Pairing: Faith/Willow
Rating: It's a PWP without the smut, a 'I'm sorry I once put a knife to your throat' friendship drabble.
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Though they'd only been in the car for an hour Faith felt like it had been forever since she'd moved her legs. As she stared out of the window she cursed Willow for turning down Wesley's off of letting Angel Investigations pay for flights to Sunnydale. So she simply sat there in silence hating every minute of the Dixie Chicks CD that Fred had given Willow.

'So how you been?' Willow asked her, overly cheerily after Faith had thrown the CD out of the window.

'You don't have to fill the silence, Red.' She sighed back in reply. She turned to look at her and found Willow looking despondently back at her. Faith rolled her eyes efore telling her about her incarceration. 'You?' she asked her after they slipped back into silence.

'Evil.' Willow shrugged.

Now she had Faith's attention. 'How evil? Like me evil?'

'Tried to destroy the world evil.'

'That's pretty evil.' Faith nodded. 'Didn't know you had it in you. So, what B do to you?'

'Sent me to England.'

'I go evil and I get sent to jail. You go evil, you get a holiday?' Faith spat at her, making and unmaking fists with her hands before turning out of the window looking for something to punch.

'If it makes you feel better, she was going to kill Anya when she went evil… Again…'

Faith simply lifted up the bottom of her top, Willow took her eyes off the road and looked at the scar Buffy had given Faith.

'I got nothing.' Willow told her one she had returned her attention back to driving.

'Who's Anya anyway?'

'Xander's fiancée he ditched at the alter, so she went back to being a vengeance demon.'

'See this is why you can't trust straight girls.' Faith told Willow before going back to staring out of the window.

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