Summary: Michael worries about what Gob does when he's not around. If only he could belive it when Gob tells him he's changed. Michael/Gob.

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Michael really does want to believe Gob, but he knows his brother, and he knows Gob is a cheater. At least he used to be. Gob used to hump anything that moved, always screwed up a relationship and never cared, never loved anyone before, but he loves Michael. Gob wishes he could prove it to Michael, but how? All he can do for now is try to convince Michael that he's a changed man, all because of Michael and the love he gave him.

When Michael is at work and Gob is God knows where, he wonders where Gob is and what he's doing. Is he thinking of him? Michael knows it seems pathetic and needy, like the very brother he's fallen in love with, but it's true, he's afraid no matter how many times Gob's told him he has nothing to fear. Michael doesn't know that Gob spends most of his day at the model home, waiting for Michael to return. Michael doesn't know Gob thinks about him all the time. Michael doesn't know that the only proof Gob needs that the two of them are meant to be is that they don't care they're brothers or that it's wrong. There's so much Gob wants to tell Michael, but feels that it's useless against Michael's paranoia of his infidelity.

Once Michael thought that Gob really was cheating on him. Michael saw Gob out with some woman. Filled with hurt and anger, Michael went to confront Gob about it, only to see that it was Nelly, the last person that Michael would ever have to worry about. Gob might have used to cry to Nelly about everything, but aparently Gob could never bring himself to sleep with her because she and Michael shared a strong resemblance. Michael felt foolish as Gob hugged him and said to him, "Michael, when are you going to learn to trust me?"

Michael is the only one for Gob, he's known it for years. He knows that he's done horrible things in the past, that he's hurt his little brother, but that was before Michael surrendered to the lust and love that he'd been trying to resist. Gob considers himself lucky to even know someone as amazing as Michael. He doesn't want to lose him or for Michael to think any less of him. He'd die before he hurt Michael ever again.

Gob would never harm Michael. There's not a thing on this earth that would ever tear him away from the other man. At night when everyone else is asleep, oblivious to even one spark of their passion, Gob knows the truth. He can see the fragile soul beneath his brother's calm exterior, delicate glass cracked and broken from pains past and present. To do any more damage would be criminal. Michael doesn't know that he has nothing to worry about. Gob would always be the one to hold Michael at night and would be the one that Michael woke up next to. It's as simple as that.

Or at least it would be if Michael could learn to trust Gob.