After his in ring promo with his new sidekick, Lance Cade, Jericho quickly rushed backstage. Once he ran to his locker room, he quickly took off his pinstriped suit that wasn't sparkly enough for his standards. In trade for the suit, he threw on his quickly dirtying smock that he used when he was on a higher power trip. Chris ran to the mirror to make sure he looked the part of the Almighty Messiah of the Sparkle.

It was then that Jericho wondered about his alter ego. If he was truly the Messiah of the Sparkle, then shouldn't his outfit reflect that? As he stared at himself in the mirror, he knew that he didn't look the part and that he couldn't truly call himself the Messiah of the Sparkle. Even the addition of his staff couldn't fill the void.

Chris smiled at his reflection once he realized what he needed to do. A visit to Kate was in order.

Chris charged to Kate's office, his free arm instinctively swinging along, imitating Vince McMahon's power walk. Once he reached Katie's office, he sharply rapped on the door. Without waiting for a response, Chris turned the handle and walked right in.

Kate sighed when she saw who had entered her office uninvited. "Chris, I do not have anything new planned for you, nor do you have an appointment with me."

"Kate the wardrobe stylist, the Messiah of the Sparkle waits for no one, nor does he await any appointments. This is an emergency, Kate the wardrobe stylist. If Chris Jericho is truly to become the Almighty Messiah of the Sparkle, he needs an outfit to reflect that. I have come to you, Kate the wardrobe stylist, to help me in this quest. I need this," Chris explained, motioning to his smock, "to be the sparkliest outfit ever to be created. I want to glitter in the dark. Then and only then will I, Chris Jericho, become the true Messiah of the Sparkle."

Kate's jaw dropped. "You mean to tell me that you want me to turn that dirty pirate ship sail into a purple and blue freak show?"

"The colors are of no importance, I assure you," Jericho said, waving his hand nonchalantly. "Purple and blue work, although green is fine. Yellow would suffice, as well. Oh hell, pink would work. Maybe orange? Or how about the entire rainbow? It is all up to you, Kate the wardrobe stylist."

Kate balled her hands into fists and let out a groan that quickly turned into a shrill shriek. "That's it! I quit!" she yelled, storming out of her office.

"Kate, wait! You were my only hope! The Messiah of the Sparkle will award you greatly!" Chris called after her, chasing her down, his smock flowing behind him.