Imperfections - Lemony NON-oneshot, Sasuke&Hinata

Summary - It was her imperfections that first caught his eye. SasuHina. Oneshot/ Lemon. R&R!

Rated - M

Warnings - Lemon, Language, Slight OOC

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Chapter 1 - Confession

It was her imperfections that first caught his eye.

It wasn't her ample chest or the cute blush that always stained her cheeks; that came second. No, it was her obvious imperfections that made him drawn to her.

Uchiha Sasuke had been called many things. Naruto called him "teme". Most others called him "genius", "mysterious", and "perfect". And he never denied any of these allegations others made about him, because he knew that they were true. As arrogant sounding as it was, it was the truth.

That being said, one would think that in order for a girl to catch Sasuke's eye, she herself would have to be genius, mysterious, and perfect. She would have to be confident, graceful, and a strong fighter. She would have to look delicate, beautiful, and be desired by any man. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Sasuke didn't want a girl like that. He wanted a girl who was imperfect and had flaws.

And he knew just the girl for him.

Hyuuga Hinata, the heiress of the Hyuuga clan. Anyone with eyes could see that she had imperfections. She lacked confidence in herself. She stuttered and became flustered over the most trivial of things. She lacked faith in her ninja abilities, and it showed when she fought. She wasn't lithe and thin like the other female ninjas; she had an ample chest and a curvy waste. Her skin, while being deliciously pale, had scattered scars and blemishes, marring the soft, fleshy surface. But Sasuke wanted more than anything to kiss every abrasion on her body, and tell her she was beautiful. Because she was beautiful.

Everyone knew that Hinata had been in love with Naruto for years. Everyone except Naruto that is. And Sasuke was part of that everyone. He knew that the beautiful heiress had feelings for another, an absolute dobe, might he add, and he didn't approve one bit. Hinata needed a man who would pay attention to her, make her feel loved, and give her confidence. If the ramen-loving boy couldn't even see Hinata's love for him, Sasuke highly doubted Naruto would be able to treat Hinata right.

It almost made Sasuke sick. So bad he wanted to reach out and caress her skin; he wanted to tell her how much he loved her, and how good he could make her feel. He knew that he was going to have to confess eventually. He just didn't know when...

It was dawn. Sasuke stifled a yawn as he sat perched on a high tree branch, his profile hidden behind a thick, leafy branch. His onyx eyes followed the young girl on the training field below him, tracing every outline of her curvy body. As she pivoted, Sasuke marveled how graceful she looked, her body twisting and turning in an elegant motion. Her arms jabbing out, perspiration coating her skin, and her brow furrowed in concentration. Sasuke didn't think he had ever seen anything so beautiful.

After a few more long minutes, Hinata slowed her pace, and then finally fell to the ground, her breaths coming in pants. Deactivating her Byakugan, she wiped the sweat from her upper lip and crawled over so she was resting against the tree Sasuke was still sitting in. He looked down fondly, taking in the precious sight of the exhausted Hyuuga. Then, as silently as he could, he moved further out of sight and to the other edge of the branch, planning to escape before she noticed him with her Byakugan.


Sasuke froze at Hinata's small, uncertain voice. Shit, she had seen him. Well, he knew he couldn't run now that he had been seen; that would be just stupid. He turned and moved slowly to the edge of the branch and into sight, unmasking his presence. She looked frightened and slightly apprehensive at his presence, looking frightened because she didn't know his motives for being there. Neither did he. Well, that wasn't entirely true. He was there to watch her train. But he never thought of his true motives.

"Sasuke-kun, is everything alright?" Hinata asked, her voice barely audible.

Sasuke didn't respond, but merely gazed into the girl's white eyes. After a long, and awkward, moment of silence, Hinata stood up, shifted uncomfortably and said uneasily, "then I guess I will be going then..."

"Wait, Hinata," Sasuke heard himself speak before he could stop himself. He hopped down from the tree branch and neared her fidgeting silhouette.

She looked startled at his close proximity, but nevertheless stood her ground. He could feel fear radiating off of her, and it made him feel rather offended that she was so nervous around him. However, he assumed she was probably nervous around everyone...

Sasuke passionately looked into her eyes, his heart pounding madly in his chest. He didn't know what he wanted to say, because every word or phrase that he might have said left his mind when she looked at him with those wide, innocent eyes. They were so white, so pure, just like her, and Sasuke hated it. He hated the fact that it made him fall for her. He hated the fact that he found her imperfections endearing. But he couldn't help it. Sasuke loved her.

For the third time, Hinata opened her mouth and murmured, "Sasuke..." However, this time she was cut short by Sasuke's mouth meeting hers, swallowing the rest of her words. Skillfully running his tongue over her bottom lip, Hinata gasped at the motion, giving Sasuke an opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth, which he eagerly did.

He had no idea what possessed him to kiss her, but he did. He almost groaned at the softness of her lips, and the taste of her mouth, which he had dreamed about for so long. He didn't know how to describe it, but it was intoxicating, addicting, and he couldn't get enough. He moved his hands to her hips, pulling her in closer and eliminating the distance between their two bodies. Pressed flush against each other, Sasuke couldn't help but let out a small groan, which Hinata quickly mimicked with a small, breathy moan of her own.

Reluctantly breaking their kiss, Sasuke, now breathing heavily, moved his lips down to the heiress's pale and inviting neck.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this," Sasuke breathed into Hinata's neck between kisses and nips, earning an encouraging moan from the pale girl. As he ravished the pale skin of Hinata's neck, Sasuke smirked inwardly at the purple bruises that were quickly forming, and were very visible. For some unknown reason, he felt very possessive over the young girl. He supposed it was an Uchiha thing...

Once again catching the girl's lips in another bruising kiss, he slowly moved her backwards so that her back was pressed against the tree, making her hiss into his mouth at the rough contact of the bark. Sasuke's grip on Hinata's hips tightened, making her whimper. This time it was Hinata who broke the kiss.

"Wait, Sasuke," she panted out. "I - I don't understand what is going on. Why are you k-kissing me like this?"

Sasuke licked his lips, trying to get a good hold on his libido, which was currently overwhelming. "Hinata, I love you," he said simply, deciding that telling the truth would be better than any other alternative.

Her eyes widened in surprise, trying to comprehend his words. Uchiha Sasuke - the Uchiha Sasuke - loved her, the Hyuuga clan failure. Of course, just like any other girl, Hinata felt some sort of attachment to the raven-haired beauty. But, she had always pushed that aside. She knew that both Ino and Sakura had feelings for Sasuke, and she felt like she paled in comparison to them, so she never acted even remotely interested. She hated any sort of competition, and didn't want to lose two of her friends over someone she knew she would never have. But now, the unimaginable was happening. It didn't seem to be real. But here she was, backed up again a hard tree with the raven-haired prodigy leaving countless love bites on her neck. It was real all right.

When she felt Sasuke's hands tugging down her jacket's zipper, Hinata was pulled from her thoughts back to the present. Feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks, she allowed Sasuke to pull the jacket off of her, revealing a black tank top, accompanied by a layer of fishnet. However, her tank top was too revealing for her taste, which is why she wore a jacket, and she swallowed bashfully as she felt Sasuke's eyes roam over her newly revealed body.

"So beautiful," Sasuke murmured into the crook of her neck, playing with the hem of her fishnet top. Nonverbally telling Hinata that the fishnet and black tank had to go, Hinata quickly obliged, stripping herself of her remaining top clothes. Hinata bashfully bit her lip as her curvaceous chest and stomach were completely revealed to Sasuke, making her slightly uncomfortable. She shivered as she cold air met her hot skin, making tiny bumps rise up on her skin, and making her pink nipples become slightly erect.

"Perfect," Sasuke groaned, taking a good look at Hinata's chest before taking off his own shirt. He hissed as Hinata touched his chest, her nails raking lightly down his chest, sending unfamiliar shivers down his spine and straight to his groin. Grabbing her wrists when they reached the hem of his pants, he brought them up to her mouth and kissed each hand lightly before sliding his hold up her arms and cupping her cheeks. Lightly pressing a soft kiss to her slightly swollen lips, Sasuke felt his arousal in his pants twitch.

Simultaneously jumping and groaning, Sasuke's eyes widened in shock when he felt a small hand cup his arousal through his pants. Looking down, he saw Hinata's hand cupping the large, visible bulge and then looked up to find a shy grin on the girl's face, making his cock give another involuntary twitch. Removing her hand from the bulge and sliding it to the top of his pants, Sasuke watched in shock as Hinata hooked one finger in the waistband of his pants and pulled them down in a teasingly manner. Following the pants down to the ground, Hinata looked up at Sasuke's shocked face from her kneeling position on the ground, a very pretty blush on her cheeks.

Now pulling Sasuke's boxers down to join the discarded pants on the ground, Hinata's eyes widened at the sight of Sasuke's large, and very erect, manhood that was staring her in the face. She felt slightly intimidated at its unanticipated size, but nonetheless reached out a shaky hand to grasp the hard shaft. Hearing Sasuke gasp when her fingers slid around his length, Hinata experimentally ran her fingers up and down his manhood, marveling at its hardness, heat, and unexpected texture. Moving in, Hinata slowly licked the head of Sasuke's cock, earning another moan from Sasuke's mouth, making Hinata smile. Positioning her mouth right in front of his length, Hinata took as much as she could of Sasuke's length into her hot, wet mouth, trying not to laugh at the "oh shit" that Sasuke murmured at her unexpected action. Bobbing her head and trying not to trigger her gag-reflex, Hinata began a steady rhythm, loving the uncharacteristically helpless noises that were escaping Sasuke's mouth. Then, suddenly, she felt Sasuke's hands fist themselves in her long hair and pull her head away from his cock. She felt herself blush an even deeper color at his actions; he couldn't blame her for doing something wrong. It was only her first time ever doing something like that.

"Although that felt... amazing," Sasuke panted out, his face almost as red as Hinata's, "it feels rather degrading to you. And besides, if anyone is going to be getting pleasure," Sasuke paused and quickly pulled Hinata to her feet before pulling down both her pants and panties, "it should be you."

Hinata squeezed her thighs together tightly and stepped out of her pants, which were now lying in a crumpled pile around her ankles. Looking into Sasuke's onyx eyes, she felt her whole body heat up when she realized that they were both very naked, and both very aroused. It didn't take a genius like Sasuke to figure out what was going to happen next. And, frankly, Hinata could not be more ecstatic. Her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest, her head was reeling, and her whole body felt like it was on fire.

The next thing she knew, her back was once again against the rough bark and Sasuke was attacking her mouth with another slew of heated kisses, to which she eagerly responded. Breaking the kiss with a gasp, Hinata squeezed her eyes shut when she felt a finger enter her slick heat without warning. Looking into Sasuke's face, she saw him look at her searchingly, as if asking for her permission to continue. Hinata responded with bringing Sasuke in for another kiss, hoping that he would catch the hint. As Sasuke added a second finger, Hinata moaned into their kiss as Sasuke continued pumping his fingers in and out of her tight heat, his furiously working digits becoming wet with her juices.

Hinata felt as though a tight spring in her belly was slowly coiling up, tighter and tighter, begging to be released. Then, just as she felt like she was on the brink of her very first orgasm, Sasuke withdrew his fingers. Hinata opened her eyes and shot Sasuke a confused, and rather irritated, look.

"I want to climax together," Sasuke explained hastily, hooking his arm underneath her knee and lifting it up, giving him better access to her center and moving his manhood so that it was directly in front of her hot, slick entrance. Sasuke felt his cock twitch when he eyed the pink folds that were glistening with her juices. "This might hurt," he warned her softly, very gently prodding her tight entrance with the head of his cock and almost groaning at the amount of self control it was taking to not fuck her brains out.

"I c-can take it," Hinata stuttered, wrapping her arms tightly around his broad shoulders and bracing herself for the impact.

Taking a deep breath, Sasuke, in one forceful thrust, pushed his manhood into Hinata's heat, almost crying out at the tightness of her passage. It was so tight it was almost painful. However, he knew that what he was feeling was nothing compared to Hinata, whose white eyes were now leaking tears.

"Shh, it's going to be fine," Sasuke shushed the girl, leaning in and kissing the salty tears that were cascading down her face. "I promise, it gets better."

Hinata nodded. "I believe you. But, please," she bit out, sounding like she was still in a lot of pain, "move."

Not needing to be told twice, Sasuke pulled out of her and slammed back in, making both cry out loudly. After quickly repeating this action quite a few more times, the two finally found an agreeable rhythm, each thrusting simultaneously, groaning at the delicious friction that resulted. As perspiration coated their bodies, they found it was easier to slide against each, and found it possible to move faster. Hooking his other arm beneath her other knee, Sasuke lifted Hinata up so that the only thing that was preventing her from falling was the rough tree that was digging into her back with every thrust. However, the roughness of the bark just made it all that more enjoyable for the heiress. And, before you ask, Hinata was not a masochist. She just... liked it a bit rougher. And, by the intensity of his actions, so did Sasuke.

Leaning in and catching Hinata's mouth in a bruising kiss, Sasuke felt like he was in absolute bliss. Hot liquid pooled in the pit of his stomach, alerting him that he was quickly approaching his release. As if reading his mind, Hinata broke their kiss and murmured, "so close," alerting Sasuke that she also was quickly reaching her own orgasm.

Screwing up his face in concentration, Sasuke pumped in and out of the girl as hard, fast, and deep as he could. It was then that he saw Hinata throw back her head and let out a strangled moan of Sasuke's name, finally reaching her climax. As her body convulsed, and her hot, slick walls clamped around his cock, Sasuke pumped in one more time before releasing his seed while grunting Hinata's name, feeling his legs threatening to give out in exhaustion. Pulling out of Hinata and falling backwards onto the lush grass of the training field, Sasuke inwardly smiled as he felt a body fall on top of him. His chest quickly rising and falling, he cracked open an eye and felt his breath catch in his throat as he took in Hinata's post-orgasm profile; she was radiant. She was also unconscious.

Gently moving the sleeping girl off of his chest and pulling himself to his feet with shaky arms, Sasuke quickly pulled on his clothes. Then, helping Hinata into her own apparel, he scooped the beauty up in his arms and hopped into the shadow's of the trees, skillfully jumping from branch to branch, making his way to the Uchiha house hold.

He couldn't wait to show his one true love where she would be spending the rest of her life.

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