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"Beat it Nerd!"

"Hey you got my money?!"


"Ghost freak!"

"Hey he's running!"

"Get him!"

A small albino boy, about 10, was running down a dust paved road away from a group of older boys. Every day it was the same routine, after school the same group of boys would come after him and beat him because he was the smartest boy in the school and he passed up 3 grades. He'd try to outrun them but he being younger and not fit the boys always caught up to him.

Today wasn't any different. While he made it out of school unseen which was a good start, the gang of boys spotted him and he took off running.

'Curse me for having no muscles!' Near thought as he stumbled off the road and into the forest.

"You can't escape Near," Matt's voice shouted into the forest.

Matt was the leader of their little gang of friends, commanding what to do and always setting up to beat on Near.

Near emerged out of the forest or so he thought, he actually was in the middle of the forest where the old run down supposedly 'haunted' house was. It was the image of what everyone says a haunted house looks like, two stories, black paint chipping off, glass windows broken, door off its hedges, and curtains flying in the wind added to the effect. While Near's focus was on the house he collided into something and fell into a puddle of dirt.

'Of course there's dirt, there was a terrible storm yesterday,' Near thought rubbing his head and looking up. His eyes widened, that something was a someone. And that someone was a male with shoulder length blond hair, sharp blue eyes, leather shirt and pants, and a black choker necklace with silver daggers hanging off of it.

"Oh-I-I'm sorry sir," Near was stood up quickly, white P.J.s covered in mud, "I was jus—"

"There he is!" One of Matt's crony's shouted.

Near turned around and slipped on the puddle, falling back into it.

"Hey ghostie were's our money?" Matt asked putting his red rimmed goggles on top of his red hair.

Near's black eyes widened scooting backwards in the puddle as the boys began walking foreword. Matt was in front of him raising his arm to strike him. Near squeezed his eyes shut awaiting the blow. When the blow didn't come he opened one eye, only to see the blonde he had forgotten about was holding Matt's arm, preventing it from hitting him.

"I wouldn't do that buddy," The blonde stated bored.

Matt growled trying to pull his arm away, "Why the hell wouldn't I?"

The blond grinned evily, eyes flashing red, his grip tightened around the red head's wrist emitting a cry yipe from him. Matt's gang moved forward ready to help their leader but with a flick of his wrist Matt was flung back hitting his friends.

"Fuck dude let's go, we'll get him later," Kyle, who had short dirty blonde hair, muttered to Matt while helping him up.

Matt stood, cradling his wrists like a baby, glaring at Near, "We'll get you once your away from your Sheppard."

Near watched as they retreated back into the forest cursing loudly about what happened.

"Thank you—" Near began only to discover when he got up that the male that saved him had disappeared.

'Aww…. I didn't even get a chance to thank him,' Near thought sadly rubbing some dirt off of him.

Near Gave one last look around the area only to sigh and walk in the opposite direction from where Matt had ran off. Not noticing the figure staring out of the broken window in the run down house.

"I see I found a new playmate."


"Near, honey are you okay, you're covered in dirt," A pale man with lanky posture, spikey black hair, black eyes, and was wearing a white loose shirt and blue pants, stated running over to boy who was dripping mud all over.

Near twirled a white curly lock, "I'm fine, just fell in some mud."

L gave him a look, "Was it those boys again?"

"I'm going to go take a shower," Near said brushing off the questions.

L watched as his foster son climbed the stairs up to the bathroom, the mud dripping on the wooden stairs.

"I'll clean the mud up after I take my shower," Near called down from the bathroom.

"It's alright, I'll clean it up, don't want it to set," Lawlett replied going to the cleaning supply closet.

The albino walked into the bathroom connected to his room, the walls were light blue with white bunnies hopping up and down at the bottom, the floor was tiled black and white, wooden sink, and a shower and bathtub connected.

Near peeled the dirty clothes off of his pale skin and tossed them into a bunny shaped hamper. He turned on the shower while staring at the mirror waiting for the water to warm up. He examined his body, trailing down old bruises, cuts that Matt had inflected on him.


Near twisted the knobs turning off the water, he stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. Near used his semi dry hand to wipe the steam covered mirror but once he did that his eyes widened and he jumped out of the Mirror's sight. After breathing and telling himself he was seeing things did he look back into the mirror.

'Phew I was just seeing things,' Near sighed in relief as his own reflection appeared and not the one of the blonde male who he recently met? ... No who had saved him.

'Weird,' Near thought drying his face, he took a peak at the mirror, 'The face, it looked as though it smirked at me when I jumped back. Nah it wasn't there, it was just my imagination. L does say I have an overactive imagination.'

"Near, hurry up, I made dinner!" L shouted from the kitchen.

"Coming!" Near trudged to his room and threw on an exact replica of what he was recently wearing today and walked quickly to the kitchen.

"What do we have today?" Near asked eyeing the chocolate cake that resided by L.

"Well I made you some steamed vegetables because I know how much you like them even though I don't know why. And some milk so you can grow," L winked placing the desired food down.

"Vegetables are good for you unlike sweets. You should eat more fruits and veggies then all that sugar," Near commented bringing a spoonful of sliced carrots to his mouth.

L stuck his tongue out at the younger boy and took a large bite out of the chocolate cake.

"I can get vegetables and fruits in my sweets for example, a grape lollipop," L stated waving a grape lollipop he pulled out from his pocket.

"That is just artificial flavor not the real thing," Near explained, "And you don't get the same nutrition."

Lawlett lazily took a bite out of his cake, ignoring Near and his comment.


Near sat on his bed snuggling up with his stuffed bunny, the fur use to be white but was worn down from the years of use and adventures. L had just come in and tucked in the ten year old, giving him a good night kiss on the forehead before exiting to his room to fall asleep. The feel of the nice cool breeze blowing his hair around felt nice. Black orbs snapped open at the feel of something brush against his ear and a low voice whispered into it.

Till we meet again my lamb.

"Huh?!" Near sat up quickly scanning the dark room being lit up by his glass bunny shaped night light, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Except his window wasn't open when he went to bed, he instinctly remembered L closing it before he left, and now it was wide open.

Near shuffled out of bed towards the open window curling his small hands around the end, he was about to pull it down when something outside caught his attention.

'A bat?' Near peeked out towards the bat as it perched on the branch connected to the large oak tree outside his window, "Hello little fella, did you accidently get into my room?"

The bat stared at him, tilting its head before letting out a high squeak.

"If you are hungry I can turn on my flashlight so the bugs can attract to it since the street light is very far off," Near saw the bat let out a squeak and he smiled. He turned away for a second and took out his light blue flashlight and placed it on the ledge turned on, "You better eat up those bugs before it runs out of power in exactly 2.5 hours. Nightie night. "

The small black furry bat watched as Near closed the window, locking it and heading it back into his large bed that ate him up. The bat swooped down at the flashlight were a group of moths now swarmed and caught one in his mouth. With the now dead insect crushed between his pearly fangs the bat landed gracefully on the shoulder of a person hidden in the shadows.

The bat let out a loud squeak flapping his wings.

"You can't stay here to eat the rest of the bugs Coco, we need to leave," The figure said earning a louder squeak from his pet, "Alright you can stay here for now but once you're done just head back to the abandoned house. If I'm not there I am just out looking for chocolate."

Coco squeaked happily propelling into the air and up to Near's bedroom window. The figure gave one longing look at the room before jumping down from his tree branch and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.


"Bye L, I'm heading to school," Near yelled throwing his dark green pack back over his shoulder that held his text books, homework, and his stuffed bunny, which he usually brought with him to school to comfort him during classes and recess.

"Be safe Near and be careful of those bullies," L told him walking out of the kitchen and to the front door, "I won't be home today when you get back another case came up but I'll be back as soon as I can."

Near nodded, L usually got cases quite frequently but most didn't last too long, and the only time he is gone is to go meet the people, suspect, and to gather the data. Other than that he's home busily working on the case. The albino gave a hug to his foster dad and left out of the two-story wooden house that was one of the first houses built on the land.

Near treaded to school with the same type of clothes he wore the day before just a new pair, the muddy pair was in the washing machine.


Near walked into his class before any of the students or teacher showed up, he enjoyed having a moment's peace to himself before his noisy classmates filled the 7th grade classroom. The younger boy pulled out a few of his action figures and started to send them on an adventure to the moon. But just when he was about to make them take off one of his gunman figures was pulled out of his hands.

"You got some new toys I see," Matt said while examining the toy, "Or is this the same one that I threw into the lake along with that toy police car?"

Near stayed silent not making eye contact with the taller male, instead he played with the remaining action figure.

"Ignoring me huh? Guess you wouldn't mind me cutting off your dolly's head," Matt picked up a pair of large scissors and put the toy's body between them.

Near's black eyes widened, no L bought that for his birthday he would not let Matt ruin it, "Give it back Matt!"

"I don't think so," Matt smirked as he put the scissors closer to the wax body and Near let out another protest.

"Put the toy down," A sharp voice commanded.

Matt turned around to see the same blonde from yesterday who had helped Near out was standing right in front of him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I'm apparently going here for school Einstein," The blond replied, "Now as I said before give the toy back."

Matt tightened the grip around the action figure glaring at the blond. But the blond returned the glare with a fiercer and scarier one that sent chills up both Matt and Near's spine. The red head dropped the scissors listening as the scissors and toy clattered on the ground.

"Whatever. You got lucky this time Near but just you wait," Matt warned walking out of the class.

The blond picked up the toy and set it down in front of the albino, "Are you okay my little sheep?"

Near clutched the gunman action figure and nodded, "Thank you."

The blond grinned, "You're welcomed. By the way I am Mello."

"I'm Near," The smaller boy said shyly twirling a piece of hair between his index finger and thumb, "I never got a chance to thank you for saving me from Matt yesterday."

Mello flapped his hand, "It's no problem, I'll always help my sheep."

'Sheep?' Before Near could voice his question the bell rang and kids were swarming into the class. Turning his head the albino noticed the blond dressed in leather was not by his side but now in front of the class with the teacher.


"Hello class today I will like to introduce to you a new student, Mello…" Cinthia, a short woman with freckles, dark brown hair that framed her face and showed off her green eyes, said looking at Mello.

"Just Mello," The blond stated not breaking eye contact with Near, "Now where do I sit?"

"Oh, um let me check," She looked around the room searching for an open seat.

'Oh please not near me, oh please not near me,' Near thought eyeing the open seat next to him.

"How about next to Near, the smaller boy in the back," She said pointing to the albino.

'Shit,' Near cursed, watching Mello walking gracefully over to him.

Once he sat down the teacher began her lesson about the areas of a triangle. Through the whole lesson Near couldn't help but feel uncomfortable as the new student watched him the whole time, eyeing him like a piece of meat. After the lesson Near was about to tell him to politely stop staring at him but couldn't when the teacher volunteered Near to show him around the school during break where all the students would be outside. Near couldn't say no, so he agreed and was led out by a happy Mello.

"Over there is the lunchroom, computer lab, library, and the—" He stopped when he felt something go around his waist and noticed it was arms… Mello's arms! "Me-Mello?"

"Hm?" He hummed resting his head on Near's shoulder.

"Why are you holding me?" To say the least, Near felt awkward, no one ever put their arms around him like that and he didn't like the way it felt.

"Because you're cute," Mello stated matter-of-factly.

Near's pale face heated up to a light red, "Er—thank you but if you don't mind releasing me so I may show you around the school."

Mello grunted and reluctantly released the albino who continued naming off rooms while glancing at the blond on the side of him to make sure he didn't try anything.

After ten minutes they were heading back to their homeroom and Near tried to make a small conversation with Mello.

"Where do you live?"

"In a house with my relatives who I am visiting for the year. You?"

"I live in the old woodened house about 4.34 miles south east from here with my foster dad L. Lawlett."

Mello nodded his head, "Interesting, I am living with my uncle Raito, who works on the police force and happened to tell me he works with someone named Lawlett. Could it be the same Lawlett?"

Near twirled his hair and answered, "Could be, he works with many people from the police force to help solve cases, one day I hope to be a great detective like him."

"How old are you?" Mello asked, "You look a bit young to be in 7th grade."
"I'm 10 I just skipped a few grades."

"Wow you must be a pretty smart kid, that's sweet, should be more around like you."

"Glad you think that way because everyone else thinks one is enough and don't like the idea of a 10 year old being smarter than them," Near muttered.

Mello ruffled Near's hair, "Aww don't worry about them my sheep, they just wish they could be as smart as you."

Near looked up at Mello wondering how the male could be so laid back one moment then scary the other and why he was so friendly with him.

"Well we'll need to get to class soon before it starts without us," Near said walking a bit faster.

Mello walked ahead of the boy and noticed Near was falling behind and class was starting in 3 minutes so he scooped him up bridal style and carried him quickly off to their homeroom.

"Me-Mello!" He squeaked moving around, "Put me down!"

"If you want to get to class on time then sit still," Mello ordered smirking as Near stopped moving, "Besides didn't the teach say we could take as long as we want to."

Near stared down the hall, "I enjoy being on time to my classes and not missing any."

"Whatever you say my sheep, we'll be there quickly."

They made it to the room just as class started. Everyone in the class turned to the blond holding the albino in his arms, "Hey Mrs. Amane, Near showed me around and got a bit tired so I carried him back before class started."

The teacher nodded her head, "Thank you Mello and Near, please take your seat our lesson today class is the solar system."

"How many planets are there in the solar system?"

She looked around seeing Matt sitting there bored since she confiscated another one of his game stations, "How about you Matt."

"Um 8," Matt answered.

"Actually there are 7 since they recently discovered that Pluto is a dwarf planet and not an actual planet," Near corrected in a low voice.

"Correct Near," Cinthia smiled widely before explaining to her class about the planets.

Matt sent a glare over Near's way causing the smaller boy to cower into his chair. Mello noticed this and sent a stronger glare back at Matt making him turn away frightened.


The bell rang at the end of the day and Near tugged his backpack onto his back. He slipped out of the school hoping he hasn't been spotted by the new creepy kid Mello who kept calling him his "sheep."

'So far so good,' Near glided from the wall and ran behind the bushes, 'I haven't seen Matt or Mello yet—'

Near jumped when a pair of arms went around his waist and a face nuzzled into his neck, "Sheep were you trying to run from me?"

'What is with this guy?! This whole day he has been holding me, calling me his sheep, and touching me and I just met him today!'

"Why are you holding me? We just met today we aren't even friends," The albino said trying to push him off.

Mello just nuzzled more into the crook of the neck, "How about I come over and we get aquatinted."

"I don't think so," Near wasn't fooled, he remembered the last time he let someone come over and boy he won't forget it.

"Oh please, I'll behave," Mello purred, "Please."

"Er…" Near was about to say no when he looked up.

A shiver went down the albino's spine when he spotted Matt and his gang coming over, 'Oh great they found me…'

Mello must've seen them too because he tightened his hold around Near and let out a low hiss.

"Oh Near you're so weak that you need someone to protect you. Too bad that won't help you this time," Matt growled.

Near rolled his eyes, apparently these guys seemed to have forgotten that Mello scared them away yesterday. The albino glanced at Mello who smirked, seems like he remembered.

'Did these mortals really think they could take me down,' Mello laughed, "I am pretty sure I beat you last time without even trying, so what makes you think you can take me again."

Matt growled, "I was surprised then, now I am not."

"Oh really," Mello used his hands motioning Matt to come get it, "Then I'll let you have the first move."

The red head ran at him with his hands rolled into fists and in a swift motion he was on his back with his arm pinned behind them.

"No fair!" Matt hissed.

"Oh so I guess I surprised you again huh?" Mello mocked pulling the arm farther back.

Near heard Matt let out a yelp and couldn't help but feel bad. "Mello let go of Matt please."

Blue eyes came locked with black eyes that showed nervousness, "If I do can I come overrr?"

Near huffed looking away, "Fine just let go of him."

Mello's frown turned to a fully fledged grin as he happily released Matt he returned to his original spot clinging to Near.

"Let's go to your house!" Mello exclaimed grabbing Near's wrists and dragging him down the street ignoring the strange looks from Matt's gang.

Near struggled against his clutch but shortly gave up and permitted himself to be dragged to his house, giving directions to Mello along the way. Once they arrived Near told Mello to release him so he could open the door.

Near walked into his house and threw off his shoes Mello keeping his leather boots on. Stretching his pale toes out he hummed happily to be rid of those tight gym shoes. Mello looked around the house, it was two stories made mostly out of furnished oak wood, the staircase curled up connecting to the second floor's hallway that was visible from the front doorway space, there was a large glass window above them that let the sunlight trickle in.

"So Sheep where's your room?" Mello of course knew where his room was but hey, Near did not know that.

"Um follow me," Near shuffled up the stairs while Mello followed him.

The hallway walls were wood and there were many doors, Near opened a polished wood door with a golden door knob and allowed Mello to step in first. The blond looked around, it was much nicer in the light, not that he couldn't see anything with his eyes because he can. The room was a fairly decent size the walls were painted light blue, a king sized bed with green covers that had white and black bunnies jumping imprinted on it, many stuffed animals accompanied the bed taking up most of the bed, a small wooden night stand that held a olden multicolored glass lamp, the light blue flashlight, and an empty puzzle box, on the wooden floor many completed puzzles lied along with some uncompleted ones that Near was working on, Lego cities were built from one side to the other with small mini Lego men that resembled actual people, and his night light in the corner.

"Wow this is amazing," Mello gawked turning to the ten year old, "Is it hard?"

Near shrugged plopping down on his bed, "It's pretty easy for me anyway."

Mello watched as Near pulled out an old looking stuffed bunny from his backpack, "Why do you carry that around?"

Near just hugged it closer not answering. Mello sat down next to him as both went into silence. After a few minutes Mello decieded to start a conversation, "Why do you twirl your hair?"

"It helps me think," Near confirmed twirling a curl shyly, "By the way where did you use live and why did you come to Hill Town, Indiana?"

Mello hesitated looking down at the boy, "Well I use to live in Germany and my uncle called me and since I haven't seen him in a very long time I decided to visit him for awhile." What he said wasn't an entire lie, he did use to live in Germany and his uncle kind of called him to visit… that is if you count him traveling around and showing up out of nowhere in front of his uncle's house not to long ago.

"Hey how old are you? You don't look like you'd be in the 7th grade," Mello said switching the subject.

Near nodded knowing Mello was just trying to switch their topics, "I'm ten I was extremely smart so they moved me up from my classes. How old are you, you look older then a 7th grader."

Mello smirked, "Oh I just look older it's just part of my good looks."

Near chuckled as Mello did a pose causing the teen to smile at the nice sound of the laugh, "You have a cute laugh my sheep."

Near stopped laughing, blushing he muttered something.

Mello strained his ear, "What? I can't hear you."

"I said why do you call me your sheep?"

"That's because you look like a lost sheep and you are mine," He winked putting his arms around the boy.

"But we just met today," Near retorted not even trying to get out of his arms since he knew that he would not succeed.

"Do you believe love at first sight?"

Near looked up and shook his head, "It's highly unlikely."

Mello looked at him puzzled, "Why do you say that?"

"How can you tell if you like somebody by how they look and not knowing their personality?"

"It's called fate," Mello whispered, "It just takes a longer time for the other person to realize it."

After talking a bit the two needed to get their homework done and both of them being geniuses got it completed quickly. Mello complained about being hungry and asking where the chocolate was.

"L has that stored away," Near said pulling out an apple to munch on, "You can have some fruits."

"Nah, I want chocolate," Mello cursed himself for eating all of it at the school, "By the way who is L?"

"My foster dad."


"Where is he?"

"At work."


Awkward silence again….

Mello watched as Near's face looked emotionless but his eyes flashed sadness. Mello hugged Near almost making him drop his green apple on the floor.

"Aww cheer up my sheep! I want to see you smile!" Mello held Near around his waist so he was facing him.

Near couldn't help but let a small giggle leave his lips, Mello seems to change moods very quickly such as during class someone made a comment about how he looked like a girl and the boy got beaten. Then when he pulled out a chocolate bar his bad mood changed to a good mood. It was very entertaining.

Mello smiled putting the boy down, "There's the smile. Like I said you need to smile more it makes you look adorable."

Near blushed, "You're a strange person Mello..."

Mello grinned, "Does this mean we are friends?"

Near tilted his head, "Um if you want to?"

"Then we are friends!!" Mello exclaimed hugging the albino closer to his body, "Best of friends!"

"Best of friends…" Near whispered to himself, 'Best of friends?'

The two headed to Near's living room and landed on the black leather couch, Near tried to sit next to Mello but the blond pulled Near onto his lap. During the time period they watched the T.V. and while they talked Near fell asleep in Mello's arms.

Mello looked down at his sleeping sheep, he looked so innocent and untouched. Mello let his hand trail up the pale skin and up to the curly hair where his fingers played around with it.

'It's so soft and silky, I can see why Near enjoys playing with it,' Mello thought while he toyed with the locks of hair.

Mello's stomach growled for some chocolate, 'I smell it, it's here but where.'

He was about to get up when a weight reminded him that there was a sleeping form on him.

'I can't move with my sheep sleeping on me, I'll just get Coco to bring me some chocolate,' Mello thought, 'Coco. Coco, bring me some chocolate now!'

A squeak was transmitted into his mind and in less than a few minutes a small poof of smoke appeared. As the fog slowly vanished it revealed a small furry black bat holding a chocolate bar.

"About time," Mello snatched the candy and tore the wrapper off.

He latched his mouth onto the delectable solid and took a bite, letting it melt on his tongue. He closed his blue eyes and let out a small purr obliviously enjoying the taste.

"Squee!" Coco fluttered her wings in front of Mello, whacking him on the side.

"Ow! Ow! Quit it I'll give you a piece just stop hitting me, you'll wake up my sheep," Mello lowered his arms as Coco stopped hitting him and landed on his shoulder.

The blond sighed and cracked off a piece of his Hershey Bar and reluctantly handed it over to Coco whom happily picked it up by her mouth and disappeared.

'Damn bat, always finding ways to get some of my chocolate,' Mello grumbled and took a few more bites out of his chocolate.

He turned his attention back to the sleeping marshmallow that was currently wrapping his skinny arms around Mello's chest and pulling his body closer as though Mello were one of his stuffed animals. A small smile graced his lips, the boy looked so innocent, untouched, and just plain out adorable he had to stop himself from ravishing him. Slowly Mello found himself falling asleep letting his breathing match the breathing pattern of Near's.


L had just returned home from gathering information on his newest case which happened to be a series of robberies but only small things were stolen like candy bars and other small things. But no finger prints were found at the sight which perplexed the detective. But all the thoughts were blown aside at the two figures sleeping on his couch. Near, who was wearing his white pajamas, was hugging a tall blonde male with his legs wrapped around his waist. The blond, who was wearing leather pants and a leather T-shirt with a black choker that had metal silver spikes eight to be exact around his neck, had his arms securely placed around Near.

'So that's whose leather boots are,' The lanky man crept closer examining the blond, 'Is he a friend?'

L jumped back as red eyes snapped open but faded so quickly to blue that L didn't know if he was imaging it or if those eyes were really blood red.

"Why hello there," L greeted, "And who might you be?"

"I am Mello and you must be L," Mello said rubbing the sleepies from his eyes.

"Yes I am," L glanced down at Near who was fast asleep, "How do you know Near?"

"I am a classmate of his, he invited me over and we seemed to have fallen asleep on your couch," Mello stated shaking Near, "Sheep, your father is home."


"Nnn—Mello?" Near groggily released his hold on Mello and sat up blinking his eyes, it was dark outside which explained why the ceiling light was on.

The tired boy turned from Mello to L, "Hi L… L! You're home!"

Near jumped off of the blond and lunged himself onto L, "How was the case?"

L wrapped his arms around his foster son and lifted him off of the ground, "It was good, just small robberies nothing serious but they want to find the thief before something worse occurs. By the way Near who is this?"

He already knew Mello introduced himself but he wanted to hear it from Near himself.

"This is Mello, he was a new student and I … agreed to let him come over to do homework and stay as long as he wants. But it seems we fell asleep," Near explained as L set him down on the floor, "What time is it?"

L looked at his clock, "9:00, Near you should be in bed right now it's really late for you."

L turned his gaze to Mello, "What about you Mello? It's a bit late for you to head to your house, would you care to stay the night. You both are in the same class and you can head to school together tomorrow."

Mello thought for a sec, 'Stay the night with my little sheep hell yeah!' "If it wouldn't be a hassle."

"Not at all, Near bring Mello to your room I'll bring some clothes for him to wear to bed," L walked away into the kitchen to grab a cookie from one of his secret stashes.

Near headed up the stairs with Mello following closely behind as they headed to his room. He opened his closet and pulled out some blankets and pillows tossing them to the blond.

"You can sleep on the floor," Near stated rubbing his eyes as he crawled into his bed.

Boy was he extremely tired right now it was way too late for a boy his age to be up this late, he needed his 8 hours.

"But the floor is hard. Can I sleep with you in your bed?" Mello asked grinning.

Near didn't care he just wanted to fall asleep. He scooted over to the side allowing Mello to slip into his bed.

"Stay on your side," Near muttered scooting closer to the door.

But Mello didn't listen, he wrapped his arms around Near's waist and pulled him closer to his chest. Near oddly enough was comfortable just like when he slept in his arms on the couch. He was just about to fall asleep when the door opened revealing L who happened to drop the cup he was holding.

"What the hell?" He heard L mutter.

Near stood up with his eyes half lidded, 'Why are L's eyes wide?'

He turned around to look at Mello where L's gaze was and jumped back a bit falling off the bed.

"Near!" "Sheep!" Mello and L scrabbled over to the young boy who was looking up into Mello's glowing red eyes.

"Mello? Why are your eyes red?"

"Oh that's simple my sheep, I am a vampire."


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