Ever stumble into your documents folder only to realize that you have a bunch of stories there that you haven't posted yet because you don't know what to do with them? Yeah...this was originally going to be a bunch of KuramaBotan one-shots but I haven't written anything other than this one. Maybe I'll get around to it someday...

I haven't written KuramaBotan in awhile, to my standards (that is a roundabout way of saying I haven't written anything at all in awhile). I have a poll going on in my profile because I don't know what story I want to work on next, so if you have the time, take it? It will help my so so much.

Constructive criticism is very welcome, review if you have the time. Beware; for there is much sap and fluff, I think I drowned writing it. The ending seems a bit forced, though. Erm…does anybody read the author's notes before a story, anyway? I don't know. And as always, enjoy.

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"What are you doing?" Her quizzical voice cut through the silence, but not harshly or rudely. He, in fact, almost welcomed it.

"Taking time to stop and smell the roses, as they say." Indeed, he was sitting under a tree and taking in the fragrance of different flowers from a distance away. It was true, in a sense. He didn't really care to explain it, anyway – he knew she got the gist.

Flying down from her oar and landing neatly on the grass without a sound, she asked him "What does everything else around here smell like?"

He took a moment to ponder this, though the overwhelming answer was right in front of him. "It used to smell like roses, grass, and recent rainfall mixed with the slight scent of humans." They were in a secluded part of the forest, with nothing undisturbed. He could hear a brook bubbling nearby, and some animals running nearby. It smelled like the earth, the rich scent of soil and ferns, with the ancient smell of trees and sunlight, along with the occasional tang of wild berries and the occasional aroma of cherry blossoms from somewhere off. He closed his eyes, pondering and trying to put his rambling thoughts into words.

"Though it does smell strongly of vanilla now."

"Vanilla?" Her tone held that of shock; she clearly wasn't expecting an answer like that. Why would there be the scent of vanilla here, of all places?

"Yes, vanilla." And emerald eyes opened slightly, ruining the picture of ease he had so perfectly constructed.

"Why does it smell of vanilla?" she asked again, becoming a bit impatient with the calm fox.

"Because you do."

Lips twitched into something that could almost resemble a half-smile, and she plopped on the ground beside the redhead. "And why do you take notice of this?"

He sat up, propping himself against a tree and leaning closer to her, whispering into her ear, "Because I always notice things about you."

She blushed, not knowing what to say.

He smiled, and simply kissed her. No words were spoken. She sighed, taking in the smell of roses as the fragrance of vanilla surrounded him.

Everything was perfect.