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! Three! Two! One! Zero! ! – a series of Youji/Natsuo drabshots

What are drabshots, you ask? They are stories that are longer than drabbles but too short to be considered a one-shot, a term conned by MANKINFAN! Enjoy reading these Loveless drabshots!



Natsuo frowned as he scanned the room. Soubi's apartment was tiny, so finding that little piece of candy shouldn't be so hard. Kio had came by yesterday and had given them each a chupa, as if they were still little kids and still liked getting sweets as treats. Still…his sweet tooth was acting up again and he wanted it!

"Youji!" Natsuo walked up to the bed the two Zeros shared and put his hands on his twelve-year-old hips. Youji looked up from a gamer magazine, uninterested in his fighter's search. "What?"

"Have you seen the chupa Kio gave me yesterday? I wanna eat it now but I can't find it."

Even through one eye, Natsuo easily spotted the guilt in the other's face. "Uh…" Youji fidgeted, toying with the corner of the page. One of his ears flickered, as they did when he told a lie. "I haven't seen it anywhere."

"Oh, really?" Natsuo narrowed his eyes and his sacrifice fidgeted more, refusing to admit the obvious. Giving him another guilty look, Youji opened his mouth to speak (probably throwing out some unbelievable excuse or whatnot) and was caught off guard as Natsuo leaned down, sticking his tongue in the startled Zero's mouth, swabbing it like a Q-tip.

Yup, the unmistakable taste of cream and strawberries.

Youji stared up at Natsuo, flushing from both the kiss and guilt (but mostly guilt). "Sorry, Natsuo. I didn't know if you wanted it and I already finished mine so…"

"Do you know what this means?"

Youji's tail twitched, but his face changed, betraying interest and a bit of anticipation. "What?"



Note: What am I doing? I already have Shaman King fics to worry about and I bother myself with this? Ah, well, at least I didn't give in to my gut and make a multi-chap fic. That would have been horrific. Anyway, I hope you indulge with me in my Zero boys fetish. Requests welcome, or else you'll have to read the crazy original ideas I come up with! Thank you for reading, and review, please!