Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Rating: Smutlike
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A single heart drawn onto a dirty window, a chemistry test that wasn't prepared for, an excuse to leave.

She played truant from a school she had to fight her way back into. She was used to skipping classes, the whole 'world in peril' deal compelled it sometimes. Yet they weren't fighting off the apocalypse, no monsters were threatening the citizens of Sunnydale – this was optional, this was fun.

She followed the girl to the den, the Californian sun leaving her hot and sticky underneath her layers of black clothes. The night before the girl had shown her a view of the world she'd never seen before and now she couldn't see anything else. Every time she opened her mouth it was to talk about Faith, every time there was silence her thoughts went back to her, every time she closed her eyes she saw her and every time Faith looked back at her she blushed. So she simply followed the other girl to see what she would show her next.

They crossed town, talking excitedly about the hunt, the kill, the thrill of it all. One count to three and then the door was down, sunlight poured into the dark and dank abandoned factory, vampires ran, some on fire, the rest merely terrified as the girls prepared themselves in the door way.

She asked what was to come next as she looked around the empty space, she turned back to the other girl and found Faith's lips on her own. The stake was dropped as she gripped her head to pull her closer, their kiss intensified as she was pushed back against the dirty wall.

Faith continued kissing her as she pulled off her dark coat, she could do nothing but throw back her head as Faith ran kisses down her neck, sliding a thigh between her legs. She found Faith pinning her against the cold damp wall, hands above her head, held effortlessly in one hand as the other was unbuttoning her pants.

She knew she could free herself, she knew that she could push Faith off her but she also knew that she was feeling things she'd never felt before. As she'd laid in bed after slaying, her hand helping her find a release she'd always imagined a situation like this. Only it was always Angel's face she'd pictured, only with him did she think she could feel like this. Such want, such passion, such lust.

Yet it was Faith fucking her up against the wall.

Pressed against the cool, damp brick, legs spread, only Faith's strength keeping her pinned there. Her hands were now in Faith's hair, pushing her head in closer as she felt her tongue play with her clit. Faith moved so that she could use her hand. She stumbled and knocked Faith on her back.

This didn't stop them, only spurred the brunette on more. Faith pulled her back to her by legs, pulling her pants down further and positioning her on her face. Her head was thrown back once more as she felt Faith suddenly thrust two fingers inside her as she continued to ride her tongue.

Her name went round her head like a mantra, until she was saying it subconsciously to the dirty room filled with dust. She shouted to God as she came and Faith moved the girl back so she was sat on her stomach only the strength of her orgasm couldn't hold her and she fell to the floor.

She heard Faith laughing as she felt her button up her pants. She was told that she felt like dancing and pulled to her feet. They walked back through the streets, the midday sun swapped for dusk and then they were dancing. Boys swarming round them, but there was only them. Until she was in his arms once again, her pants still damp from where Faith had made her wet. Though her eyes were on his she felt hers upon her as she kissed him, her pants sill damp from where Faith had made her wet.

She knew he could smell the other girl upon her, clothed in guilt she returned night after night to the girl. Night after night she returned to the girl until she stopped fantasising about the Vampire and he was forgotten entirely, unable to satisfy her any longer.

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