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Chapter One:

"Sasuke-kun!" a giggling voice called out to him. Irritated he ignored the girlish squeal and continued looking at the ground as he waited for his sensei to arrive.

"Sasuke-kun," his teammate called again and holding in a sigh he raised his head to meet her eyes.

"Hi Sasuke-kun," she said cheerily, blushing a little.

Sasuke grunted in response. Why wouldn't she leave him alone?

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me later today?" she asked. Her gaze had dropped to where her foot was tracing designs in the dirt. "You know, so we could work on our teamwork?" she raised her eyes and met his piercing gaze once more. Sasuke was actually amazed to see hope sparkling in her green eyes. You'd have thought she would have given up after all the times he had rejected her.

"No," he said turning and walking a few feet away from her to avoid any further questioning.

"Oh – okay then," she said sadly.

"Sakura-chan!" an equally obnoxious, although much louder, voice chimed in. It was Naruto; the blonde idiot was running up to his teammates, panting a little. He had obviously been in hearing range before – either that or he recognized the looks on his teammates' faces. It wouldn't be that surprising, this scene felt like it was repeated far too often for Sasuke's taste.

"Sakura-chan I'll go out with you after training!" Naruto offered. It was almost amusing for Sasuke to see that Naruto's eyes were like a mirror for Sakura's own just moments earlier. And of course, watching his pink-haired teammate pound on Naruto was also a constant source of amusement.

It was then that Sasuke's attention was called to a whirl of blonde on the top of the hill. It was that other annoying girl, and her teammates. None of them were any good, he thought with disdain. At least Naruto could occasionally surprise him with something interesting.

The blonde – Yamanaka Ino, he remembered – turned to say something to her teammates before she came bounding down the hill.

He could never decide if she was better or worse than Sakura. On the one hand, Sakura never invaded his personal space as much as this girl. On the other hand, at least Ino never actually expected Sasuke to respond – or even acknowledge her presence really. She didn't come across as quite as pathetic as Sakura somehow…

His thoughts were cut off when he felt Ino jump onto his back and glomp him with a tight hug.

"Hi Sasuke-kun," she chirped in his ear.

The stoic boy repressed the urge to grin at her antics. She was gutsy, he had to give her that. Not only did she risk him physically (and painfully) removing her every time she did that – although maybe she didn't see it as being much of a risk anymore, as she did this fairly frequently and he had yet to throw her off – but she also faced Sakura's wrath…which come to think of it wasn't all that terrifying. So maybe she wasn't gutsy, but she sure as hell wasn't as timid as Sakura, and that was refreshing.

"Get off my Sasuke-kun you stupid pig!" Sakura yelled at Ino.

Ino, thankfully, did not yell back. He'd often hear her yelling at her teammates from several streets away, and it wasn't particularly pleasant. He imagined it could only be worse with her mouth right next to his ear. Instead she contented herself with sticking her tongue out at Sakura and pulling down her lower eyelid in a completely childish gesture. It would have looked asinine on anyone else, but on Ino it looked almost…cute?

She wrapped her arms tightly around him once more -

And then disappeared leaving Sasuke all alone in a dark mist.

Uchiha Sasuke awoke with a start and a groan. He groggily tried to remember where he was and as his head turned to take in his surroundings the sight that met his eyes served as a harsh reminder.

There, lying just a few meters away, was his brother – Itachi Uchiha.

Sasuke slowly made his way to his feet. He was incredibly tired and disoriented – probably due to chakra exhaustion. Looking down at the body of his brother – now broken and mangled and almost unrecognizable due to their fight – Sasuke felt an intense wave of sorrow pass through him. What was he supposed to do now?

Staring down at the only family member he'd had left, Sasuke came to the realization that he was absolutely alone in this world. He'd pushed everyone away who had tried to help him and he had killed his last remaining family member. He'd become the same as the person he'd loathed the most.

Deep down, wasn't all he'd ever really wanted was recognition? He'd looked up to and respected his brother, and tried so very hard for his father's approval. All he'd wanted was someone who would love him unconditionally and who would never betray him… and he'd pushed them all away – and for what? Nothing. His life was meaningless and empty now, and so was he.

…Then he remembered her. Hadn't he just dreamed about her? Maybe his subconscious brain was telling him the answer before he had even recognized the issue.

She was the one girl who had always made his heart beat a little faster as a child, who he had repeatedly shoved away and who had continued to come back and wrap her arms around him, holding him together when he thought he would fly apart. She had loved him; he could see it in her eyes.

His mind made up he quickly severed his older brother's head, not even flinching as the metal blade of his katana cut through the flesh, muscle, and bone of what remained of his last family member. Stuffing the head in a sack sealed to preserve its contents – a sack that was by no means empty before the new addition – Sasuke burned the body of Itachi, staying to make sure that all that remained were ashes and dust, before turning and heading back to Konoha. The place he had once called home. The village he had abandoned. Her.

The sole remaining Uchiha knows it is likely that she hates him now, but he has to see, he has to fight for any chance he has left at happiness and a life. His drifting mind is haunted by images of blue eyes – the woman he loves (is she even still alive?) and the best friend he betrayed… all mixed up and super-imposed in his crazed consciousness.

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