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Thirty-third chapter: Cage of engagement

"WHAT!?!?!?" Shizunes eyes shot open as she woke up. She had been working all night at the hospital and then at the Hokage tower. She had just wanted to rest her eyes for a moment but obviously had slept soundly. Then a loud voice had erupted from Hokages office. And that voice was all too familiar.

She rubbed her eyes sleepily and walked to the door.

"WHAT KIND OF EXCUSE IS THAT!?!?!?" Narutos voice yelled loudly. "DID YOU CHANGE SAKE TO CRACK!?!?!?"

Shizune decided that now wasn't that best time to go in. But the door was opened knocking her down. "I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD D SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!" His voice echoed through Hokage towers as the yellow light flashed in her eyes. Naruto was gone. Stumbling Shizune walked inside founding her master sitting in a chair depressed looking expression on her face. Narutos words must have hurt a lot.

"Did something happen?" She asked gently closing the door behind herself.

"I told Naruto about his engagement with Hinata…" Tsunade answered with a low voice. "To be honest, that wasn't what I hoped for. But I really didn't expect him to take it so lightly." She glanced to the walls of her office. New round of holes had emerged. They had drops of blood covering them.

"You think that 'lightly'? What did you expect?"

"Using rasengan to destroy my office at least." Tsunade leaned back. "Just yelling and breaking his hand again was really light if you ask me." Then her expression changed back to what it was. "But it still hurt. Seeing the look on his face." She shook her head. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Are you thinking as a Hokage? Or as a mother?" Shizune asked. "Because marriage between their two bloodlines would be beneficial to the village. When two bloodlines are mixed, a possibility of new bloodline is high. New bloodline gives always new strength to the village. More we have strength in better safe we are. If Naruto wants to become a Hokage himself, he must realize this."

"But what about if Im thinking as a… mother?"

"If you only wanted what is best for your son… you are a bitch." Shizune gulped in fear. But for her great surprise she crushed to her table.

"Im a… bitch…" She whispered defeat in her voice. "Naruto hates me!"

"No he doesn't!" Shizune hurried to comfort her. "He's only confused. You're probably most important person he has. He knew that this arrange married would be beneficial. But that's what he is scared of. That you only think him from the point of view of the Hokage. Not like a mother."

"What should I do?" Tsunade whispered. "I really thought Hinata would be a perfect wife for him. She is beautiful, kind, has a good hips to provide a family he has always wanted. She is strong and will become a great kunoichi one day. Has shown great interest in teaching. More I thought about it, more I realized how she was good for him. Especially when she loved him so much and he never had real love."

"I think you should stand up from that chair and chase after him. Then tell him what you told me." Shizune cursed herself for being so nice. Sakura would kill her if she would find out. "Knowing Naruto, he will forgive you."

"You really think so?"

"Im sure of it. Now go!" Shizune smiled.

It didn't take long for Tsunade to decide what to do. She rushed out of the door to correct her mistakes.


"I can't believe her!" Naruto punched a tree with all his strength. Soft wood gave in much more easily than hard wall in Tsunades office. "Aaah!" He screamed as he broke his fingers.

"Idiot." Kibi muttered. "Im starting to get tired of being your personal healer always." Red chakra started swarming around his hand, bones healing and wounds disappearing. "You have to let your body to heal normally or I might not be able to heal you in the future."

"I never asked you to!" Naruto glared at him as he punched another tree. Again awful 'crack' sound and blood spilled.

"Why you keep hurting yourself?" Kibi asked sighing. "It won't change anything?"

"If I don't hit something, I might hit someone." Naruto looked away. "And I don't hit people without a reason."

"I know that." Fox sighed again. "But breaking your fingers every two seconds won't change the matters."

"How she could do that?" Naruto asked. "I thought I only had to deal with Shiro-chan and her family but now… I have to speak to Hiashi and Neji… and Hinata! Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

"This is starting to be comical already." Kibi shook his head. "Is she would come here…"

"NO!!!" Narutos voice echoed through the forest. "She does not exist! It was a dream."

"Hmm… you know that the denial won't exactly get you anywhere."

"But it keeps me calm." He answered. Then he felt a chakra signature. "What you want." He turned around. "Hokage-sama."

"That hurt." Tsunade whispered. "You of all people starting to call me with so much respect. Like we just met."

"Im the one who thought otherwise." Naruto answered.

Then Tsunade did something unexpected. She knelt before Naruto putting his head to the ground.

"Wha-" Naruto was screaming in shock.

"My name is Senju Tsunade." She said. "I apologize for what I did without your acknowledgment." Then there was a pause. "This is something a Hokage would never do…" She added with a whisper. "But now… for a short moment…" She raised her head. "I want you to think me as…" She gulped. "As your mother… if possible." Then she formed a sad smile to her face. Naruto couldn't believe his senses. "Can you forgive a foolish mother… who only wanted what she thought was best for her only son?" She asked tears in hear eyes.

Naruto couldn't help but hug her tightly. "I guess… I have to… kaa-san."

Tsunade was startled but then closed her eyes and returned the hug. "Thank you…" She whispered.

Soon after, she retold her reasons of choosing Hinata for him as a wife and apologizing again what she had done.

"Im not really mad." Naruto assured her with a smile. "I just hate when my life is controlled by other people."

"I know." Tsunade answered. "But I assure you I only had your best interest in the world. I only saw the good points of this engagement and never even stopped to consider your feelings. I just presumed that when your date with Hinata went so well… it wouldn't really be a problem."

Naruto frowned. "What you know of our date?" He asked suspiciously.

Tsunade paled when she realized the pit she had fallen before noticing. "Promise not to be mad?"


Ino walked around Konoha searching for four girls who used to be her rivals. She had decided it was best to inform others of her decision. To starting to form friendships again. Being alone wasn't that great after a while. So she had called all her friends and invited them to Ichirakus. It was only completely neutral soil so it was safe there.

After finding them waiting for her, she surprised everyone of her decision.

"What you mean, you give up?" Sakura demanded angrily. "Is this some kind of trick?"

"No." Ino shook her head. "And to honest, it wasn't that much of my decision. Naruto dumped me."

"And you just accept it just like that?" Tenten asked doubtingly?

She shrugged. "What choice do I have? Yesterday I realized that I will never be able to be the girl who can make him happy." She smiled sadly. "And Im sure that end of your own dates, most of you will realize the same thing."

"I don't think she is lying." Hinata whispered deactivating her Byakugan. "Her pulse remained steady all the time."

"So… why are you telling this to us?" Shiro asked.

"Because being alone isn't that great." She shrugged. "I really miss the time when we gathered around like this and just talked. Im going to rebuild our friendships."

Other looked each other suspiciously but before others could raise their voices, she continued. "But I'm still going to be his friend as well but don't worry. I won't try to put any moods on him or anything. And besides Nagi-chan really needs a big sister. I mean gods help her! If she doesn't have a female role model, no one knows what kind of tomboy she will become."

Others could giggle little relaxed. Saya who was eating lunch in the backroom and Ayame did as well. "Say… do you think I have a real shot with him?" She asked from her.

"I don't honestly know. Naruto is really surprising ninja but to be honest, I don't think he is your type." She shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, you're a great girl and all but Naruto… just can't explain it."

"I thought so." She muttered but then she shrugged like it was no big deal. "No worries. It was just a stupid crush anyway. But it really did something good. I really enjoy working with you guys."

"Helloooo!" Over energised scream filled the backroom.

"Okay… most of the time." Saya muttered as another girl rushed pass them working with her shift. "Anyway, I think I'll be going now."


Saya raised an eyebrow. "What you think? Im going to sleep with Naruto-kun and then forget about that guy and move on with my life."

"Congratulations… I guess." Ayame said while Saya walked out of backroom to quiet backstreet.

Meanwhile back on the counter.

"Think about her! Little Nagi-chan running in orange jumpsuit screaming: 'Im going to be the Hokage! Im going to be the Hokage! Dattebayo!'"


"I'm going to be the Hokage after Naru-nii!" Nagi screamed from top of her lungs.


Other girls shuddered to the image. "Your right. She does need positive female role model." Sakura agreed. "But that doesn't mean only one is enough."

"Agreed." Tenten agreed. "Naruto has personality enough for all of us."

Others laughed to the joke.


Saya didn't know where she should search for Naruto, so she tried to use the intelligence she had gathered.

Everyone said he liked to training, ramen, doing dangerous missions and his little sister. So she was little surprised finding him in a local tavern gulping down sake. With a smile, he welcomed her to sit next to himself. Turning her 'party mode' on, she accepted his invitation with a smile.


"So… he forgave you the engagement, but then he found out that you were following him and got mad again?" Shizune asked.

"Something like that." Tsunade nodded before gulping down some more sake herself. "He did ask you to pick Nagi-chan today. He said he has something important to do today."


"Getting laid." Tsunade snorted. "I wish it was that simple for me as well."

'Only thing you have to do is ask.' Shizune thought with herself. "I can do that."


"I mean I can pick her up! Not having sex with you! Or him! Or anyone! I mean I have sex! Healthy straight sex many times!" Shizune tried explaining. "Look at the time! Gotta fly!" She rushed out of the office.

"That girl really needs some hard fucking herself." Tsunade thought before turning her 'Hokage mode' off.


"You did not!" Saya laughed while Naruto retold some of his stories.

"We did! I swear!" Naruto answered. "We had to run through the inn nothing but our hand towels wrapped around our bodies."

"What happened next?"

"On the middle of the hallway, my towel was snapped away and I was standing naked in front of a room. That door just had to open up just then when I was standing there. This old lady stood there looking at me like it wasn't any surprise that I was standing there."

"What happened?"

"She looked up and down before saying: 'I didn't know this inn had the full-service.'"

"Oh my god!" Saya laughed. "You must be the most unlucky guy in the world."

Naruto was silent for a moment. "That I believe I am."

Saya realized she had hit some soft spot. She leaned closer to him, giving him a perfect view down her cleavage. "I know this place close by…" She whispered. "If you'd like to have some fun."

Naruto didn't let her wait his answer. "Casual?"

"One time deal." Saya confirmed.

"Lead the way." Naruto smirked.


"- and then you just calculate the arc of your shurkien." Suzume-sensei turned around. "Any questions?"

Nagi copied the formula while some other students asked questions. She couldn't believe how easy this was for her. Naru-nii had made her think it would be so hard. Of course there were some things she couldn't understand but mostly this was all kids stuff for her.

She started thinking her old life in Grass City after she realized she hadn't thought it for a long time. She thought her friend/rival, she thought that asshole Aniki. She remembered the ramen baa-san. Everyone. She realized that she missed them. But then her eyes caught up with a new problem in her paper. But she loved this life more where she was happy. There was no one to beat her (expect her classmate Hitomi-san who was a total bitch but she could put that bitch easily on her place), she had a family and best of all she got to be a ninja. Just like her parents. Perhaps not just like her parents but enough.

It was so cool to be in the same academy as her Naru-nii. It was weird first. Many of the teachers looked at her amused and asked: 'So you're the Uzumaki's sister? I wonder if apple fall that far from the tree?' It was weird to know that she was compared to someone. It made her feel warm inside.

She snapped from her thoughts by snap command from her teacher. "Uzumaki-san!"

"Yes?" She raised her head.

"Why is that fox here again?" Suzumi-sensei demanded with an angry look.


Then she realized Kibi was again sitting on her head. "Kibi-chan? What are you doing here?"

"Uzumaki-san," Her teacher interrupted. "I demand you to remove that fox immediately, from my class room."

"B-but it followed me on its own accord." Nagi said with a low voice.

"I'll take care of it." Interrupted a new voice. Pale eyed woman was standing there. "Hello, Im Hyuuga Hinata. Im your new assistant." She bowed. "Please take care of me, Suzumi-senpai."

"Aah, hello. Yes. Hokage-sama told about you." Suzumi nodded quickly. "Let's introduce you to the class then, shall we?" She continued forgetting about the fox. "This is Hyuuga Hinata-sensei. She will be helping me with teaching you guys since the unfortunate accident of Kenya-sensei. Class, say hello to your new teacher."

"Hello Hinata-sensei." Everyone said in unison.

"Hello everyone." She bowed to them. "Kibi-san, I think you should now return to Naruto-kun. He must be lonely by now."

To Suzumis amazement, fox seemed to comply. It gave a quick lick to Nagi before jumping across the room before disappearing from the sight. Then the bell rang for recess. Kids run outside leaving two new colleagues together. "I was surprised that the fox seemed to understand."

"I happen to know both Nagi-chan and Naruto-kun closely so it's only natural that I know Kibi-san." Hinata answered.

"You do?"

"We're… neighbours." Hinata answered with a bit of bitterness in her voice.

"I see…" Older teacher understood. "But you must understand that you can't favour Uzumaki-san just because you have close relationship with her."

"Of course." Hinata smiled.

"Good, then we can start with your duties as a new teacher."


Naruto was feeling great for the first time in weeks. Even though he never wanted to admit it, casual sex with no commitment was best of the kind he knew. Of course he had only known one girl who was even been close of a girlfriend. But he never had sex with her. So he wouldn't know how it feels to have sex with a girlfriend.

Girlfriend… huh.

The concept was so strange for him. When he looked back at his life, he never thought he would be this kind of man. Running around having casual sex with many girls. He always thought himself being the… relationship… type. Of course back then he always wanted to have Sakura-chan as his girlfriend. But now… thought of being tied down to a woman other than his sister was just… well, bizarre.

"That was definitely best I ever had." Saya panted at his side. "I mean, wow! If I had thought you were this good I would have raped you when we first met."

Naruto raised his eyebrow. "Im glad you liked it but isn't that too much."

"Not at all!" Saya said suddenly. "I feel like newborn baby all of a sudden." She shifted by his side. "There's no possibility that…"

"No. Not really. We agreed this would be casual." Naruto answered. "Sorry. But I just don't feel like having a relationship right now."

"Are you sure?" Saya sighed. "I guess it can't be helped. I got to get back to work but first Im going to take a quick shower." She stood up from the bed. "You wanna join me?" She asked while shaking her ass seductively.

"You know what? I think I do." Naruto smirked and jumped of the bed as well and grabbed her ass. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For the sex of course." He muttered while kissing her neck. They hadn't even reached the bathroom when they had already begun.


"Aargh! This is impossible!" Tsunade screamed. "This is not possible. Where the hell is all my recourses when I need them?"

"If this continues… everything will be ruined." Shizune muttered devastated.

"Should I call my ANBU?"

"At this situation I might be little too much…"

"But that brat is cleaning me from everything!" Tsunade screamed as Nagi rolled the dice again.

"Even!" She screamed existed and pressed the cup to the table. She rose the cup revealing. "Snake eyes! You loose again, Kaa-san!" She exclaimed happily. Shizune had picked her up when the school had ended. "Give me that hat!" She exclaimed loudly pointing towards certain pointy hat with kanji of 'Fire' on it. Tsunade cursed herself for betting the heirloom of her own grandfather which was held by every Hokage in the history. Even she had… for two minutes.

Angrily she took it and gave it to her. She immediately put it on. "So what's this hat for?"

"That's my special hat." Tsunade explained. "That's the hat my grandfather himself made with his special skills. Every leader of this village has worn it. My grandfather's brother has worn it. My teacher has worn it… Narutos father, Minato Namikaze-" She pointed a picture on her wall. "wore it."

Nagi looked in awe.

"That hat is worn by the strongest ninja in this village. And some day… I will give it to my successor." She had almost said to Naruto but it wasn't yet carved in stone. After all, strong as Naruto might be, he was yet a fifteen year old boy. Naïve, wild, immature, a brat (even if he had matured a lot during his training trip) and simply not ready yet for the duties and responsibilities that hat brought with itself. Maybe in five or six years if she could hold the post that long. Otherwise she would have to find another successor even though she wanted give that spot to Naruto. "Come here for a second." She smirked as she remembered one of the things her predecessor had left for her. She led Nagi to a small storage and pulled out some boxes while she was wearing that hat. After a while of searching she found what she was looking for. It was a picture. "Here." She handed it to Nagi who looked at it.

"Who're these?" She asked pointing two figures in the picture. One of was an old man, smoking a pipe and dressed in white robes. He was smiling happily while sitting with a boy whose face was mostly hidden by the same hat what Nagi was wearing. She did recognise the boy enough to know that he was smirking.

"The old man, is my sensei. Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and my predecessor." She smiled. "And that boy is Naruto."

"What?" Nagi screamed shocked. "Naru-nii was wearing this hat too!?"

"Here. Turn the picture around." She ordered her.

She did as she was ordered to. "Naruto-kun… six years old. Fourth time winning my hat from me. Exclaiming being the greatest Hokage… ever." She looked up. "Naru-nii wants to be the Hokage?"

"Yes." And Tsunade told the story of how she had been persuaded becoming the Godaime while walking back to her office. "If it hadn't been your brother's stubbornness, I wouldn't have ever become here."

"Naru-nii… is really amazing… isn't he?"

"Yes he is." Said a voice from the door. Naruto was standing there smirking proudly. "Did you have fun with Baa-chan?"

"Yes!" Nagi said happily. "Look what I wear!" She showed off her new hat proudly.

"You lost your hat?" He asked amused.

"I didn't loose it." Tsunade huffed. "She won it."

"There's a difference?"

"To me, yes."

"Anyway, do you have any quick missions for me? I just realized I'm not really doing that well on the financials side."

"You mean, you're broke?" Tsunade asked.

"… yes."

"But you have the Namikaze heritance! Don't tell me you spend it all? And don't tell me it's some magic ramen maker!"

"Are we getting a magic ramen maker?" Nagi asked exited.

"No! I just don't feel like spending my heritance if I can avoid it." Naruto shrugged. "I have my reasons."

"Im sure you do…" Tsunade muttered. "But if I hear of some expensive package being delivered to your front door, I will make you regret buying it."

Naruto was getting uncomfortable. "Do you have a mission or not?"

"Well wait a minute if you may! Shizune?"

Black haired kunoichi went through available missions. "Team?"

"Can do with or without."


"C will do."

"C?" Both Tsunade and Shizune looked surprised.

"I have to be home for make the dinner." Naruto answered explaining it.

"You don't need to worry about me!" Nagi exclaimed.

"I know but that's still what I do."

Shizune shuffled through missions. "Well, here is one. C rank. Details are inside."

"Glad to be assistance." Naruto smiled and walked away. "Hey, Shizune, can you take Nagi home after this." He disappeared after patting Nagi's head quickly. "Be good!"


It had been so quick mission that Naruto wasn't even sure what he had done. He had gone to a client. Stood there for few minutes and then he had been given the money. Talk about doing it easy.

Anyway, on his way to home, he saw Sakura waiting for him at his home gate.

"Your turn, huh?" Naruto asked.

"I think I deserve a chance to prove myself to you."

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Tomorrow?"

"You have something in mind?"

"I have one over Kaa-san. Just meet me at Hokage tower and I will deal with the rest."

Sakura smiled excitedly and hugged her quickly. "Don't even think I'm going down that easily as Ino. I will fight for until I can't even stand."

"Wouldn't take it any other way." Naruto smiled and stepped inside. "Wanna come in?"

"And possibly ruin the surprise? I think I pass."

"Okay, see you tomorrow." They separated there.

"What have you thought for this time?" He looked up to see Kibi sitting there, its tail waving from side to side.

"It's a secret."

"Absolutely nothing?"

Naruto smiled widely. "Gotta go make dinner." He walked inside when the fox jumped on his shoulder.