The Same Language



Part Six

It was Christmas, as both girls spent with their families. The new very outgoing Elizabeth made Lucky realized it was never going to happened and worked out Jason joint custody. Elizabeth then knew how much Sam love her bubble baths and she was drawn one, as Elizabeth massages shoulders. "Jasmine." Sam said and Elizabeth responded, "Bark bark." "You know you could stop that honey, you don't need to do that." Sam said and Elizabeth looked down then said, "We are a bitch that's the only language we should speak." They kissed one more time and it was first of thirty years of kisses. Sam and Elizabeth immediately started coming out as gay and after a few patient complain, Nicholas made sure Elizabeth never got fire. Nicholas was there champion and so was Emily especially when Lucky wanted custody. Nicholas and Emily made sure that didn't happened, Jason had a hand in that….The real Elizabeth was lock in Elizabitch's mind screaming to get out…