropes.

The three friends made their way to the Heads compartment. Rose quickly shut the door, warded it, and pulled her sweater over her head.

"Ugh!" Al cried out as he covered his eyes against the pale expanse of his cousin's stomach and bra-clad chest. "Give a bloke some warning when you're going to do that."

"Shove off," she muttered as she pulled on a white camisole and dropped the jeans she was in, not bothering to notice Scorpius was extremely distracted. "You two had better get changed as well. I want the prefects to know we're taking this job seriously." She had directed the last part of her statement at the blonde standing five feet to her left. "And what, exactly, are you looking at?"

"Well, shit, Rose, I don't know," Scorpius drawled. "Maybe I'm looking at you as you strip down to your knickers and parade about as if it's something you do every day."

"Oh, honestly," she huffed as she swiped some of her light brown curls from her eyes. "You've seen me in a bikini … and this covers a lot more than that," she informed him as she pulled on her uniform shirt and buttoned it quickly.

"Yeah," he replied as he shot a quickly look to Albus before watching her bend down (and that bloody shirt to rise up) to retrieve her skirt, "but you were flatter than his dense brother's head at the time. When the hell did you get a chest, Rose?"

"Picked it up in Diagon Alley last week," she rejoined sarcastically as she zipped her skirt and straightened out her shirt. And just like that, fun, flirty Rose Weasley turned into Slytherin Head Girl Rose Weasley. "Now hurry and get changed."

"Close your eyes," Al said indignantly. "I did."

"Yes, you did, Alby," Rose said in a patronizing voice, "but I didn't ask you to be a squeamish prude."

"Oy!" the dark haired boy cried out as he tossed the shirt he pulled from his trunk at her. "Don't call me Alby!"

"Notice how he didn't object to being called a prude," Rose said to Scorpius as he snickered.

"You are in exactly the right house," Albus said with a frown before pulling off his muggle shirt and sliding on his crisp oxford. "What did Aunt Hermione say to you before you got on?" he asked her as she pinned her Head Girl badge to the front of the vest she'd just put on after fixing her tie.

"Not to worry too much about NEWTs until Christmas and that there would be a ball this year for the Yule and that I should stay and have a good time."

"Don't we have to anyway?" Scorpius asked as he dropped his jeans and pulled on his trousers quickly. He didn't need her seeing his boxer shorts. Again.

"Yes," she sighed as she twirled her wand in her hand. "But Mum likes to think she's the one who controls what I do. See, if she suggests I stay then she can't exactly feel lonely when I owl and say I plan on going to the ball."

"Women are mental," Scorpius declared and then dodged the tickling hex Rose shot at him. "Well you are!"

"I'm not mental," Rose huffed as she surveyed the two boys. "You're crooked," she muttered as she moved to Scorpius and started adjusting his tie.

Al tried really hard not to snicker at the blush that crossed his friend's face.

"Ted said Victoire might be pregnant," Scorpius said when Rose backed away from him.

"Yeah, she mentioned it," the brunette said as she unlocked the compartment doors and slid them open in anticipation of the arriving prefects. "She's really nervous about it."

"I would be too," Al said as he sat down and pulled out Quidditch Weekly. "I'm thinking of asking Mum to ask Gwenog Jones to come help us train up a bit this year. Reckon she will?"

"Gwen was never too fond of Aunt Gin but it's worth a try," Rose said as she absently picked up a book. "She always did love showcasing her talents."

"Right," Scorpius laughed as he sat beside Rose and looked over her shoulder. "Whatcha reading?"

"Potions," she muttered.

"Still not going to beat me," Scorpius proclaimed proudly. "My father is a Potions Master. He's taught me everything he knows."

"Doesn't say much for your dear old dad, does it, Malfoy?" Al asked with a laugh. "Could have only taken five minutes or so."

"Shut it, git," the blonde responded with a sneer.

Al was about to snipe back at his mate when there was a knock on the door and Lily, fifth year prefect out of Gryffindor, came in, along with Lorcan Scamander from Ravenclaw. "Can we come in?"

"Of course," Rose smiled at her redheaded cousin. "Where's Hugo?"

"With Lysander," Lorcan answered in an airy voice. "Even though he's in his third year now, he still doesn't like the train much. I think June Longbottom is with them as well."

Rose gave a nod and indicated the two should have a seat.

When the rest of the prefects arrived, the meeting commenced.


"What a bloody waste of time," Scorpius sighed as he flopped back down onto the bench.

All of the prefects, Al included, had left the compartment. Some had rounds, others wanted to visit with friends before they had to get to work, and Al wanted to sniff out some blonde he'd been chasing since last year. Scorpius couldn't be bothered to remember her name.

"It was not," Rose said as she neatly organized the notes form the meeting. "We got everything worked out and we have a good idea of who will be doing rounds with whom. Obviously we don't want the prefects from the same House working together the whole time."

"Obviously," the blonde said as his eyes glanced to the door for a minute before flicking his wand and watching it slowly close and click shut. Another muttered spell and they were warded in. "Hi," he said with a smile.

Rose looked up from her book to take in the closed door and the shimmering of the spell that would allow them to see out but no one to see in. Scorpius had gotten to be very clever with his warding charms. "Hello," she smiled back, closing her book and dropping it on the floor.

"Alone at last, it seems," he said in a low voice as he moved to sit beside her, left hand resting on her thigh. "Whatever shall we do to pass the time?"

"I can think of a few things," Rose responded breathlessly just before Scorpius pressed his lips to hers.

They had been together for several months now – she thought it was sometime near the end of February he had declared them in a monogamous relationship. She couldn't remember, as there had been plenty of "friendly snogging" before his sincere declaration.

They had been sneaking around, though, making sure Al didn't find out. Both were afraid he would feel alienated and left out if he discovered the relationship between his friends. Because that's what he saw them as: his best friends. Rose may have been a cousin but, in his mind, she was his best friend first. She liked that, considering he didn't really get on with the majority of their family members.

"Do you know how hard it was for me to not jump you when you bent over your trunk to pull out your skirt?" he asked her as his lips moved to her neck and he hand pushed up the aforementioned skirt.

"Yes," she answered in a breathless whisper. "I wanted to drive you mad."

"You certainly succeeded," he laughed lowly, his tongue tickling the bit of flesh that joined her shoulder and her neck. "We have our own common room, right?"

"Connected to Slytherin but warded against unwanted visitors," she responded as she fisted her fingers in his blonde locks and dragged his lips back to hers in a fiery kiss.

That was all the conversation for quite a long while.


"So, who do you reckon the new Potions professor is going to be?" Lily asked Hugo, Lorcan, Lysander and June when she entered the compartment. "We haven't been able to get up to that part of the train," she added with an indication to the older Scamander boy and herself. "Not even for a peak."

"No idea," Hugo responded. He, like Lysander, was a third year. "I'm just really excited about getting to take Care for Magical Creatures this year. Uncle Charlie said it was his favorite class and Uncle Charlie is my favorite Weasley uncle so I reckon I'll like it as well. Oh, and because Molly and Lucy hated it," he snickered.

"Lou and Fred weren't too keen on it either," Lily pointed out. "What about you, Ly? Which class are you glad to be picking up?"

She had expected him to respond with Divination, as Lysander was more like Luna than Lorcan was. She was shocked and slightly happy when he responded with "Ancient Runes."

"Me too," Lily smiled. "Aunt Hermione gave me some of her notes from when she took it. I can let you borrow them, if you like, since I kept them."

Hugo, unlike Al when he was with Rose and Scorpius, couldn't (or wouldn't) contain his laughter at the yonger Scamander's blush.

"Shove off," Lysander told the redhead with a scowl. "Sounds great," he continued as his eyes moved to Lily. "I'd like that a lot."

June was more than happy to sit quietly, happy beyond believe that she wouldn't be caught up in all that drama. Because Lorcan was suddenly glaring at his younger brother.


Al was completely defeated when the Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmeade Station. He hadn't been able to find Columba anywhere. Well, anywhere that didn't reek of "girl time". He swore there had to be about twenty sixth year girls in that bloody compartment. He had planned to wait for her to need to use the loo. Girls always needed to use the loo when traveling. It was some kind of genetic disease or something, he had decided one year with James. And it was a scientific fact that every female had to use the loo at least once on every journey.

Apparently, Columba was the exception to that rule.

He forlornly watched as the pretty blonde climbed into a carriage and was whisked off towards Hogwarts. He would have to catch the next one, without Scor and Rose, and hurry in to the feast so he could get a good seat for the Sorting ceremony.

He walked in with a couple of other Slytherins in his year, Casman Nabeer and Lucas Norlington, and took the seats as close to those reserved for the Head Boy and Girl as he could procure. Lucky for him he could sit beside them and still watch the firsties get sorted.

The Great Hall filled quickly and before he knew it, Rose and Scorpius were taking their seats.

"They get smaller every year," Rose said with a sad smile as she took her seat between Scorpius and Albus.

"Maybe you're just finally getting taller," the dark haired boy responded.

He was hit for his trouble.

The first years were escorted in by Professor Longbottom and the Sorting began after a brief explanation of the way the ceremony worked.

When Neville called his daughter's name, all who knew her silently held their breath. They all knew that no one could bank on what House they would be sorted into. Not since that night seven years prior that put a Potter and a Weasley into Slytherin.

The Hat sat on her head for close to three minutes before shouting out "Gryffindor!" Al noticed, with a slight jolt, that Hugo was clapping harder than anyone else at the table. He would have to check into that later.

When the Sorting concluded, Headmaster Flitwick moved to his perch behind the podium and spoke to the crowd. "Welcome back, students! This year promises to be another great one for all of our students. A brief reminder to all students that the Forbidden Forrest is, of course, off limits, and Professor Hagrid requests that any student taking his Advanced Care for Magical Creatures class to please be fully knowledgeable on the subject of jarvys before your first class." Flitwick paused for a moment when he noticed the door in the back of the Hall open. "And now, let me please introduce you to your new Potions Master, Professor Malfoy."

"Well fuck me," Scorpius said with wide eyes as he watched his father walk to the staff table in the front of the Hall.

"This is going to be an interesting year to say the least," Al laughed.

Scorpius' response was to allow his head to slam hard onto the wooden table the Slytherins were seated around.