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Minimal fluff 09!

! Three! Two! One! Zero! ! – a series of Youji/Natsuo drabshots

What are drabshots, you ask? They are stories that are longer than drabbles but too short to be considered a one-shot, a term conned by CANADINO! Enjoy reading these Loveless drabshots!



"So say they pick on us at school," Youji says, pointing up his finger at the theoretical instance, "what do we do?"

Natsuo holds up a box of tacks. "First we drop tacks in their shoes."


Natsuo holds up a pair of scissors. "Then we attack them in the hallway and cut off their clothes."


"Then when they walk out of the school building to run home to their mommies, we douse them with water." He holds up a bucket. "All inventory is accounted for."

"Great!" Youji nods and high-fives Natsuo. "We're ready for school."


Note: SO GUYS I read the latest Loveless chapter and the Zeros are going to school! Squee! I love school settings. This was in order. I hope you like my sudden re-entrance. I hope it makes up for my abrupt exit again. I'm like a ninja. Thanks for reading!