"Good morning Gotham, this is channel 9 news bringing you the latest updates of today's crime in the city. We remind you to keep your children and wives indoors during this critical time in our city, with Batman apparently off the job, our police have been doing the best they can to keep up with Gotham's criminals, but are they doing good enough?"

The $730 dollar television screen transmitting Gotham's top news station was interrupted by the crashing intrusion of a metal baseball bat, as a hooded vandal smashed open the glass standing between him and the store titled Vick's Televisions. Looting had become common in Gotham. Like most cities it was always a problem, but with their masked hero distracted everyone had become less threatened by the caped crusader.


A woman screamed as she helplessly watched two hoodlums snag her fifteen month old daughter and circle around the mother on motorcycles. The two wore leather jackets, spikes covered almost every surface of the distressed black leather. They had white bandannas around the lower section of their faces, and tinted goggles covering their eyes. The baby screamed and wiggled between one of their arms, reaching for the mother sharing in the tears.


It was at that moment the motorcycle not occupied with the baby got swept up into the air and thrown across the road. Its driver skidded across the road, laying motionlessly. Not dead, but passed out with a killer headache awaiting their awake. The other biker starred over at their fallen comrade, before looking up to find themselves face to face with a gloved fist that belonged to non other then the cities most looked upon hero. The Batman. As the biker flew back, Batman made sure to swoop up the baby in his own arms and land on two feet beside the mother. The other motorcycle continued driving for a moment before falling to the road as well. It's driver laid on the ground along with the other punk.

"T-Thank you..."

"Get out of here. Now."

Batman's only words to the grateful mother as he turned around to finish what he had started with the road warriors. The one who received his punch was already starting to pull himself up. Batman decided to approach that one first. Considering his other victim was already knocked out cold. Batman decided to help the criminal to his feet, by grabbing the collar of his jacket and lifting him off the ground. Before he could continue any other action ,the bat froze. Expecting it to be just a common criminal had been a severe understatement. The white bandanna hiding the criminals mouth was painted with a red smile. This was the first of the Joker's henchmen he'd seen since his last encounter with the Joker himself. Ripping off the bandanna and goggles in one swoop, Batman slammed the biker against the side of a building and held him by the throat until he was coughing up mucus and gasping for air. Right when it looked like the man's life had run out, Batman let go. Watching him gasp for breath on the ground. Without giving him a break Batman instantly kicked the man in the chest and continued to stand with one foot on his ribs.


His voice was stern, threatening, scary. Even for Batman he sounded like no one to mess with. Then something unexpected happened. Rather then a shaky response, the henchmen just laughed. It was a cackling giggle that made Batman's temper boil.

"Hahahaa...Boss said you'd show up eventually, Just keep hurting people...Batsy will show up...He ALWAYS shows up..."

"Tell me where he is or I'll-"

The revving of more motorcycles distracted Batman from finishing his sentence. He turned his head only to be faced with a line of at least 12 more bikers. All with the same mask. Leading them was a Biker dressed similar, but with a long red scarf, gold rimmed goggles, and a nazi-styled biker helmet with a single spike on the top. The man under Batsy's foot started laughing even harder now. To shut him up he received a harsh kick to the ribs, knocking the wind straight out of him. Taking a few steps towards the mob, Batman looked at them all with glaring eyes and a stern face.

"You'll all pay. Every last one of you."