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Chapter 5

Near was lying on the floor, curled into a ball. He was exhausted from the current events and wanted to sleep. He was having a decent dream of Matt, Mello, and him having a picnic together when a sudden noise awoke him from his slumber.

Near shot up from his bed, hearing shouts come from downstairs. It wasn't the panic kind but sounded like there were two people who were really angry at each other. Than a crash was heard startling Near out of his bed. He opened the door and raced down the stairs to the kitchen. Plates in the kitchen were shattered and there was a large hole in the wall. He peeked out of the hole and spotted two figures punching each other. They jumped back, standing before one another in the moonlight.

He gasped when he saw it was Mello and another man, who had spiky blue hair and was wearing an all black leather suit that was similar to Mello's usually attire.

He hid behind what was left of the sink, hoping he wasn't spotted.

"Why are you doing this Mello?! Let the humans pay the cost for their mistakes!"

"Josh what the fuck is wrong with you?! First you were with me in protecting them and now you want to kill them. What happened?" Mello shouted.

"They're filth on this planet Mello! They keep taking everything, not caring who's in their way. Such selfish creatures need to be killed so the true rulers can rise!"

"You fucking talked with him didn't you!? Let me guess he told you he would have you by his side and rule with you?"

Josh was silent, his red eyes narrowing.

"You idiot!" Mello snarled, "He's going to kill you after this war is over!"

"Liar!" Josh shouted, "He loves me!"

Near gasped as a gust of wind shot from around the blue haired vampire and his body began bubbling. He had patterns forming on his now blue skin, with his wings growing larger, his fangs were becoming sharper, his nails grew yellow and jagged, and his body became more muscular.

"Josh, do you really think he loves you?" Mello didn't step back as the creature came closer, "If he did would he have made you look like that?"

"Shut up! He made me look beautiful and powerful!"

'That is far from beautiful,' Near thought examining the other vampire, 'I wonder if that is a vampire's true form…'

Josh closed waved his fist, creating gusts of wind that knocked Mello to the floor, "What do you know about love?! You hang with dirty humans!"

"They are not dirty," Mello somersaulted backwards and jumped to his feet, dodging the large fist that was hit down at his spot, "You on the other hand are."

Josh sneered at the blond, "You're not so clean yourself Mello."

"I never said I was," Mello pulled his glove off down and jumped into the air. He raised his left hand, that had fire swarming around it, and aimed it right at the creature's head as he descended down.

Josh blocked it and sent a punch into Mello's gut. He then grabbed the blonde's hair and hurled him at the trees. Mello crashed through them till he was under a bunch of them. Josh stomped over to where he was and pulled him from the debris by his neck.

"Che! What happened to the almighty Mello? Huh?!" Josh squeezed his fist, enjoying as the his bones began cracking under his pressure.

Near's eyes widened. He couldn't sit here and do nothing, he had to help. But how? This thing was able to take down Mello who easily could over power Near.

'Stop being a baby Near! Mello would risk his life for you!' Near looked around for some sort of weapon and saw a broken piece of glass. He scooped it up and jumped out the opening.

"Mello!" Near shouted running at the monster.

Josh turned around and smirked, "So this is the human you hang around? Hee, he's such an ugly creature."

"Look who's talking," Near retorted.

Josh's eyes widened and he hissed, "You fucking human!"

Josh released Mello and flew at Near, who was standing his ground with the glass piece in his hands.

"She-sheep run!" Mello tried shouting as he staggered to get up.

Near squeezed his eyes shut as Josh neared closer. When nothing happened after a few moments, he opened one of his eyes to see Mello standing in front of him with his hand stabbed through Josh's stomach. Josh cried out in pain as Mello tossed him at a large oak tree.

"I didn't want to hurt you Josh but if you touch my sheep again," Mello's eyes flashed dangerously, "I will not hesitate to kill you."

Josh pushed himself up, placing a hand on his stomach which was pouring blood out.

He glared at Mello before taking off into the sky, disappearing into the night.

"Thank y—Mello!" Near dropped the glass piece and ran foreword to catch the vampire before he hit the ground.

"She-sheep," Mello whispered before passing out.

Mello was bleeding badly and Near needed to get him help. But he couldn't call the police or doctors….

'I guess I'm going to have to help him,' Near carried Mello into the kitchen, struggling to put him on the table. The albino scurried away and came back with the first aid kit in his hands. He began his work on cleaning Mello's wounds and wrapping them up. After he finished, which was an hour later, he waited till the blond awoke so he could explain what happened.


"N-n… Sheep?" Mello sat up on the table, rubbing his bruising neck, 'This'll heal by morning….'

"Mello, how do you feel?" Near asked handing the blond a cup of water and two pills.

"Fine… Did you bandage me up?"

Near nodded.

"Awe, thanks Sheep," Mello pinched the albino's cheek who swatted the hand away.

"Mello explain. Who was that man? Why was he here? What do you mean war? What happened to the kitchen?"

Mello sighed, "One question at a time."

"Who was that man?"

"He was an old friend, Josh. We met when we I was still getting use to being a vampire. Ever since than we've always been with each other."

"Why was he here with you?"

"He… He came to warn me."

"About what?"

Mello looked away, "About the war."

Near narrowed his eyes, "What war?"

"The war that's been going on between the humans and vampires…"

Mello was silent, forcing himself not to look at the small boy.

"Mello if you really love me you are going to explain everything to me," Near growled.

Mello's eyes widened at Near's tone, "Okay."

Mello closed his eyes wondering where to start. After a minute he took a deep breath and began.

"I spotted Josh flying towards your house and I followed."


"Hey Mello, long time no see," The blue haired vampire greeted as the blond came through the glass door.

"Josh, what are you doing here?" Mello demanded as Josh rummaged through drawers and cabinets, throwing things onto the floor that was useless to him.

"Oh He sent me here, told me he knew you had the other part of the amulet and put it in your filthy human's house… So do you want to give me the amulet or do I need to force it from you."

"I don't have it."

"Don't lie to me," Josh snarled exposing his fangs, "He told me you had it and He never lies."

"Really? Hm. That's funny. Because last time I checked, he was the biggest liar in the vampire committee."

"Shut up! I know it's here! I can feel its energy in this damn house!"

"Get out Josh," Mello ordered.

"Make me," Josh dove at the blond who jumped to the side avoiding the attack.

"Josh I don't want to hurt you, you're my friend. Please come to your senses."

"That's too bad! Cause any human liker is not a friend of mine!" Josh sent a ball of wind at Mello hurdling him the table, crushing it. Mello pushed himself up and glared at the man.

'I have to get him out of there and out here, or he will wake my Sheep.'

"Fine if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you got." Though truthfully, Mello didn't want to fight Josh. That was his best friend and he wanted to make him see that he was being used.

Mello stood his ground as Josh charged at him. Fire wrapped around Mello's hands and he gripped Josh by the jacket and tossed him at the glass door.

Mello stepped out of the opening and jumped down onto the grass. Red eyes met red as the two stood in front of the other.

"Mello just tell me where that amulet part is! You know you want to."

"No I don't."


"Mello what is the amulet?" Near asked, interrupting Mello.

"Long ago, before I was even born, there was a war between humans and vampires. The final battle took place on top of the great pyramids where the Pharaoh and Kybosh stood. The Pharaoh was a magical person with great power and Kybosh was the oldest vampire alive. (or dead…) The two were equal in power and fought for days. When Kybosh thought he had him finished, the Pharaoh pulled out the gem and used it to destroy the vampire. But there's a catch to it that Josh and the others don't realize. To destroy the other you must sacrifice yourself. That's why the Pharaoh used it when he had no other choice."

Mello took a breath and continued, "After the battle and peace was restored the gem was divided into two pieces. The gem was too powerful and in the wrong hands it would bring the end to the world. So a human and a vampire was chosen to hold onto a piece. That was a good plan but he didn't like that and wanted revenge for his father."

"Who is that? Was that the man you and Josh were talking about"

"He is Kybosh's son, . After thousands of years He finally found out which vampire had it and killed him, taking the other piece. I heard of what he wanted to do so I researched which human would have the other piece…. Well I found it before him but I knew I couldn't hold onto it. So I gave it to you Near."


"Yes, do you still have that necklace I gave you?"

Near nodded, pulling it out of his shirt, but than glared at the blond angrily, "Why did you give it to me?! I can't protect it like you could!"

"I understood that, but during my research I came across something that said there was a protection on the amulet that only was activated when in the hands of a human. Meaning no vampire can do any harm to you. I could feel the spell was weak after the long years so when I put it on you, I poured a lot of my energy into it so it would strengthen the spell."

Near closed his eyes, holding his head, "Mello this is too much."

Mello sighed and gripped Near's chin, tilting it upwards, " I know Near just don't go anywhere alone. Okay?"


"Good. Now go to bed… You have school tomorrow."

"What about the kitchen?"

"I'll fix it."

"But Mello I don't think I can sleep now…" Near averted his gaze to the floor.

"Look at me Near."

When Near looked into Mello's red eyes he slowly began to lose his hold on reality and fell into a deep sleep.

Mello carried him to his bed and kissed Near's forehead before leaving to clean the kitchen.



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