What if Bella had jumped from the cliff in New Moon, but Alice never saw it in her vision? What if Edward never did come back for Bella? What if that day Alice came to see if Bella was still alive never happened? How would Bella and Jacob's relationship progress, etc?

He threw his other arm around me, crushing me against his chest, binding me to him. Again, this felt nice. Almost like being a whole person again.

I thought he would be thinking of Harry, but then he spoke, and his tone was apologetic. "Sorry. I know you don't feel exactly the same way I do, Bells. I swear I don't mind. I'm just so glad you're okay that I could sing - and that's something no one wants to hear." He laughed his throaty laugh in my ear.

My breathing kicked up a notch, sanding the walls of my throat.

Wouldn't Edward, indifferent as he might be, want me to be as happy as possible under the circumstances? Wouldn't enough friendly emotion linger for him to want that much for me? I thought he would. He wouldn't begrudge me this: giving just a small bit of the love he didn't want to my friend Jacob. After all, it wasn't the same love at all.

Jake pressed his warm cheek against the top of my hair.

If I turned my face to the side - if I pressed my lips against his bare shoulder . . . I knew without any doubt exactly what would follow. It would be very easy. There would be no need for explainations tonight.

But could I do it? Could I betray my absent heart to save my pathetic life?

Butterflies assulted my stomach as I thought about turning my head.

And then, as clearly as if I were in immediate danger, Edward's velvety voice whispered in my ear.

"Be happy," he told me.

I froze.

Jacob felt me stiffen and released me automatically, reaching for the door.

Right, so all of that is from the wonderful Miss Meyer, but that's just the prelude for my story. :) Click the next button and enjoy!